Cherif Championships showing results, 14 September, 2011

  • Team Hollings 143cm (Mrs A Colles, Mrs S-K Coward, Ms K Bacon).– 1, S Brewis & J Harvey’s Broadgrove Showman; 2, S Bewis & J Harvey’s Rhos Emperor; 3, S Blyth’s Moluccas Moonlight Mace. Renelles Stud 148cm.– 1, R Dear’s Stanley Grange Galaxy; 2, L Fitzgerald’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 3, D Froggatt’s Orlando Spritzer. Ribble View Stud 153cm.– 1 & sup, L Edwards’ Valantinos Royal Touch; 2, Lucas & Clark’s Lyncombe Legend; 3, C Preston’s High Fidelity. Lucas Family 158cm.– 1, S & H Broom’s Paschal High Flyer; 2, A Miller’s Paschal Willow; 3, J Reed’s Kingsford Silver Spray. Staffordshire Horseboxes exc 158cm.– 1 & res sup, L Hall’s High Treason; 2 & amateur ch, Z Whittle’s Mettlewood Mr Fahrenheit; 3, H Lang’s Quezako De Buissy. dressage: J Sheaf prelim 14 (K Darlow).– 1, Kingsford Silver Spray; 2, F Wells’ Podlian Farys; 3 & res am, B Giles’ Towan Barnaby Rudge. jnr prelim 14.– 1, Valantinos Royal Touch; 2, A Court’s Braeglen Symphony; 3, D Taylor’s Cumberworth Jedi Knight. Level Best Solutions nov 28 (Mrs P Bushell).– 1, M & T Carswell’s Thursden Vallye Raphael; 2, C Miles’ Stanley Grange Masterpiece; 3, E Pettengell’s Croftys Enigma. jnr nov 28.– 1, Stanley Grange Masterpiece; 2, Valantinos Royal Touch; 3, Braeglen Symphony. Swallowfields concours d’elegance (Ms K Bacon) jnr.– 1 & res, H Jeans’ Nicadaemus Scimitar; 2, Braeglen Symphony; 3, V Archer’s Saxon Snow Cygnet. snr.– 1 & ch, S Martin’s Fly By Moonlight; 2, A Sellers-Smith’s Holltess Hackett; 3, A Browne’s Misunderstood. in-hand (R Parker-Jones) 148cm, D Froggatt y’ling.– 1 & 2, E Cross’ Bombay Sweet Pearl & Bombay Kingfisher. 2-y-o.– 1, Y Botham’s Madam Firebird; 2 & jnr ch, V Russell-Wood’s Jazz It Up; 3, C Sandison & A Eccles’ Bankswood Savoir Faire. Equine Rehabilitation 3-y-o.– 1 & res jnr, V Russell-Wood’s Music Man; 2, Lady Gilby’s Anton Two To Tango; 3, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklowe Poseidon. Alser (UK) Ltd b’mare.– 1, snr ch & res sup, E Cross’ Faranella Valencia; 2, E & S Didlick’s Pricklegate Minim. J Bridges foal.– 1, E Cross’ Bombay Maravillosa; 2, E & S Didlick’s Chapelfield Ladies Man. Templars Stud mare/gelding.– 1 & res, C Preston’s High Fidelity; 2, M Burr & M Pook’s Perriland Politician; 3, Podlian Farys. Gravel Bank Stud stallion.– 1, K Pitt’s Chycoose Troubadour. 148cm, Stanley Grange Stud y’ling.– 1 & jnr ch, P Jackson’s Maimorne Surprise Party; 2 & res jnr, D Tyler-Davies’ Renelles Royal Angel; 3 & res am ch, J Owen’s Derw Tigers Eye. Chycoose Stud 2-y-o.– 1, S Mossy’s Moscombe Dancing Queen; 2, W Page’s Senfold Regal Bay; 3, P Stead’s Murraybrook Moriarty. JS Lee Ltd 3-y-o.– 1, J & V Charnley’s Marshley Mayflower; 2, D Roberts’ Romany River Charade. Laybalands Stud b’mare.– 1, ch & sup, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Celebration. foal.– 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Tiara. Roseberry Stud mare/geld.– 1 & res snr, Crafton Touch Of Gold; 2 & am ch, T Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class; 3, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella. Team Harvey stallion.– 1, E Cross’ Bombay Royal Prince; 2, S Roberts’ Royalview Last Symphony.

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