Celebrating horses in art

  • A unique equine exhibition celebrating the Chinese Year of the Horse opens in London this week

    An exhibition of classical and modern works by artists most identified with the horse- from the Renaissance through to Delacroix, Degas and Marini – opens tomorrow (14 November) in London and runs until the end of year.

    It is being staged by Connaught Brown to celebrate the Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar.

    No animal has inspired Man’s creative instinct as much as the horse,” says Eve Cornwell at the gallery.

    The horse was a frequent subject of Chinese art in the second century BC, and featured in the repertoire of artists from the Tang dynasty (618 – 907 AD).

    In Chinese mythology it is a symbol for fertility and Freudian psychoanalysis identifies the animal as a symbol of masculine sexuality.

    In ancient China the gift of a picture of a horse expressed the hopesfor the social and economic wellbeing of its receiver.

    The exhibition, which includes a Tang horse, spans 100 years (1850-1950) of the horse in art. The exhibition, which features artists including Raoul Dufy, Edgar Degas and Louis Anquetin, is expected to attract the interest of both major collectors and the public.

    The gallery, in London’s Albemarle Street, is open 10am-6pm weekdays; 10-12.30pm Saturday.For more information contact Connaught Brown (tel: 020 7408 0362).

    Read more about the Chinese year of the horse:

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