Casting row over star of historic dog movie

  • The Skye Terrier Club is accusing a film company of casting the wrong breed of dog in the remake of the Disney classic Greyfriar’s Bobby

    Members of the Skye Terrier Club are accusing the company remaking Greyfriar’s Bobby of casting the wrong type of dog.

    A row has broken out over a new film which is about to start shooting in Edinburgh about one of the city’s most legendary characters, Greyfriar’s Bobby.

    It’s based on a story of a dog who was given the freedom of the city after reportedly staying by the grave of his master for 14 years in the mid-19th century.

    The film company has cast a West Highland terrier in the lead role, but members of the Skye Terrier Club insist Greyfriar’s Bobby was a Skye Terrier.

    Mike Taylor, secretary of the club, said: ” Greyfriar’s Bobby was definitely not a Westie – we believe he was a Skye Terrier.“One of the characteristicsof the Skye is its loyalty – it would have stayed with a master in that way. That’s not true of Westies.”

    The club believes the Skye Terrier was not cast in the part because of its long coat.

    “Skye Terriers can have a lot of hair over their faces and we understand the film company wants to show the dog’s eyes, ” said Mike.

    The film, a remake of a Walt Disney classic, is being made by a company calling itself Greyfriar’s Bobby Ltd.

    Producer, Christopher Figg, told Horse & Hound Online: “There is no conclusive proof that Greyfriar’s Bobby was a Skye Terrier. Other terriers that come from the Isle of Skye include the Westie and the Cairn.”

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