CHELTENHAM Glos, 17 July

Anglo/part-bred y’stk in-hand 1 & res Miss M Jansons Whalton Ring Leader; 2, A Knight’s Chica Gitano. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs B Barton’s Oakehayes Lord Of The Dance; 3, M Richardson’s Romany River Phoenix. pure-bred Arab, 4-y-o & over in-hand 1 & c,h K Phillips’ Tfa Sirius; 2 & res, S Cook’s A H Azah; 3, Miss S Marsh’s Drumouse. part-bred ridden 1, J Wright’s Crystallii; 2, Mrs D A Lowe’s Caveland Fiesa Rose; 3, Mrs D Bullock’s Clinwil Royal Serenade. pure-bred Arab, ridden 1, Mrs J Evans’ Toman; 2, Mrs A Dixon’s Rozina; 3, S Cook’s A H Azah. spotted pony in-hand 1, S Leaney’s Kestral. Appaloosa in-hand y’stk 1 & res, N Morrice’s Braveheart; 2, Mr & Mrs Bolas’ Quantum Entanglement; 3, K Walsh’s Orions Cinnerbar. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, N Bellenie’s Wise-Spares Rhythm; 2, T Portman’s Crystalwood Carino; 3, Mr & Mrs Halstead’s Eba Ice And A Slice. part-bred Appaloosa in-hand 1, Mrs N Woodward’s Faith House Arabella; V Jones’ Dream Catcher; 3, Miss L Halstead’s Quharna That’s Magic. Appaloosa ridden 1, N Morrice’s Joe Sorrento; 2, Faith House Arabella; 3, R Trower’s Errin Akrobat. side-saddle equitation jnr 1, Mrs P Hutton’s Rudgeway Senorita; 2, C Digby’s Loveday Carey Lewis; 3, N P Carmichael’s Just Stanley. do open 1, P Clark’s Great Expectations; 2, H Sumner’s Koko Rose; 3, H Noad’s Boilingwell Honeysuckle. do riding club horse/pony 1, Just Stanley; 2, Great Expectations. do best ridden 1, Great Expectations; 2, Boilingwell Honeysuckle; 3, Rudgeway Senorita. do concours d’elegance 1, Great Expectations; 2, Miss A Mills’ Asconada; 3, Rudgeway Senorita. hunter in-hand b’mare 1 & res, N Burton’s Dashine Doris. foal 1, N Burton’s Shooting Star. y’ling 1, P Mcgirr’s Ballydale. 2-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Phillips’ Show Me Heaven. 3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Phillips’ Kingscourt. coloured in-hand, y’stk 1 & res, J Newman’s Hardship Umbrella; 2, Mr R Day’s Gafros Taliesen; 3, J Morris’ Mistress Gamble. not exc 153cm 1, Gafros Taliesen; 2, J Beagley’s Second Thoughts; 3, Miss R Lock’s Centurion. exc 153cm 1 & ch, R & S Walker’s Thistle Towers; 2, Mistress Gamble; 3, Mrs Phillips’ Raindance Warrior. best colour & markings 1, A Leddington’s Champ; 2, R Swift’s Grand Cherokee. do sport horse/pony 1, Mrs D Wilkins’ Ramir; 2, Hardship Umbrella; 3, Raindance Warrior. coloured ridden, not exc 153cm 1, S Glynn’s Mr Tee; 2, Miss S Payne’s Prince Town Playboy; 3, Mrs D Lacey’s Jigsaw VIII. exc 153cm 1, F Nisbett’s Bally Splash; 2, J Maycock & D Owen’s Indecision; 3, W Martin’s Ted. not exc 153cm RIHS 1, A Eldridge’s Greenhills Folly; 2, Jigsaw VIII; 3 & res, Centurion. exc 153cm 1, Mrs J Hunton’s Chaseford Dylan; 2, K Ledger’s On The Map; 3, G Skipworth’s Inkspot II. do sport horse/pony 1, Bally Splash; 2, A Courtney’s Puzzle’s Pita Pata. ridden nov hunter 1 & res, Mrs H Moignan’s Principal Partner; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Jackpot Jake; 3, Mr & Miss Jennings’ Golden Dispute. local ridden hunter 1, S Oliver’s Rowland; 2, L Cooke’s Monterrey; 3, Mr M Ridley’s Flagmount. do sml 1, A A Southern’s Rural Dean; 2, Mrs B Blisset’s Michelmas Monarch; 3, H Ridley’s Atlantus Appeal. do open 1 & ch, Kelanne Stud’s Mr McEvoy; 2, Mrs R Dudley’s Take Note; 3, Mrs J L Philip’s Canterbury Tales. nov cob 1 & ch, Mrs J Platt’s Charliee; 2, Mrs S J Channer’s Lockwood; 3, Mr Tee. lwt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Phillips’ Goldburg; 2, I Darcy’s Doctor Bob; 3, A Bartolomy’s Rose Of Tralee. hwt 1, Mrs S Cooper’s Huggy Bear; 2, Mrs & Ms Hyde Andrews’ Admiral II; 3, L Gaunt’s Stan The Man. cob exc 155cm 1, C Fordham’s Mr Richter; 2, J Brennan’s Drummer. RH nov 1 & res, Mrs L Pitt’s Kensington Times; 2, T Carey’s Bellagio; 3, G Nicholls’ Scherzo. sml 1 & ch, Miss K Smith’s Broxwood; 2, Mrs Seely’s Olret; 3, Scherzo. lge 1, J Smith’s Copper Mill; 2, J Gorden’s Midnight Broc. nov hack 1, Mrs S Cuddy’s The Wizzard; 2, T Carey’s Secret Thoughts; 3, Mrs S Smith’s Queen’s Counsel. sml 1, Mrs H G Hindle’s Henrietta; 2, Mrs J Spargo’s Whalton Appassionata; 3, T Baldwin’s Chinook Top Notch. lge 1 & ch, V Keen’s Marquess Of Queensbury; 2, Miss H Lang’s Royal Doulton II; 3, J Keen’s. M&M in-hand, sml 1 & res, Mrs P Morris’ Moortown Solo; 2, J Thomas’ Glenwood Sian; 3, H Needham’s Okeleat Impulse. lge 1 & ch, Nashend Stud’s Nashend Sea Willow; 2, Mr T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Mulan; 3, Mrs E Hardington’s Rest & Be Thankful Katriona. M&M nov ridden sml 1, Mrs Proud’s Helsington Goody Tiptoes. do open 1, Mrs Proud’s Newoak Smuggler; 2, Mrs K French’s Bincombe Pilgrim. nov lge 1 & res, S Smith’s Boblands Balarina; 2, J Bremner’s Puddinghill Cariad; 3, L J Robertson’s Logans Special Offer. do open 1 & ch, Nashend Sea Willow; 2, Puddinghill Cariad; 3, Mrs K French & Mrs Sugden’s Willoway Riverdance. nov M&M LR 1, H Needham’s Okeleat Impulse; B Elliott’s Llanafanfawr Buster; 3, Mrs Banks & Mrs French’s Underhill Damson. do LR open 1 & res Miss T Jones’ Jardines Minuette; 2, Mrs J Hawkins’ Colne Nightflight; 3, Mrs E Astbury’s Wildways Blue Chip. do nov FR 1 & ch, Helsington Goody Tiptoes; A R Hewitt’s Shacklebridge Silent Witness; 3, Mrs J Edwards’ Glenwood Llinos. do open FR 1, Shacklebridge Silent Witness; 2, Newoak Smuggler. do jnr ridden 1, Helsington Goody Tiptoes; 2, J Hopper/L Fox’s Keeshen Reward; 3, Mrs & Mrs Bowley’s Ashgrove Renown. palomino 4-y-o & over in-hand 1 & ch, Mr D Webb’s Colbridge Miracle Gold; 2 & res, M Edwards’ Shulay Silver N Gold. do ridden 1, Colbridge Miracle Gold; 2, Mrs C Clapham’s Perryditch Star Witness; 3, Shulay Silver N Gold. int SRT 153cm 1, R Windmill’s Westhill Gay Sovereign; 2, F Olorine’s Liberte Bean; Mrs Comberton’s Hamptonne Airs & Graces. do 158cm 1, Mrs V Smith’s Rouge Noir; 2, L Edgar’s Fruithouse Centre Point; 3, Mrs D A Lowe’s Caveland Fiesa Rose. LR 1 & ch, Mrs N Pitmam’s Courtway Promise; 2, Mrs Hawkins’ Barkway Enigma; 3, T Phillips’ Llandaff Rambling Rose. FR 1 & res, Mrs E Crew’s Courtway Autumn Belle; 2, Mrs L Denson’s Raversroost Amazing Grace; 3, D Wethered’s Antoinette’s Little Toff. nov SP mixed height 1, Antoinette’s Little Toff; 2, C Payne’s Dalagio; Mrs Shellard’s Glynebrave Miss Dunwoody. SP 128cm 1 & res, Mrs J Maycock’s Devon Masquerade; 2, Mrs J Edwards’ Crawel Tartan. 138cm 1, Mrs T Bailey’s Greenbarrow Gladness. 148cm 1 & ch, Mr R Windmill’s Westhill Gay Sovereign; 2, Mrs Comerford’s Hamptonne Moulin Rouge; 3, Mrs J Middleton’s Bohemian. nov SHP mixed height 1, Mrs L Jones’Viscount; 2, D Wethered’s Rhoden Master Frederick; Mrs Freeman’s Little Miss Muffett. SHP LR 1, Mrs E Crew’s Tetcott Sunshine; 2, Mrs J Hawkins’ Barkway Enigma; 3, R Lovell’s Cadlan Valley Wight Flight. 122cm 1 & ch, Tetcott Sunshine; 2 & res, Mrs C E Henn’s Pandoras Raga Muffin; 3, Cadlan Valley Wight Flight. 133cm 1, Mrs L David’s Moortown Harvest Moon; 2, Mrs J Averis’ Warleigh Loyal Touch; 3, Mrs B J Evans’ Bannut Brightlight. 143cm 1, F Bleu’s Binghams Pageboy; 2, Mrs J Averis’Scontom Cornerstone. 153cm 1, Mrs C Clapham’s Perryditch Star Witness; 2, S Meares’ Tiara Millisa; 3, Bohemian. int SHT 158cm 1, C Digby’s Dudley Do Right II; 2, Mrs E Ellis’s Gwarllan Magic. WHP CS 1, L Gaunt’s Stremda Major; 2, Mrs Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 3, Pandoras Raga Muffin. NS 1 & ch, Ponsbourne Pirate; 2 & res, M L Bryson’s Moorcliffe Maestro; Mrs S Cook’s Milford Funtime. 133cm 1, Mrs C A Horsley’s Lowfords Quids In; 2, Mrs T Bailey’s Mickey Finn; 3, Mrs Shellard’s Picketspride Mini Mouse. 143cm 1 & ch, T Lovett’s Barford Top Flight; 2, Mrs S Church’s Sannan Valley Jester; 3, Mrs N Peake’s Let’s Go Mathilda. 153cm 1 & res K Marks’ American Pie; 2, Mrs S De Freitas’ Jumbo Junior; 3, Mrs N Peake’s Abbey Leap. nov WH 1, S Watkins’ Mystic Echo; 2, J Baker’s Q Update; 3, K Walsh’s Orions Class Act. local do 1 & res, Mr M Ridley’s Flagmount Junior; K Young’s Pembridge Maestro; 3, Mystic Echo. open WH 1 & ch, W Bartlett & P Williams’ Amazing Grace; 2, M Dunne’s I A Dore; 3, Mrs & Mrs Waters’ Misty Prince. nov working cob 1, Greenhills Folly; 2, M Aikman’s Guinness; 3, G Brierley’s Barney Rubble IV. do open 1, Barney Rubble IV; 2, L Kidner’s Another Pippin; 3, S Mann’s Jack Benny. nov WHP 133cm 1 & res, Mrs R Christopherson’s Millcroft Pantomine Prince; 2, Mrs S Darby’s Llidiart Illusion; 3, M Glasgow’s Danger Mouse. do 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs P Tracey’s Kildare; 2, Mrs Sue Nicklin’s Glengoogle Boy; 3, J Hamer’s Fern. do 153cm 1, A Blythe’s Chesford Moonlight; 2, M Glasgow’s Henry’s Firefly; 3, Mrs J Clarke’s Lady Clover Royale. nov int WH 158cm 1, Mrs C De Freitas’ Pistols At Dawn; 2, Mrs L Bowld’s Cobweb II; 3, L J Robertson’s The Marsh Melody. open do 1, K Marks’ The Navigator II; 2, Cobweb II. Blue Chip (style & performance) 1, S Guilding’s Way Lyrical II; 2, M L Bryson’s Moorcliff Maestro; 3, F Poole’s Llanbrycle Teal. do M&M 1, S Holroyd’s Pendolffawr Thomas; 2, A Lafferty’s Roly Poly Ronan; 3, Just Stanley. M&M WHP 122cm 1, A Staniland’s Windleynay First Class. do 138cm 1, A Staniland’s Pasadena Sovereign; 2, A Bebbington’s Rushmoor Sunrise; 3, M R Best’s Sidney. do exc 138cm 1 & ch, A Dunn’s Tuscani Manifesto; 2 & res, Roly Poly Ronan; 3, Pendolffawr Thomas. coloured WH 1, N J Kinnerley’s Billy Bob Bob; 2, Wulfstan Stud’s Clonbannin Cross; 3, P Allan’s Kiowa.