team.— 1, South-West Stonehenge: Mr Mufti (O Thompson), Prince Parangia (A Armstrong), Waterloo Bese (E Littlewood), Maximillian Miss Wizz (F Parker); 2, North-West Salinero: Independent Missile (A Blount), Steadhill Renaissance (Z Myers), An Absolute Snip (W Blackshaw), Bryndefaid Angus (L Plant); 3, Central Green Team: Disco Diamond (S Rule), Tamino (L Passantino), Timon ll (H Leeson), Mystic Megan (N Farley). ind 1A.— 1, Disco Diamond (S Rule) 124.3; 2, Leo (B Horobin) 122.5; 3, Delugio (E Day) 121.2. ind 1B.— 1, Doctor Little (A Barton) 121.3; 2, Tremoreland 505 (S Parkes) 120.2; 3, Rebellski (J Gale) 118.8. ind 1C.— 1, Dublin (A Hellings) 125.7; 2, Dunn To A T (C Whitney) 124.4; 3, Manus Of The Mountain (A Strang-Steel) 124.3. ind 1F.— 1, Bryndefaid Angus (L Plant) 123.1; 2, Red Star Runner (H Mowat) 121.5; 3, Rowfantina Red Shoes (P Naylor) 119.6.