Career profile: Equestrian journalist

  • Expert advice from HORSE magazine on how to break into equestrian journalism

    Q: I’ll be graduating next year with a BA in English and would like a career in equine journalism. I have lots of experience with horses but no BHS training. What other requirements must I meet?

    Equestrian journalist Catherine Waterfall replies: There are many routes into this career. A degree in English and horsey experience is a great start. Try and find some work experience with an equestrian magazine. This will look good on your CV and it’s the best way to make contact with editors.

    Horse magazines are more likely to take you on if you’ve worked in the industry. Many equestrian journalists begin their careers on local newspapers. If you choose this route, you will have a good grounding in all aspects of journalism.

    As you’ll be a graduate when you arrive in the UK, you could do a post-graduate journalism course. Most courses take six months to a year. Aside from improving your writing and research skills, you’ll learn journalism law, shorthand and desktop publishing. Contact the National Union of Journalists for training advice,(tel: 020 7278 7916).

    Be determined and I am sure you’ll succeed, but don’t view journalism simply as a route into the equine industry. Most equestrian writers are journalists first and working for horse magazines is a bonus.

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