Cheshire County show 21 – 22 June ’05

  • CHESHIRE COUNTY Tabley, Cheshire, 21-22 June

    Equimat sport horse challenge (Mr R Mills & Mrs P Stockton) 1, V Redbart’s Miss America; 2, E Castle’s Castle Catton; 3, L Johnson’s Dancing Shadow. hunter breeding (Mr B Higham) b’mare 1 & ch, V Scouller’s Madame Bea; 2, B Barron’s Yarrow Spark; 3, Country Farm Stud’s Country Ha Ha. foal 1, B Barron’s Elevation Of Gunnar; 2, H Gruffyd’s Caereini Grand Slam; 3, Salmon & Grifiths’s Goshka Ringo. y’ling 1, H Gruffydd’s Caereini Ramexaluut; 2, C Owens’ Evita; 3, J Beck’s That’s Show Business. 2-y-o 1, M Hennessy’s Lord Of The Line; 2, C Archer’s Samantha; 3, W Parker’s Greehow Lavenders Blue. 3-y-o 1, A Wolley-Dodd’s West Glamourgan; 2, S Draper’s Sir Ivano; 3, M Marshall’s Beseeka Andreas. ridden hunters (Mr J Poole & Mrs A Hooley) 4-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Hastie’s Drumkirk; 2, S Branch’s Imperial Sovereign; 3, R Sargent’s Moonbeam. nov 1, S Roberts’ Commissioner; 2, W & E Gibson’s Ringfort Landmark; 3, P Langrick’s Midsummer Yves. lwt 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Tatlow’s Classic Call; 2, W & E Gibson’s South Pacific; 3, H Birch’s Golden Spring Diamond. mwt 1 & res, J Cook’s Supernatural; 2, M Bates’s Oscar; 3, Mr & Mrs Newell’s Eoeneve. hwt 1, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, S Tennant’s Master Kilkenny; 3, Mr & Mrs Hastie’s Pewter. small 1, D Greenwood’s Hugo Boss; 2, C O’Connor’s Da Vinci; 3, S Roberts’s Square Deal. ladies 1, South Pacific; 2, Da Vinci; 3, S Pine’s Scimental. working hunters (Mr I McKie MFH) local 1 & 2, K Lyons’s The Barsteward & Noble Best Man; 3, J Phythian’s Tom’s The One. lwt 1 & ch, Sunrising Show Hunters’ Cruise Control; 2, M Cliffe’s Felton Acis; 3, Sunrising Show Hunters’ Reloaded. hwt 1 & res, The Barsteward; 2, Sunrising Show Hunters’ Casino; 3, A Hanson’s Omega’s Boy. hack (Miss S Butler & Mrs J MacInnes) nov 1 & res, X Barker-Wilde’s Prickley Bay; 2, J Wright’s Becconsall Pick Pocket; 3, A White’s Kavanaghs High Society. small 1, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous; 2, N Hall’s Take Silk; 3, G Wingrove’s Pendley Distinction. lge 1 & ch, S Carey’s Secret Thoughts; 2, E Boardman’s Miss Moneypenny; 3, J Wright’s Saville Row. cobs (Mrs S Waddilove & Miss S Payne) nov 1, D Kennedy’s Not Now Kato; 2, T Winfield’s Pebbly Samurai. lwt 1 & res, J Platt’s Charlee; 2, J Walker’s Hillview Farm Rosanna; 3, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Venture Gold. lge 1 & ch, Ross & Bardo’s Robocob; 2, K Walton’s Checkmate; 3, C Farrow’s Little Countryman. working 1, G Brierley’s Barney Rubble; 2, K Spencer’s Steady The Buffs; 3, P Leigh’s Willum. riding horses (Mrs A Lance & Mrs J Stephens) nov sml 1, L Smith-Crallan’s Wolvers Takachino; 2, S Cooper’s Bagle Moor; 3, M Lomas’s Tilstock Red Fox. lge 1, J Kwasknik’s Geyserville; 2, R Harthern-Houghton’s Moonbug; 3, C Ellis’s Grey Earl Of Chester. small 1 & ch, L Smith-Crallan’s Captain Hastings; 2 & res, S Bradshaw’s Dutch Dame. lge 1, T Carey’s Class Act; 2, R Timpson’s Yarrow Dream Girl; 3, M Pendlebury’s Rominosa. Arab (Miss M Pollard) Anglo/part-bred y’ling 1 & ch, Y Selby’s Archwood Groovy Chic; 2, Telynau Stud’s Telynau The Real McCoy; 3, Mr & Mrs Williams’s Doulton Classic. 2/3-y-o 1, J Shirt’s Poppyfields Pirouette; 2, S Pattinson’s Vlacq Copper Cascade; 3, S Roberts’s Royal View Tiger Lily. over 4-y-o 1 & res, J Judge’s Heavenly Boy Blue; 2, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Lobelia; 3, S Roberts’s Royalviews Last Symphony. pure-bred mare 1, A Hallworth’s Zaafinah; 2, J & JC Greenwood’s SH Sabrina; 3, Mr & Mrs Wadelik’s Rose Of The Nile. foal 1, Etchells & Smith’s Zk Valadivja; 2, R Gould’s Thee Equalizer. y’ling 1, J Brand’s Psynammon; 2, A Hallworth’s Aja Anjali; 3, Mr & Mrs Woodward’s HT Kamilah. 2/3-y-o 1, T Edwards’s Marazakim; 2, R Georgeson’s Ht Navarro; 3, L Ingham’s El Sahard Alarabi. filly 1, J & JC Greenwood’s SH Too Romantic; 2, A Hallworth’s Aja Estareyna; 3, Mr & Mrs Woodward’s Ansata Sokara. over 4-y-o 1, A Mitchell’s Ht Ala Shan; 2, H Lambe’s Atel El Shaklan; 3, K Hutchinson’s Esp Can Dun De FB. stallion 1, J Currey’s Pilgrim; 2, B & V Marsh’s El Sahir; 3, M Hawksworth’s Marienieque. ridden (Miss K Oldroyd & Miss S Turner) Anglo/part-bred mare 1 & ch, D Froggatt’s Thorneybank Katriana; 2, J Barton’s Sirroccos Gemini Star; 3, D Kirkham’s Kizella. male 1, V Snelson’s El Primero; 2, J Sidebottom’s Moreglen Midas Touch; 3, F Pitt’s Kavanaghs Kokopelli. pure mare 1, Mr & Mrs Titterington’s Shamzarah; 2, S Holland’s Tukki Amira; 3, Rhodes & Starkie’s Silver Tiffany. gelding 1 & res, V Nelson’s Khalif Gold; 2, E Harrison’s Azure Bay; 3, T Sheward’s Al Shahrani. stallion 1, H Budge’s Ikoni; 2, G Rees’s Valletta Hunters Morn; 3, Mr & Mrs Stone’s Storm Seeker. coloured in-hand (Mr L Bigley & Mr J Conifey) y’stk 1, S Morris’ Mistress Gamble; 2, J Thompson’s Bourneside Jack Daniels; 3, E Egerton’s Diversity. 153cm 1, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Bay; 2, C Parry’s Riverside Exchange; 3, D Foxcroft’s Daisy. exc 153cm 1, A Hall’s El Nino; 2, D Froggatt’s Maxwells Nescafe; 3, R Cowburn’s Country Colours. ridden 153cm 1, R Slinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 2, O Thompson’s Toronto; 3, J Donoghue’s Morning Dance. native 1 & res, Springhill Bally Bay; 2, Jack Daniels; 3, G Chippendale’s Tigermoth. mwt 1 & ch, Maxwelltown Nescafe; 2, G Lindley’s Tassyreagh Sunrise; 3, C Mould’s Electric Storm. hwt 1, J Edwards’s Mister Smith. palomino (Mr L Bigley) y’stk 1 & ch, S Cousins’s Krysto Golden Elegance; 2, P Thornhill’s Zyda Dancing Princess; 3, E Williams’s Gemstone Llewellyn. over 4-y-o 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Dakin’s Coedderw Sunshine; 2, C Hassall’s Asil’s Satisfaction; 3, Mr & Mrs Prater’s Menai Golden Star. ridden 1, G Johnson’s Tom Boy; 2, V Ingoe’s Solomons Seal; 3, J Watson’s Rosie Vee. Shetland (Miss B Wilson) stallion 1, B Joyner’s Birchmour Mulberry; 2, Lyon & Parr’s Laddyll Spinner; 3, J Martlew’s Fergus Of Chapelhill. b’mare 1, M Arden’s Claylands Gorsty Freya; 2, L Bradbury’s Brinley View Painted Lady. foal 1, M Arden’s Claylands Moorland Monarch. barren 1, Britlands’ Melland Mascarade; 2, S Bebbington’s Yateholme Cayle; 3, J Sherratt’s Drum Velveteen. 2-y-o 1, Lyon & Parr’s Crank Kaleidoscope; 2, J Sherratt’s Pankymoor Patience; 3, J Harrison’s Browtop Tawte Rose. 3-y-o 1, F Morkill’s Knock Delilah; 2, Woods’ Lathom Jemima; 3, J Martlew’s Bazil Of Martinmere. y’ling 1, Woods’ Lathom Jinny; 2, A Ryder’s Shelcroft Merrylegs; 3, K Wigley’s Ramper Sweet Angelica. M&M in-hand Dartmoor (Mr C Furness) mare 1, J Gerrard’s Deepmill Tumbleweed; 2, J Marsh’s Springbank Sorcerer. Dales (Mr J Hunter) y’stk 1, L Westwood’s Highcroft Paddy; 2, J Crane’s Hazelway Nobleman; 3, E Service’s Adamfield Raven. over 4-y-o 1, A Cowdrey’s Sowermire; 2, A Hibbert-Owen’s Miss Molly. Connemara (Miss S Coles) y’stk 1, Mr & Mrs Humble’s Kingstown Barney; 2, S Whitehead’s Skellorn Murphy Star; 3, O Lloyd’s Gowy Anneka. adult 1 & ch & 2 & res, J & K Wainwright’s Kieta & Tyan Takara; 3, Y Siddall’s Garryhinch Fiachra Of Rosscorn. New Forest (Mr C Furness) y’stk 1, Highfox Ponies’ Furzley Charaide; 2, J McLeod’s Wanstead Evening Song. over 4-y-o 1, P Bevill’s Wayland Lion Heart; 2, A Plummer’s Merrie Makilash; 3, K Baxter’s Merrie Majolica. Exmoor (Mrs S Burger) y’stk 1 & res, J McGuiness’s Glendowlin. over 4-y-o 1 & ch, J McCormack’s Grenadier; 2, A Farley’s Threeshires Equinox; 3, J McCormack’s Bemborough Donald. Highland (Mrs B Halls) y’stk 1, J Clucas’ Cameron Of Sunnyneuk; 2, N Thorburn’s Ericht Of Achnacarry; 3, M Woosey’s Hamish Of Park View. over 4-y-o 1, A Barnes’ Marnonwells Rona; 2, M Vaughan’s Whitefield Queen Quinevere; 3, R Leech’s Inspector Of Whitefield. Fell (Mr H Hunter) y’stk 1, P Montgomery’s Holling Goldie; 2, L Smith’s Wellbrow Elizabeth; 3, J Kenyon’s Restar Lucky Heather. over 4-y-o 1 & ch, T Barlow’s Murthwaite Sarge; 2 & res, D Schofield’s Lowmoat Holly; 3, H Stead’s Graysons Polly Perkins. in-hand stallion 1, D Clayton’s Carra Cashel; 2, J McCleod’s Wanstead Tarquin Moon; 3, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight. SHP breeding (Mr D Machin) b’mare 1, W Merryweather’s Goldsborough Princess Royale; 2, Starkey & Jones’s Robenn Royal Debute. foal 1, Starkey & Jones; 2, W Merryweather’s Rosamei. y’ling 1, D Harvey’s Pinelodge Peter Piper; 2, M&T Carswell’s Paddocklow Pershore; 3, D Williams’s Hwylfa Nemo. 2/3-y-o 1, J Walker’s Bunbury Sabre; 2, M&T Carswell’s Paddocklow Divine. 3-y-o 1, W Turner-Webster’s Stychlands Charlemagne; 2, Eccles & Sandison’s Bankswood Imagination; 3, T Bardsley’s Hillin Everglade. RP breeding (Mr V Toulson) b’mare 1, C Trodd’s Whinfell Felicity; 2, J Griffiths’s Schottische; 3, W Powers’s Brookvean Kimberley. foal 1, J Griffiths’s Darkhour Little Flame; 2, C Trodd; 3, W Powers’s Sandmill. b’mare exc 128cm 1, Y Selby’s Chasecroft Diva. foal 1, Y Selby’s Archwood Romeo. y’ling 1, P Gillfillan’s Grindles Unique; 2, T Brown’s Telynau Picasso; 3, Mr & Mrs Williams’s Telynau Jo-Jo. y’ling exc 128cm 1, M Pickles’s Crabfield Gyn Zinfandel; 2, A Mahan’s Highbent Athena; 3, S Roberts’s Royal View Cosmopolitan. 148cm 1, R Hulbert’s Rotherwood Peep’O; 2, D White’s Pickmere Lady Arwen; 3, The Real McCoy. 2/3-y-o 1, R Hulbert’s Brookwater Candytuff; 2, R & L Carruthers’s Woodview Cadenza; 3, D Hardy’s Bexton Finesse. 138cm 1, T Greenwood’s Pickmere Pericles. 148cm 1, C Taylor’s To Catch A Dream; 2, S Roberts’ Royal View Tiger; 3, D Taylor’s Lestarswood Me Adorable. private driving (Mrs H Noad) concours d’elegance 1, L Staniland’s Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, E Gill’s Sunbeam Fantasia; 3, P Power’s Bennett’s Castle Shogun. 138cm 1, Starlyte Little Trojan; 2, Mr & Mrs Mills’ Oakvale Rowan; 3, P Stubbs’ Crimond Flash. exc 138cm 1, C Bunn’s Elektra; 2, Mr & Mrs Bassett’s Ialuin Na Dailach; 3, R Lancaster’s Brambridge Bright Sparks. trade 1, J Thomas’s Duke; 2, J Hicklin’s Oughtrington Minstrel; 3, J Beech’s Lockridge Horatio. side-saddle concours d’elegance (Clr L Riley) 1, H Ford’s Crafton Fortune Teller; 2, A Bryan’s One More; 3, K Marsden’s Mountcaulfield Legend. RC (Miss D Atkinson) 1, L Tyson’s Next Thyme; 2, K Wilson’s Royal Warrant; 3, D Haunch’s Flying Dutchman. equit 1, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman; 2, T Hall’s Lord Of The Dance; 3, J Carney’s Yealand Serenade. adult 1, A Lupton’s Barnaby; 2, E Jones’s Harry The Spider; 3, Crafton Fortune Teller. ridden M&M (Mr A Robertson & Mrs J Griffin) New Forest, Connemara 1, S Smith’s Mildford Adventurer; 2, L Goodwin’s Blue Rose Thunder; 3, J Sonnex’s Glencarrig Bobby. Fell, Highland, Dales 1 & ch, T Capstick’s Heltondale Misty; 2, J Sonnex’s Inglegarth Reveller; 3, S Avery’s Hesket Willow. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland 1, N Bond’s Locharmoss Sypmphony; 2, L Stevens’ Sennif Gin Fizz; 3, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Rosefinch. Welsh sec A 1, K Marriot-Payne’s Mynyddtarren The Maverick; 2, Countess of Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar. sec B 1, G Ashington’s Pittybeck Prince Charming; 2, M James-Mildmay’s Campeche. sec C 1, McGrail & Davies’s Popsters Loaded Weapon; 2, E Darbyshire’s Brabyns Samson; 3, S Bowling’s Menai Magic’s Chrisial. sec D 1 & res, L Liptrot’s Tybanadl Gwilym; 2, T Millward’s Kilgour Hebog; 3, S Avery’s Delgarth Black Magic. novice M&M (Mr P Thompson) small 1, M Marshalsay’s Moelgarnedd Myrddin. lge 1, C Holmes’s Terackie Golden Charm; 2, S Pinfield’s Faraday Barney; 3, K Jackson’s Trevallion States Man. lge 1 & ch, P Moore’s Brierdene Benjamin; 2, H Turner’s Waxwing Molly; 3, P Jackson’s Netherfield Mr Darcy. FR 1 & res, Mr Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, G Heaps’ Eeabrook Tom Thumb; 3, H Turner’s Sunwillow Georgina. sec A (Mrs K Jones) b’mare over 8 yrs 1, M Rickard’s Penboeth Goldilocks; 2, A Murray’s Yaverland Trinket; 3, T Mulcahy’s Arddyn Butterfly. foal 1, K Brookes; 2, S Groom; 3, C Pygott. 2-y-o filly 1, M Rickard’s Wellbank Vanity Fair; 2, M Costello’s Pen-Wisg Lucy Lockett; 3, A Roberts’s Maesgwyn Hafwen. 3-y-o 1, G Oldroyd’s Rosegarth Pollyanna; 2, J Shaw’s Legerview Sucotinu; 3, F Rowlands’ Wesla Alaw lr Gad. y’ling 1, S Totty’s Tiverton Della; 2, F Rowlands’ Wesla Braint Merchy; 3, C Thompson’s Knowsley Lady Defiant. geld 1, J Watson’s Friars Piccolo; 2, P Hancox’s Auric Chavez; 3, A Lamb’s Norash Beugest. mare 1, S Cannon’s Tetcott April Fourteenth; 2, C Williams’s Hapsford Jasmine. 2/3-y-o colt 1 & res, C Burgess’s Chevenswurde Prince; 2, G & M Parry’s Brynrodyn Sion; 3, C Pygott’s Talgarth Truncorn. y’ling 1, G Willams’s Gadlys Llewellyn-O-Fon; 2, Mr & Mrs Stansfield’s Bronycoed Diplomat; 3, P Hancox’s Randan Brock. stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Cerdin-Jones’s Synod John Peel; 2, C Fell’s Llwynan Llewellyn; 3, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Abbeybells Father Coyne. sec B (Mr K Walker) stallion 1, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy; 2, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock River Dance; 3, Mr & Mrs Preston’s Newtonhill Naughty Boy Charlie. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Lynes’s Moelgarnedd Derwyn; 2, M Jones’s Eyarth Syena; 3, G Reeves’s Katoms Midnight Masterpiece. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Bronzewing; 2, S Anderson’s Thistledown Gallileo; 3, D Williams’s Moelgarnedd Daniel. b’mare 1, M Bigley’s Llanarth Camilla; 2, G Hensby’s Laithehill Mazurka; 3, Mr & Mrs Lowe’s Eyarth Alaw. over 8-y-o 1 & sup, Thistledown Stud’s Northern Lustre; 2, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Isley Walton Athena. foal 1, Thistledown Stud; 2, G Hensby; 3, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Poseidon. mare 1, L Wilson’s Paddock Penny Royal; 2, Hughes & Ross’s Treflan Ffleur; 3, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Precious Doll. 2/3-y-o filly 1, S Blackburn’s Westaire Saffron Lace; 2, Lloyd & Owens’ Ann Catrin; 3, J Johnson’s Stoak Tanya. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock Parasol; 2, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Suellin; 3, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Opera. gelding 1, A Chadwick’s Desarbre Fire Light; 2, J Shaw’s Bronllwyn Purple Star; 3, L O’Malley’s Monalow Black Pearl. sec C (Mr D Morgan) y’ling colt 1, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Bouncing Rocket; 2, Mr & Mrs Barton’s Greenmeadows Lord Of The Dance; 3, J Watson’s Blaencilla Ashley. filly 1, Mr & Mrs Prater’s Synod Sweet Jessica; 2, Nebo Stud’s Tyngwndwn Anghar; 3, T Clarke’s Bluehaven Debonair. 2/3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Jones’ Menai Lord Chance; 2, P Keyte’s Oakmill Llywelyn; 3, G McEvoy’s Cheshmere Flashman. filly 1, Mr & Mrs Heppenstall’s Glynwyn Georgia; 2, T Hitchmough’s Panymel Gwawr; 3, J Welsh’s Coeden Danatella. gelding 1, S Russell’s Tyreds Red Flyer; 2, L Davies’s Starcret Prince William; 3, P Hand’s Popsters Fernando. mare 1, E Ashcroft’s Starcrest Rosina; 2, Mr & Mrs Barton’s Wenderris Lolipop; 3, T Clarke’s Popsters Just Rosie. b’mare 1, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Rachel; 2, D Gant’s Menai Lady Caryn; 3, Mr & Mrs Heys’s Torview Boneddiges. foal 1, D Gant’s Kirkhamgate Miss Goody Two Shoes; 2, Mr & Mrs Heys’s Gwyllan Shirley Valentine; 3, Nebo Stud. stallion 1, Mr & Mrs Heppenstall’s Glywyn Gideon; 2, D Laffey’s Menai Lord Charles; 3, T Hughes’s Cefnmelyn Daniel. sec D (Mrs C Ingram) y’ling colt 1, Mr & Mrs Broadhurst’s Renvarg Dick Turpin; 2, A Roberts’s Lynard Brooklin; 3, P Salter’s Serengarth Syr Tomos. y’ling 1, S Watkins’s Triad Cracklin Rosie; 2, Mr & Mrs Jones’s Ionas Pride; 3, Mr & Mrs Spencer’s Felinmor Miaren. 2/3-y-o 1, B White’s Fenmor Distinction; 2, Hutcheson & Hulme’s Llanidan Hennin; 3, A Lovatt’s Trehenlli Gwydion. 2/3-y-o filly 1, S Mason’s Brynfa Lucky Llinos; 2, Mr & Mrs Heys’s Trefforest Gwydion; 3, K Owen-Lilley’s Caebryn First Lady. gelding 1, S Ackers’s Seiont Thun; 2, S Gibbons’s Tymor Lammtarra; 3, S Herdson’s Tardebigge Romeo. mare 1, Mr & Mrs Prater’s Menai Golden Star; 2, S Gibbons’s Tymor Temptress; 3, M Corrigan’s Geler Pearl. b’mare 1 & Cuddy sup, Nebo Stud’s Miss Maple; 2, A Fawcett’s Pananamiwg Free Gift; 3, H Nicholls’s Nerquis Bronwen. foal 1, A Fawcett; 2, Nebo Stud; 3, S Buckley’s Ravenshill Queen Of Temptation. stallion 1, S Mason’s Stepol Superstition; 2, C Ingram’s Tynbryn What’s Wanted; 3, C Nee’s Brynithon Royal Knight. Welsh part-bred (Mrs N Clayton) y’ling 1, E Hughes’s Glenrowan Velvet; 2, M Scott’s Fidra Pussy Galore; 3, M Pickles’s Crabfield Gyn Zinfandel. 148cm 1, C Kilshaw’s Mallendyke Miss Notreve; 2, E Gates’s Hetty Wainthrop; 3, K Robinson’s Oberland Piomosso. 2/3-y-o 1, D Hardy’s Bexton Finesse; 2, J Hodson’s Novabrook Toy Soldier. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs J Snedker’s Bradmore Chit Chat; 2 & res, G Simpson’s Basford Forget Me Not; 3, Telynau Stud’s Just William. exc 148cm 1, K Robinson’s Oberland Lady Requista; 2, F Wowra’s Mr Miller; 3, J Coombes’s Fabulous Fizzer. open SP (Miss J Brace & Mr J Nash) 128cm 1 & ch, C Walker’s Spinningdale Araminta; 2, D McDonald’s Hopevale Franceschini; 3, Carrs BMW’s Chaseford Charmer. 138cm 1 & res, Templeton Show Team’s Kingsford Sweet Story; 2, S Ford’s Dayhi Delilah; 3, S Oakes’s Eskside Saphire. 148cm 1, L Minchin’s Ellenbrook Sophistication; 2, C Williams’s Westhill Chancellor; 3, l Stevens’s Hamptonne Moulin Rouge. int SRT 1, M Arnold’s Smalland Rialto; 2, R Timson’s Levant Seraph. 158cm 1 & ch, R Helliwell’s Holtess Moschino; 2, V Hesford’s Marshbrook Sir George; 3, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides. nov int (Mrs J Dorman) 1, Levant Seraph; 2, V Hesford’s Whalton High Flyer; 3, S Timperley’s Romarnic Recital. open mini (Mrs J Dorman) LR 1 & ch, G Kapadia’s Okewood Delightful; 2, A Prince’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 3, G Collins’s Haighend Glayva. FR 1, L Anderson’s Ardenhall Miss Moidore; 2, K Carter’s Musley Legacy; 3, L Jackson’s Megland Vision. novice (Mrs J Dorman) 138cm 1, Sandison & Eccles’s Bankswood Camelia; 2, A Baybutt’s Merelands Mink Invitation; 3, K Brar’s Secret Charm. 148cm 1, H Anderson’s Royal Crown Derby; 2, D Park’s Fairly Versace; 3, B Hatton-Ritchie’s Eskside Opal. WHP, int (Mrs D Jordan & Mrs P Stirling) 158cm 1, F Rodman’s Silk Cut; 2, Y Dixon’s Pebbly Tuff Stuff; 3, S Greenwood’s Warren Dolly Mixture. open 133cm 1, Loughton & Edwards’s Blackford Christie; 2, A Heginbotham’s Wrayton Monty; 3, J Lock’s All About Jazz. 143cm 1 & ch, A Green’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, Y Dixon’s John’s Choice; 3, K Ramsey’s Greenfields Bits & Pieces. 153cm 1, B Crosbie-Starling’s Mystic Napoliana; 2, J Green’s Highland Harry; 3, J Smith’s Mini B. NS (Mr D Machin & Miss N Hall) 1, S Davies’ Miss Dynamite; 2, K Roddy’s Sir Wexford; 3, K Shone’s Avelonn. CS 1, D Brown’s Guinness Pure Genius; 2, K Gray’s Jasper Of Spear; 3, A Green’s Gryngallt Playsome. NS 1, H Steele’s Rosslayne Riverdance; 2, T Brook’s Grindles Pirate Prince; 3, S Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate. novice (Mrs S Fitton & Mr R Billington) 133cm 1, E Barnes’s Lord Of The Manor; 2, Grindles Pirate Prince; 3, D O’Brien’s Not Quite Perfect. 143cm 1 & res, K Lyons’ Noble Goldfinger; 2, K Wheyway’s Starcrest Mel Aur. 153cm 1 & ch, Underwood & Green’s Carnsdale Class Act; 2, H Johnson’s Ellas Drum; 3, G Brobyn’s Sylvester. Lord Leverhulme Gold Cup (Mr & Mrs I McKie) 133cm 1, S Duffy’s Rossdale Sandpiper; 2, C McCullagh’s Little Storm. 143cm 1 & ch, A Heginbotham’s Whineray Beachboy; 2, B Brindley’s Gransha’s Jerry Mouse. 153cm 1 & res, J Smith’s Mini B; 2, J Teare’s Hollies Emperor. open SHP (Mrs N Swinnerton & Mr P Hilton) 153cm 1, A Petch’s Towan Nicholas Nickleby; 2, K Mannin’s Noble Diamond; 3, M Thompson’s Santana. 143cm 1 & ch, V Hesford’s Marshbrook Limited Edition; 2, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor; 3, Pattersons Horse Boxes’ Roseberry Spanish Conquest. 133cm 1, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, S Martin’s Fair Julian; 3, F Rapier’s Antoinettes Catamount. pony of SHT 122cm 1, K Smith’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, S Cornforth’s Meadowlands Sun Kissed; 3, L Bowker’s Superted. int 1, Mrs Abel’s Escapado; 2, N Franks’ Majic Max; 3, F Pass’s Escada. novice SHT (Mrs S Thomas) 133cm 1, G Morton’s Bexton Flirtation; 2, K Neachell’s Hopevale Flint; 3, A Martin’s Mistrals Gold. 143cm 1 & res, D McCormack’s Litton Whispering Flame; 2, Mrs Hinton’s Highmead Evening Silhouette; 3, G Morton’s Zions Red Dasher. 153cm 1 & ch, M Thompson’s Santana; 2, A Mallinson’s John; 3, Pattersons Horse Box’s God’s Gift. int 1, J Wormall’s May; 2, Escada; 3, L Price’s Dancing Fanfaro. heavy horses: Shire (Mr B Banham & Mr B Morgan) stallion 1, E Williams’s Moorfield Ted; 2, T Bull’s Arclid Minshull Monty; 3, W Massey’s Primrose Hill Ed. geld 1, T Pleavin’s Shordley Oliver. barren mare 1, H & A Callwood’s Wasslands Pollyanna; 2, T Bull’s Homme Grey Lady; 3, D Williams’s Bodafon Lucinda Rose. 2-y-o 1, W King’s Cotebrook Blaven; 2, E Williams’s Moorfield Vicky; 3, F Williamson & Son’s Barwood Grace. y’ling 1 & ch, D Worthington’s Walton Beauty; 2, J & T Pleavin’s Moorfield Manor Mac; 3, J Dale’s Norcliffe Olympia. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs Malkin’s Lockley Cotebrook Lady; 2, Curbishley Farm’s Blackden Queen; 3, J Dale’s Norcliffe Lady Grace. foal 1, Curbishley Farm’s Blackden Royal Emperor; 2, E Willliams; 3, J&T Pleavin’s Manor Luncindas. filly 1, O Whittaker & Son’s Naomi; 2, J Dale’s Norcliffe Black Pearl; 3, G Kitching’s Moores Gay Anne-Marie. heavy horses (Mr R Coward) geld 1, F Whitlow’s Millfield Merlin; 2 & 3, F Robinson’s Saracen & Sportsman. neatest 1, Mr & Mrs Wakeling’s Beau; 2, Millfield Merlin; 3, Mr & Mrs Heap’s Captain. ridden 1, K Whittaker’s Chewmill Shadylady; 2, D Dobson’s My Gentleman; 3, Cheshire County Council’s Arclid Finn McCoul. agric turnout 1, J Cowen’s Sandbed Super Ted; 2, Millfield Merlin. trade 1, Sportsman; 2, D Thwaite; 3, Brookfield Shires’ Brookfield Comet.

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