70cm.— 1, Pioneers Gold (R O’Neil); 2 Volanti IV (H Bouma). 80cm.— 1, Silver Granite (A McDonald); 2, Balhahans Mr Fox (C Hollinsdale); 3, Game On II (G Goodfellow). 90cm.— 1, Gardens Royal (J Greig); 2, Could Be Lucky (L Campbell); 3, Silver Granite (A McDonald). 1m.— 1,Gardens Royal (J Greig); 2, The Terminator (J Greig); 3, Ashgrove Clover (K Perry). 1.10m.— 1, The Terminator (J Greig); 2, Ashgrove Clover (K Perry); 3, Tilona II (L Ross). KBIS British nov.— 1, Ucon (L Thompson); 2, Littlehill Jasper (G Burton); 3, Could Be Lucky (L Campbell). Equissage discovery.— 1, Conrad (J Buchan); 2, Could Be Lucky (L Campbell); 3, Ucon. 1.05m.— 1, Retinto Montenero (H Burton); 2, Talister Bay (K Thompson); 3, Keano (L Simpson). Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, Amberleigh Wakl (L Craigie); 2, Paris (F McDonald); 3, Pallmaski (S Coull). Horse & Hound Foxhunter / 1.20m.— 1, Mr Pink (F Good); 2, Paradise Found (L Barclay); 3, Utah Babe (H Ross). 1.25m.— 1, Twinkle Star (F McDonald); 2, Tinella (L Barclay); 3, Zelinki Gogo (M Maher).