Cancer, Leo and Virgo

  • The year ahead

    CANCER (22 June – 23 July)

    Home-loving Cancerians treat their animals as though they are part of the family. They’re proud of their history and heritage and have deep respect for tradition. They tend to hoard their possessions and hate to lose touch with people or animals with which they have had a special bond. These sentimental and charitable individuals are suckers for a sob story and they often become embroiled in financially sticky situations to help out the less fortunate.

    2003 highlights

    Romance is connected with travel early in March. This is when single Cancerians may meet a soul-mate while travelling to an equestrian event. You’ll be made an offer you can’t refuse regarding ownership of a horse at the end of June. However, you are advised to check the smallprint – all may not be as it seems. The last week in September and the first half of October will be especially lively – you’ll be involved with projects at an organisational level as well as taking part as a competitor.

    LEO (24 July – 23 August)

    Proud, bossy Leos love to be at the centre of the actions. Not the most subtle of individuals, they make bold, sweeping gestures. “Big is best” is the Leo motto, and preferably in gold, too! Their taste may not berefined but their gestures are never mean. They lavish care and attention on all their friends, family and animals. Leo’s are no strangers to gambling and love the odd flutter at the races. These proud characters enjoy the spectacle of dressage and love the tradition of a hunt.

    2003 highlights

    The opportunity to learn from a professional or a leading rider will pop up at the end of February when you’ll pick up some useful advice. A spectacular display puts you in an ambitious mood in the first week in August when you’ll forge ahead with a grand project. You will meet a woman with dark hair at a charitable event over the Christmas holidays. Listen to her carefully – she might appear quite modest, but she has the power to do you a tremendous favour.

    VIRGO 24 August – 23 September)

    Critical but good-natured, Virgoans tend to worry unduly. These nervous types expend a lot of energy organising events for other people while forgetting to have fun themselves. Hard working individuals, the Virgoan character has real empathy for working animals and spends more money and time on the health and well-being of their beloved horses and dogs than on themselves.

    2003 highlights

    In February an old friend will put you in touch with a very useful contact, who will have good news concerning a financial transaction that has been taking months to get off the ground. Travel overseas beckons late in August when a leisurely trip abroad will lift your spirits. Your competitive spirit will be at a peak at this time and you’ll be keen to take part in fresh challenges.

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