Cheshire Premier Manor Farm, ’06

  • Cheshire Premier Manor Farm, Ollerton, ‘06
    hack (Miss S Leatherbarrow & Mr R Ramsay) lge 1 & ch, K Hewetson’s Morning Music; 2, S Roebuck’s Derwent Mayerling; 3, J Cox’s Kirwood Guinivere. small 1 & res, N Hall’s Take Silk; 2, E Boardman’s Yealand Solitude; 3, S Cottle’s Huntroyd Haute Couture. riding horse, lge 1 & res, K Hill’s Hillcocks Rustic Gold; 2, C Martin’s Merrigan; 3, L Wakefield’s Justin Side Out. sml 1 & ch, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh; 2, J Barton’s Dutch Dame; 3, Mrs Heather’s Georgies Christmas Diva. cob, hwt 1, C Altham’s Solomon; 2, J McTiffin’s Private Benjamin; 3, Y Knight’s Farmer. lwt 1 & ch, J McTiffin’s Highlander; 2 & res, Y Renwick’s Blue Print; 3, Mr Underwood’s Venture Gold. SP mixed ht nov (Mrs D Gregson) 1, C Walker’s Fingerpost Pearl; 2, Mrs McDonald’s Bankswood Scandal; 3, Team Hollings’ Westaire Saffren Lace. open SP, LR 1, T White’s Rowfantina Star Turn; 2, A Simmonds’ Ardenhall Baby Doll. FR 1, L Curbishley’s Barkway Misty Morn; 2, M Scwarz’s Rendene Musical Star; 3, H Hume’s Nantcol Lady Penelope. 128cm 1, K Smith’s Moluccas Saffron Surprise; 2, W Harvey’s Chaseford Chanel; 3, C Walker’s Spinningdale Ariminta. 138cm 1, Mrs Gill’s Stanley Grange Roulette; 2, K Bott’s Fenwick Bloomsbury; 3, K Sarling’s Colbeach Sophistication. 148cm 1, C Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece; 2, C Williams’ Westhill Chatterbox; 3, L Stevens’ Hamptonne Moulin Rouge. novice SP 128cm 1, E Conway’s Daldorn Victoria Plum; 2, Westaire Saffren Lace. 138cm 1, J McInnes’ Whalton Clavity; 2, J Clorley’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox. 148cm 1, S Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Highland Fling; 2, Smith & Smalley’s Rotherwood Rainbow; 3, Catton & Ashdown’s Valentine Quest. open WHP, CS 1, D Brown’s Guinness Pure Genius; 2, H Thomas’ Pebbly Toy Soldier; 3, A Hall-Jackson’s Pebbly Toybox. NS 1, A Prince’s Just George V; 2, A Bebbington’s Jacko’s Journey; 3, A Hall-Jackson’s JCB Digger. 133cm 1, W Dutton’s Glen Ayre Chaffinch; 2, A Newsham’s Parkfield Freddie; 3, S Moult’s Little Storm. 143cm 1, J Lock’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, J Teare’s Pebbly Fox Moss; 3, Mrs Farrar-Fry’s Crabwood Tomboy. 153cm 1, E Barnes’ Laughtons Bramble Pie; 2, G Gardner’s Mini B; 3, K Farrar-Fry’s Carnsdale Silver Cloud. 1, S Lears’ Woodfield Cross; 2, K Roddy’s Sir Wexford; 3, M Canter’s Galley Hill.
    novice WHP, NS 1, A Yaqub’s Drillsand Piper; 2, S McMullen’s Milford Hallmark; 3, C Walker’s Bailey Rae. 133cm 1, Drillsand Piper; 2, C Hollinshead’s Courtland JP Benjamin; 3, Jacko’s Journey. 143cm 1, G Gardner’s Solly II; 2, R Taylor’s Pebbly Maid Of Honour; 3, P Keepe’s Patch Adams. 153cm 1 & ch, A Houlker’s Pebbly Dunnaway; 2, Mini B; 3, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet. int 1 & res, C Walker’s Truly Dancer; 2, D Mathews’ Statham Samiyad; 3, B Mallon’s Dartans Willie Light. open SHP LR 1, J Helliwell’s Abba Royal Ambassador; 2, L Pennison’s Kiltinane David; 3, A Simmonds’ Pumphill Victor. 122cm 1, L Curbishley’s Willowjoy Steward; 2, Abba Royal Ambassador; 3, W Hewitt’s Dollyroo Let’s Go Girl. 133cm 1, T McKay’s Crimson Night Light; 2, H Hume’s Henleydown Mystical Air; 3, L Stevens’ Colbeach Autumn Song. 143cm 1, G Kapadia’s Rotherwood Maybe; 2, L Brewster’s Marshbrook Autumn Sun; 3, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor. 153cm 1, L Minchin’s Pretoria; 2, L Miller’s Regal Dancer; 3, Patterson Horseboxes’ Savannah. novice SHP 122cm 1 & res, N Moore’s Maplebridge Bertrand; 2, M Barton’s Solbanella Miss Magic; 3, M Lancaster’s Bunbury Symon. 133cm 1, G Hulme’s Rotherwood Peter’s Dream; 2, M Khan’s Roxairs Seville; 3, N Darlington’s Sophie’s Golden Glitz. 143cm 1, J Cookson’s Megland Sandstorm; 2, A Hodgkinson’s Squirrel Nutkin; 3, E Greenwood’s Highmead Night Surprise. 153cm 1 & ch, J Parson’s The Parson; 2, H Bolan’s Arcas; 3, E Young’s Lough Rea. open int small SRT 1 & ch, L Miller’s Regal Quest; 2, K Mitten’s Whalton High Flyer; 3, R Timson’s Sudden Impact. lge 1 & res, J Findlow’s Gentle Breeze; 2, J Williamson’s Lyncombe Blue Print; 3, K Ahern’s Censored. open int SHT 1, Pretoria; 2, J Miller’s Monet; 3, R Binks’ Montana III. mixed ht rest open SHP (Miss J Livesey-Carter) 1, E Barnes’ The Parson; 2, K Bott’s Fenwick Jass Dancer; 3, J Bolam’s Arcas. WHP 1, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet; 2, J Clarke’s Noble Golden Girl; 3, P Underwood’s
    Anglo/part-bred Arab (Miss J Lewis) 148cm 1 & res, W Hartley’s Beverley Geisha Girl; 2, C Molyneux’ Kelsborrow Creditor; 3, J Dewhurst’s Nuthurst Who Dunnit. exc 148cm 1 & ch, E Boardman’s Yealand Quintessence; 2, A Gilmartin’s Dark Gem. Heritage M&M (Mrs J Griffin & Mr P Boustead) LR 1 & ch, B Carter’s Pantbach Molly; 2, G Lomas’ Penrhyn Pinocchio; 3, S Nichols’ Rosark Elsa. FR 1 & res, L Jackson’s Dagwood Bengalease; 2, L Card’s Tiverton Honey Bee; 3, A Wilcock’s Fairmarsh Maribou. sml 1, P Taylor’s Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, V & G Harvie’s Idyllic Oh Carol; 3, P Starkie’s Waxwing Paintbox. sec B/C 1, J Corbett’s Abercyppyn Flash Jack; 2, E South’s Valba Spog Poseur; 3, J Downes’ Stoak Tomboy. New Forest, Connemara 1, C Singh’s Rainbows End; 2, K Vines’ Knockmore Merrel Prince; 3, Bevill & McGurk’s Wayland Lion Heart. lge 1, D Holberry’s Hesket Ginny; 2, H Parker’s Llancloudy Moonstone; 3, J Berry’s Bluebell Of Combebank. Heritage M&M WHP NS 1, K Tomlinson’s Colliers Oriel; 2, E Hollinshead’s Bunbury Sword Dance; 3, S Cornforth’s Trewithian Beguine. 138cm 1 & ch, A Newsham’s Somerford Lady May; 2, L Paterson’s Nebo Jacob; 3, A Martin’s Adare Equestrian Centre Ajax. exc 138cm 1 & res, K Farrar-Fry’s Glanmore Monarch; 2, B Bagshaw’s Scarlett Spindrift; 3, F Aston’s Ashwood Sam. Pretty Polly (Mrs E Tate & Mrs J Nash) LR 1, M Lancaster’s Harver Filigree. FR 1, L Curbishley’s Barkway Misty Morn. mixed ht nov 1, Mrs Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece; 2, E Conway’s Daldorn Victoria Plum; 3, P Heery’s Sianwood Footprint. SHP 133cm 1, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, Mr Dickinson’s Myman Honeypot; 3, W Hewitt’s Dollyroo Let’s Go Girls. 153cm 1, S Ferns’ Withys Lovestory; 2, Mr Dickinson’s Yealand Prestbretary; 3, E Weir’s Champagne Hestarra.

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