Cheshire County show 17-18 June ’03

CHESHIRE COUNTY Tabley, 17-18 June

Irish Draught (S Morris): b’mare1 & ch, S Benson’s Woodclose Silver Storm; 2, S Kitching’s Balmoral. foal1, S Benson’s Woodclose Fenella; 2, S Kitching’s May. 2/3-y-o1 & res, A Telese’s Millview Harry; 2, M Marshall’s Toux Maybe; 3, K Summers’ Kingsclough Milliagans Rose. ID1, L Grant’s Styal’s Stargazer; 2, Blue Chip Feeds Ltd’s Blue Chip Kinkaid; 3, K Southern’s Bay Willy. hunter: l’wt b’mare1, Mr & Mrs Blackham’s Foxbarn Drayton Glass; 2, P Hawlin’s Squires Lady. h’wt1, J Robertson’s Westosk Wiese; 2, S Kitching’s Balmoral. foal1, Mr & Mrs Blackham’s Foxbarn Composer; 2, J Robertson’s Wise Thyme; 3, S Kitching. y’ling1, Peck & Frost’s Andes Diamond; 2, L Cocker’s Yarrow Button Boy; 3, E Coppock’s Starell. 2-y-o1 & res, K Smith’s Yarrow Sandman; 2, A Merrill’s Agdene Lucky Gem; 3, W Parker’s Greenhow Peter Piper. 3-y-o1 & ch, M Marshall’s Yarrow Gunnars Boy; 2,C Archer’s Yarrow Dream Girl; 3, Blue Chip Kinkaid. coloured (R Thomas & P Miller): y’stk1, S Mynard’s Puzzles Sweet Sensation; 2, J Alsop’s Anastasia; 3, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Temptation. underc 153cm1, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Bay; 2, D van Praagh’s Steely Dan; 3, P Davies’s Dutch Delight. over 153cm1, J Hill’s El Choechese; 2, S Roby’s Roscar Maisie; 3, S Davies’s Savanna Roos. b’mare1 & res, S Lawrence’s Eirens Clover; 2, S Mynard’s Ambona. ridden153cm1 & ch, S Rose’s Riverside Exchange; 2, P Porley’s Monivga Magic Rainbow; 3, Springhill Bally Bay. over 153cm1, Eirens Clover; 2, J Edwards’s Mister Smith; 3, C Booth’s Flash Back. best colour1, A Hall’s El Nino; 2, Roscar Maisie; 3, L McKie’s Splash Of Colour. ridden hunter (M Gordon-Watson & R Williams): l’wt1 & ch, M Boundy’s Royal Flush; 2, J Day’s Swansea Gale; 3, S Branch’s Bally Brennan. m’wt1, W & E Gibson’s News Flash; 2, J Day’s Rhyan; 3, S Pine’s Scimental. h’wt1 & res, J Day’s Carlow; 2, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 3, J Ambler’s Another Quest. sml (S Somers & MJ Phillips)1, S Brocklebank’s Gunsmith; 2, K Bloom’s Lord Theodore; 3, R Timson’s Rapture. ladies’1, KTalbot’s Maybe Forever; 2, Shelford Rupert; 3, J Ambler’s Riverdance. 4-y-o (M Gordon-Watson & R Williams)1, R Walker’s Warren House Elinston; 2, N Gibbons’ Burfordly May Dream. nov1, K Beaumont’s Killosery Kipper; 2, J Robertson’s Ridgeview Phantom; 3, C Wofford’s Atlantic Traveller. WH (S Somers & J Phillips): local l’wt (A Hooley)1 & res, D Ahughan’s Glamour Boy; 2, K Lyons’ Sundown; 3, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Made To Measure. h’wt1&ch, K Lyons’ Barry Bug; 2, R Bowling’s Beinn Bhan; 3, A Roberts’s Charles Rose. hack (P Gover & N Maynard): nov1, Monseratt Sport Horse’s Front Page News; 2, R Timson’s Strinesdale Symphony; 3, J Harforth’s Apres Nous. sml1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Keen’s Absolutely; 2, N Whitelock’s Litton Shadow; 3, Fagan Electrical’s Colbeach Starlight Express. lge1 & res, P Harper’s Strinesdale Elegance; 2, K Bellinger’s Warrenhill; 3, P Langrick’s Party Spirit. cob (N Fuller & P Miller): nov1, L Tyson’s Fairground Attraction; 2, Grime & Cooper’s Chicago; 3, S Pritchard’s Jaffa. l’wt1 & res, K Shenton’s Amy; 2, Hennessy & Creber’s Beaverbrook; 3, L Watson’s The Sportsman. h’wt1 & ch, T Briggs’s Boy George; 2, S Pritchard’s Just Jimmy; 3, J Edwards’s Mister Smith. RH (A Robertson & C Le Moignan): nov sml1, S Dennison’s Bombay Dreams; 2, R Rodgers’ Beesley; 3, C McHugh’s Etherow Endymion. nov lge1, M Pendlebury’s Rominosa; 2, Mr & Mrs Cook’s Rufforth Hamish; 3, J Mooney’s DiamondDancer. sml1, G Bayley-Machin’s Bowlands Diplomat; 2, K Bellinger’s Parks Fernando; 3, A Taylor’s Private Dancer. lge1 & ch, T Carey’s Class Act; 2 & res, Blue Chip Feed Ltd’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 3, D Curtis’s Henry’s Casino. Arab (GPaul) in-hand y’ling1&ch, Mr & Mrs Langree’s Kitty Kelley; 2, C Taylor’s Rotherwood Pretentious; 3, Rowles & Hughes’s Beseeka Tanya. pb 2-y-o1 & res, M Ogden’s Chasecroft Dimple; 2, Dr More’s Burfordly Valentino; 3, M Robertson’s Rotherwood Precocious. 3-y-o1, M Morgan’s Cwytai Remeldo; 2, K Robinson’s Oberland Excelsis. over 41, A French’s Etherow Inspiration; 2, A Pritchard’s Simmons Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 3, M Selby’s Telynau Piersporter. pure-bred mare1, Turton & Taylor’s Arabella El Balesha; 2, Mr & Mrs Hill’s Fiyah Rhossilli; 3, A Davies’s Amento Tamara. foal1, S Roberts’s Mirage Arastina; 2, Mr & Mrs Gould. y’ling1, Turton & Taylor’s Kairoh; 2, L Rankin’s Naomi. 2/3-y-o1, A Hallworth’s Aja Sanjahman; 2, T Holland’s Pacific; 3, A Meadows’s HT Gazaal. filly1 & res, A Hallworth’s FS Zaafinah; 2, B & V Marsh’s Appassionata. geld1, A Boyle’s Maleikero; 2, N Mellor’s Alite; 3, S Waterfield’s HT Scyros. stallion1 & ch, Mrs & Miss Greenwood’s Camargue Too; 2, S Brown’s Ellectron; 3, S Bibby’s Omar-El-Kheill. Shetland (O Hawker): stallion1, R Gwilliam’s Southgfieldgate Valiant; 2, Mr & Mrs Gregory’s Champlers Rosemarc; 3, Smith & Miller’s Snelsmore Calipso. b’mare1, M Arden’s Claylands Crystal; 2, E Barnes’s Laddyll Fantasy; 3, A Francis’s Samantha Rose of Crafton. foal1, A Francis’s Serentehi Morgan; 2, M Arden; 3, E Barnes. barren mare1, J Sherratt’s Drum Bluebell;2, Woods Family’s Lathom Josie; 3, A Ryder’s Towerland Dellie. 2-y-o1 & res, Mr & Mrs Gregory’s Brewards Penny; 2, Britland family’s Melland Apollo; 3, Woods family’s Lathom Jodie. 3-y-o1 & ch, J Sherratt’s Pankymoor Poppy; 2 & 3, Lyon& Dearden’s Crank Solitaire & Top Rock. y’ling1, A Ryder’s Shelcroft Isabella; 2, R Hargreaves’ Gorsehill Knightsbridge; 3, M Arden’s Claylands Emily. in-hand M&M (H Thomas): y’stk1 & res, S Burton’s Lintavon Moon River; 2, D Sykes’sCosmic Helix; 3, T Barlow’s Murthwaite Sarge. over 41 & ch, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 2, A Barnes’s Maronwells Rona; 3, I Gleave’s Firtree Royal Dawn. SHP breeding (W Farrell): b’mare1 & ch, C Ruchwaldy’s Yealand Katherina; 2, Roberts & Rice-Taggart’s Radway Dancing Otter; 3, G Neve’s Mereland Mistique. foal1, C Ruchwaldy; 2, G Neve’s Styalways Crescendo; 3, C Richardson’s Maddison Dreamcatcher. y’ling1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Charlemagne; 2, K O’Donnell’s Dews Devilish Dancer; 3, M Spencer’s Jubilee Bay Imp. 2-y-o1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Marcher Lord; 2, K Allen’s Elmsfield Jonathon; 3, R Sheldon’s Master Mouse. 3-y-o1 & res, K Robinson’s Oberland Excelsis; 2, Mr & Mrs Hughes’s Shulas Milo; 3, R Littlewood’s Golden Hornet. RP breeding (J Redvers): b’mare1, M Pickles’ Barnside Honey Buzzard; 2, C Heaton’s Bylands Dawn Chorus; 3, B Kersey’s Starlyte Winter Jasmine. foal1, B Kersey’s Gypsyville Averice; 2, M Pickles; 3,C Heaton’s Aynsty Musical Dream. over 128cm1, D Hardy’s Brookvean Kimberley. foal1, D Hardy’s Bexton Finesse. b’mare1, Eccles & Sandison’s Chiddock Fankino; 2, M Hatton’s Roodlebats Selene; 3, Dr Moore’s Comberton Cascade. foal1, Eccles & Sandison; 2, Dr Moore; 3, M Hatton’s Roodlebats Scoundrel. y’ling1, B Thompson’s Lowlands Paris; 2, J Amsel’s Radway Courtcase; 3, S Roberts’s Woodview Tallulah. y’ling1 & res, Eccles & Sandison’s Bankswood Image; 2,C Taylor’s Rotherwood Pretentious; 3, M Cormack’s Rivendell Splendour. 148cm1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Bougainvillea. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, M Robertson’s Rotherwood Precocious; 2, R Hulbert’s Broowater Elouise. 138cm1,S Rodenhurst’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox; 2, S Roberts’s Royalviews Toy Boy. stallion1, Y Selby’s Telynau Piersporter; 2, S Roberts’s Royalviews Last Symphony; 3, A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Grand Marnier. private driving (J Dobson & S Gibson): concours d’elegance1, Mr & Mrs Mills’s Galtres Raffles; 2, Mr & Mrs Bassett’s Ialuinn Na Dailach. 138cm1, A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign; 2, P Blackburn’s Balkly Harvest Moon; 3, Galtres Raffles. over 138cm1, Ialuinn Na Dailach; 2, J Beech’s Lockeridge Horatio. side-saddle (Lady Harris & J Senior): concours d’elegance1, S Walker’s Kharlo; 2, Mr & Mrs Rudd’s Ladys Castle Moyle; 3, P Roberts’s Pentyrch Nottawasaga. RC1, M Spencer’s Royal Warrant; 2, B Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman; 3, T Harrison’s Bailey. jnr1, Wattlemead Norman; 2, K Marsden’s Mountcaulfield Legend; 3, B Taylor’s Ashby Midnight. adult1, A Dunning’s Deman; 2, J Marsden’s My Lovely; 3, C Swarbrick’s Gentleman Jim. M&M ridden (D Jones &H Thomas): New Forest/Connemara1, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 2, J Heller’s Maximillian; 3, J Ambler’s Rainbows End. Fell/Highland/Dales1 & 3, W Ireland’s Kilmanan Black Magic & Kilmannan Jubilee; 2, S Bowling’s Laochan Of Kingennie. Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland1, E Boardman’s Dykes Country Mead; 2, H Turner’s Vean Hobajon; 3, N Middlemans’ Brandsby King Of Diamonds. Welsh A&B1, J Cowan’s Bengad Rumex; 2, J Barton’s Anri Piccolo; 3, T Hinchcliffe’s Wortley The Duchess. sec C&D1 & ch, M Booth’s Tybanadl Gwilym; 2, Heppenstalls’ Glynwyn Pennies From Heaven; 3, J Evans’s Nebo Joni Jones. M&M nov (S Hollings): sml1, G Wigglesworth’s Fingerpost Tambourine Man Of Moel ; 2, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee; 3, J Kelly’s Meecevalley Hattie. lge1, G Simpson’s Kilmannan Black Wizard; 2, H Jowitt’s Renuarg Flash; 3, P Montgomery’s Laddie Webstar. FR1, K Brar’s Ekens Fifer; 2, F Barltrop’s Littlestones Button Moon; 3, K Mitten’s Bengad Watches. sec A (J Hitchmough): b’mare1, Mr & Mrs Jones’s Lacy Heather Bee; 2, K Goodhead’s Friars Lah-Di-Dah; 3, M Fielding’s Eurgrad Diva. b’mare1, K & J Sheill’s Dukes Hill Demelza; 2, K Owen-Lilly’s Synod Pink Rose; 3, K Brookes’s Caerfa Maya. foal1, Mr & Mrs Jones; 2, M Fielding’s Offcote Dyfan; 3, Mr & Mrs Gilbert’s Littlestones Rambo. 2-y-o filly1, Mr & Mrs Owens’ Friars Lady in Gold; 2, W Lewis’s Rhydyfelin ; 3, Williams & Mackay’s Arvon Seren Hardd. 3-y-o1, J Willliams’s Gelliniog Ariannedd; 2, S Hacking’s Foxgate Edi; 3, W Jones’s Glan Gwna Gwawr. y’ling1, K & S Sheil’s Dukes Hill Chilli Bean; 2, Mr & Mrs Jones’s Islyn Ania; 3, Mr & Mrs Dickmeyer’s Randan Absolutely Gorgeous. geld1, C Povey’s Lacy Merylegs; 2, S Rogers’s Nantdwyll Sion; 3, N Kirby’s Bryndefraid Dylan. mare1, C Oldfield’s Siua Satin; 2, Mr & Mrs Owens’ Friars Chanel. 2/3-y-o colt1, E Thomas’s Brynrodyn Dynamite; 2, Mr Jones’s Nantdywll Perein; 3, S Crump’s Wernderris Ronaldo. stallion1, J Russell’s Gartconnel Shooting Star; 2, S Greenwood’s Brierdene Ben Hur; 3, Mrs Thomas’s Heniarth Coron. sec B (D Jones): stallion1, Mr & Mrs Bigley’s Douthwaite Signwriter; 2, Mr & Mrs Bethell’s Polaris Elmer; 3, Telynau Stud’s Laithehill Allegro. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, D Williams’ Moelgarnedd Myrddin; 2, Mr & Mrs Bethell’s cross Foxes Berwynfa. y’ling colt1, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Armani; 2, E Hughes’s Treflan Howyn; 3, J Hayward’s Bunbury Symon. b’mare1&res, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Royal Diadem; 2, Mr & Mrs J Lowe’s Hollyvale Cinderella. b’mare1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Isley Walton Athena; 2, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Sugar; 3, C Jones’s Bunbury Porcelain. foal1, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Royal Dragon; 2, Mr & Mrs Lowe; 3, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Xanthus. mare1, Mr & Mrs Walker’s Douthwaite Sign; 2, Mr & Mrs Butterworth’s Paddock Peioni; 3, J Bennett’s Wian Olwen. filly1, Mr & Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth Camilla; 2, Mr & Mrs Johnston’s Stoak Tabitha; 3, J Parry Williamson’s Hunters Carmen Rose. y’ling1, J & K Wainwright’s Skellorn Simonetta; 2, J Baigent’s Mompesson Party Thyme; 3, l Wilson’s Llanarth May Flower. geld1, A Bradley’s Pengof Prime Time; 2, A Beard’s Bronheulog Midnight; 3, S Cornwall’s Bunbury Plover. sec C (J Davies) y’ling colt1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Taran; 2, P Keyte’s Oakmill Llywelyn; 3, D Grant’s Kirkhamgate Mr Cool. filly1&res, Heppenstalls’ Glynwyn Georgia; 2, H Leach’s Coeden Real Duchess; 3, Mr Watson’s Bryncarreg Lily Langtree. 2/3-y-o1, H Cox’s Newbrook Harry Potter; 2, V Povey’s Creigllan Caradog; 3, G McEvoy’s Cheshmere Red Admiral. filly1, C & V Costello’s Synod Rohanna; 2, Mr & Mrs Hopkins’ Lidgett Angel; 3, D Gant’s Synod Sweet Melody. geld1, P Wheeldon’s Tyreos Adrian; 2, E Wombwell’s Steffan Myrddin; 3, S Cheadle’s Parkville Tywysog. mare1, Heppestalls’ Glynwyn April Dawn; 2, Mr & Mrs Barton’s Wernderris Lollipop; 3, C & J Costello’s Rosetta Hywela. b’mare1, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Rachel; 2, D Heys’ Torview Ebony; 3, R Roberts’s Sangwyn Sidan. foal1, D Heys’ Gwyllan Bijou; 2, C Ingram; 3, Nebo Stud. stallion1, Heppenstalls’ Glynwyn Gideon; 2, Mrs Thomas’s Rhosymeich Cardi. sec D (A Jones): y’ling colt1, D Hughes’s Erddreiniog Mab-Y-Cymro; 2, M Cole’s Durkar Express; 3, C Kilshaw’s Nanteglwys Warrior. y’ling1, Mr & Mrs Crutchley’s Caerddaniel Top Totti; 2, S Watkins’ Felinmor Custom Maid; 3, Nebo Stud’s Deroks Lady Morgaine. 2/3-y-o1 & res, Mr Trefor-Jones’s Mabnesscliffe Buzz; 2, N McCarter’s Tanglfan The Enforcer; 3, E Roberts’s Tawelfan Y Gaffer. filly1, Mr &Mrs Hart’s Mycathly Lady In Red; 2, D Shaw’s Synod Rock Star; 3, P Hetherington’s Tireve Dream Lady. geld1, S Miriam’s Seiont Rhun; 2, T Oughton’s Kolgour Hebog; 3, L Rigby’s Ruska Galahad. mare1, H Nicholl’s Nerquis Bronwen; 2, J Haywood’s Llecweyd Rosina; 3, S Johnson’s Craignant Valmai. b’mare1, Mr & Mrs Morris’s Layton; 2, T Patchen’s Rotherdale Mattie; 3, A Street’s Hopesplace Black Bess. foal1, T Patchen’s Eywas Lord Thomas; 2, Morris & Layton’s Caebryn FirstLady; 3, A Street. stallion1 & ch, Tymor Stud’s Tymor Pele; 2, A Roberts’s Tanglfan Jarvis Cocker; 3, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Sion. RP (N Hollings & V Pritchard): 128cm1 & ch, L Stevens’ Daldorn Victoria Plum; 2, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Serenade; 3, L White’s Pendley Temptation. 138cm1, Welby & Gilbert-Scotts’ Aberbrloyen Royal Diamond; 3, P Ahern’s Haighend Special Edition. 148cm1, Templeton Show Team’s Hackets May Bee; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Llanarth Copycat; 3, A Grierson’s Bengairn Splendour. int SRT (N Hollings & V Pritchard): 153cm1, Strinesdale Symphony; 2, S Oakes’s Rotherwood Victor; 3, Templeton Show Team’s Groveside Bell Boy. 158cm1, S Neachell’s Spyanfly Stormtrooper; 2, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 3, J Helliwell’s Holtess Moschino. LR (E Tate)1 & ch, Mrs Brar’s Okewood Delightful; 2, B Moore’s Lilac Park Saskia; 3, J Rosebury’s Roseisle Rebecca. FR1, K Holt’s Farnley Questionnaire; 2, L Jackson’s Megland Vision; 3, K Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco. nov RP (E Tate): 138cm1, L Michin’s Valentine Minuet; 2, M Booth’s Liongate Coney; 3, S Murphy’s Ellen Brook Music Maker. 148cm1, T Greenwood’s Valentino’s Royal Touch; 2, L Minchin’s Femwood Enchantment; 3, Mr & Mrs Jackson’s Halvanna Masterpiece. int WHP (R Billington & P Thompson)1, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Noble Bob; 2, S Skillman’s Lady’s Iced Ginger; 3, H Clubley’s The Navigator. 133cm1 & ch, J Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 2, C Fiddler’s All About Jazz; 3, G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag; 143cm1, E Lee’s Irish Dragoon; 2, K Farrar-Fry’s Parkside Harper; 3, J Bailey’s Fair Daniel. 153cm1, T Janion’s Peeping Tom; 2, J Massey’s Farne Island; 3, S Bonham’s Artemitia. WHP (S Nicklin & P Hilton): nov int1, K Lyons’ Noble Taldi; 2, B Lears’ Woodfield Cross; 3, V Smith’s Rufforth Rowena. cradle1, G Gardner’s Oakhouse Linnet; 2, S Loughton’s Pennbrook Tara; 3, K Holt’s Just Dino. nursery1, AScott’s Sweet Talking Guy; 2, D Holberry’s Hulme Rob Roy; 3, E Barnes’s Silverdale Romulus. nov (L Lyons & C Lomas): 133cm1, R Platt’s Cardells Maximillion; 2, S & H Vaughan’s Orielton Beamish; 3, T Brooks’ Soudley Merlyn. 143cm1, E Greenwood’s Parks Supersox; 2, J Gittins’ The Joker; 3, K Shone’s Robin of Melifont. 153cm1, C Hill’s Grianagh Marcus; 2, J Greaves’ Showtime; 3, A Dickin’s Atlantic Serenity. style & performance (Mr & Mrs Barnett): 133cm1, E Barnes’s Lord Of The Manor; 2, Defaelog Rhiannon; 3, G Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag. 143cm1, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, E Lees’ Irish Dragoon; 3, R Bowling’s Woody Bee. 153cm1 & ch, T Janion’s Salut; 2, D Hayes’s Royal Alice; 3, E Lawton’s Wordsworth. SHT (P Molloy & M Ryan) 153cm1, A Wright’s CB Esquire; 2, J Helliwell’s Lyncombe Blueprint; 3, Ms Mendoza’s Canteney West. 143cm1, Templeton Show Team’s Trydulais Marshal Monty; 2, S Oakes’s Aston High Time Of Warleigh; 3, D Clayton’s Stockley Sonata. 133cm1, Mrs Hinton’s Highmead Politician; 2, C Davies’s Stambrook Pivotal; 3, Templeton Show Team’s Duntavie Catcher. 122cm1, Gray & Ainscough’s Wortley Celebration; 2, S Albinson’s Little Dancing Dreamer; 3, M Booth’s Bunbury Pinnochio. int1, R Timson’s Rapture; 2, Mr & Mrs Binks’ Penrose Swansea Jack; 3, M Waring’s He’s A Diamond. nov SHP (Dr M Boden & J Bradley): 122cm1, L Stevens’ Colbeach Autumn Song; 2, C Heginbotham’s Yealand Granville; 3, C Whittingham’s Greenacres Jollity. 143cm1, S Timperley’s Stanley Grange Popette; 2, J Hoyle’s Bowlandforest Dandelion; 3, F Bowery’s Marshbrook Honeysuckle. 153cm1, D Brocklehurst’s Trefienon Red Heather. nov int SHT1, J Knipe’s Toms Lad; 2, J Massey’s Carnsdale Oliver Twist; 3, Mrs Wilde’s Dun & Dusted. Shire (W Bedford & B Winn): stallion1, E Williams’s Moorfield Ted; 2, O Whittaker & Sons’ Knutsford Edward; 3, T Pleavin’s Shordley Oliver. geld1, Carlsberg-Tetley’s Elian Blue Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs Bailey’s Moorhall Grant. barren1, H & A Callwood’s Carlton Lees Lady Margaret; 2, O Whittaker & Son’s Foxoaks Duchess. 2-y-o1, P Moss’s Hillmoor Queen Of The Roses; 2, J Dale’s Norcliffe Lara; 3, Grattage & Turnock’s Winterfield Fascination. y’ling1, H & A Callwood’s Manor Farm Lady Of The Knight; 2, Mr & Mrs Massey’s Primrose Hill Ed; 3, P Moss. b’mare1, T Bull’s Arclid Cassandra; 2, G Kitching’s Moorfield Alice;3, H & A Callwood’s Manor Farm Olympic Bid. colt foal1, W King’s Cotebrook Blaven; 2, Mr & Mrs Massey’s Primrose Hill Tom; 3, E Williams’s Moorfield Theo. filly1, P Moss’s Hillmoor Shadow; 2, G Kitching’s Moores Gay Julie; 3, E Willliams’s Moorfield Vicky. yng handler1, A Franklin; 2, J&T Pleavin; 3, H & A Callwood. heavy horse (C Grover) over 21, F Whitlow’s Millfield Merlin; 2, Carlsberg Tetley’s Eilan Blue Boy ; 3, Mr & Mrs Bailey’s Moorhall Grant. neatest1, Mr & Mrs Latham’s Elian Grey Fox; 2, S Frost’s Omar Milly; 3, Mr & Mrs Latham’s Snelson Jacob. ridden1, J McCormick’s Chew Mill Beau Brummel; 2, C Jacques’ Moorfield Maximilllian; 3, J McCormick’s Ayton Ambassador. agricultural1, Omar Milly; 2, Millfield Merlin. decorated1, P Bickerton’s Oakhurst Duke; 2, Mr & Mrs Heap’s Captain; 3, Moorhal Grant. tradesman1, F Robinson Ltd’s Sportsman & Statesman; 2, Daniel Thwaites’ Royal & Classic; 3, Carlsberg-Tetley’s.

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