Bury and District Agricultural Society Show

  • BURY AND DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Burrs Country Park, Bury, Lancs 20 July

    Light horse section – Commanchee In Hand Coloured Over 4 Yrs 1, Daisy (D Foxcroft); 2, Lake View Rocky (C Edwards); 3, Indian King (S Haslam). Sterling Anglo & Part Bred In Hand 1, Kellys Blue by Two (B Craine); 2, Spotswood Jafica (K Raine); 3, Pharli (R Melling). Midas Hunter Pony In Hand 1, Autumn Rose (A Hulme); 2, Stoak Valver (A Chadwick). Cedarwood In Hand Comp Sport 1,2,3yrs 1, Stoak Valver (A Chadwick); 2, Pharli (R Melling). Cedarwood In Hand Comp Sport Over 4yrs Ex 148 1, Newshams Kilasheen (N Worsley). Fancy Dress 1, Dizzi (E Jane); 2, Josh (T Simons); 3, Murthwaite Elle (E Scott). Bsps Heritage M&M Open First Ridden 1, Mynach Matchmaker (A Gretsy); 2, Cevlon Silyn (T Brooks); 3, Penwisg Llewallen (M Davies). Microponies Confined M&M First Ridden 1, Penwisg Llewallen (M Davies); 2, Granby Sundowner (H Horsefall); 3, Briolen Toyboy (A Burnett). Bsps Heritage M&M Open Ridden Mixed Breeds 1, Vean Eclipse (H Horsefall); 2, Todenham Viola (S Aspinall); 3, Murrayton Elle (E Scott). Bsps Mixed Height Novice Shp 1, Bowland Porest Dandelion (P Hoyle); 2, Tamarind Fascination (L Dale); 3, Carnsdale Paddy McGuinty (L Crabtree). Bsps Mixed Height Open Shp 1, Bobby Sparrow (A Houghton); 2, Yeyland Othelow (C Dewhurst); 3, Marchbrook Autumn Sun (J Goodier). Ardenne Intermediate Show Hunter Type Champ 1, Fishermans Blues (R Holt); 2, Matisse (J Goodier); 3, Strinesdale Solitaire (C Goodwin). Bsps Leading Rein Show Pony 1, Tamarind Cady Fenella (R Morley); 2, Bureside Easter Fair (N Ashworth). Rosettes Direct First Ridden 1, Dancing Tiller Girl (A Martin). Bsps Mixed Height Novice Show Pony 1, Rosslayne Morning Star (S Aspinall); 2, Tamarind Fascination (L Dale); 3, Trellech Royal Jester (N Pallavus). Brineton Engineering Riden Show Pony Champ 1, Rosemore Royal Touch (P Hoyle); 2, Beckside Slipper Trooper (L Walsh); 3, Khana Brairwood (J Tann). The Local Rider 1, Rosemore Touch (P Hoyle); 2, Penwisg Llewallen (M Davies); 3, Brilyn Buccaneer (E Scott). The Lloyd Classic Intermediate Srt Champ 1, Strinesdale Solitaire (C Goodwin); 2, Shooting Star (R Walker); 3, Autumn Rose (A Hulme). Delanns Jeells Anglo & Part Bred Ridden Champ 1, Shadinsky (A Houghton); Tamarind Fascination (L Dale); 3, Spotswood Hafeica (K Raine). Commanchee Ridden Coloured Horse & Pony 1, Spotswood Jafeica (K Raine); 2, Lake View Rocky (C Edwards); 3, Indian King (S Haslam). Ceedarwood Ridden Comp Sport Horse 1, Sunny Cavalier (S Richards; 2, Newshams Kilgsheen (N Worsley); 3, The Shady Lasy (E Lynch). Ceedarwood Ridden Comp Sport Pony 1, Spotswood Jafeica (K Raine). Kempley Ridden Cob Champs 1, Sonny Jim (K Ainsworth); 2, Phoenix Park 2 (L Stutter). Hazelden Rosettes Riding Horse Champ 1, Fishermans Blues (R Holt); 2, Manhatten (G Heather); 3, Willamarra (L Donoghue). Whittakers Lord Open Hunter Champ 1, Dougall (K Phillipson); 2, Newshams Lilgsheen (C Worsley); 3, Carnsdale Paddy McKinty (C Helliwell). The Shearwater M&M Whp Ex 138cms 1, Kilcobben Hero (V Eggleston); 2, Watchover Cockershell Hero (L Craven). The Shearwater M&M Whp Not Ex 138cms 1, Homeshill Mallard (L Craven); 2, Brilyn Bucaneer (E Scott). Nw Supporters Confined Novice M&M Whp Champ 1, Watchover Cockershill Hero (L Craven); 2, Rosscon Allanadale (K Roday); 3, Moat Sapphire (K Miller). The Colne Whp Champ 1, Eastern Caliph (L Crabtree); 2, Hurstead Laburnum (T Livesey); 3, Total Eclipse (K Sharples). Bsps Open Intermediate Working Hunter 1, High Fidelity (K Phillipson); 2, Woodbrook Miss Brovansky (L Barton); 3, Total Eclipse (K Sharples). Caldecott Novice Working Hunter 1, Playboy Forever (K Talbot); 2, Dougall (K Phillipson); 3, Windwords Fizzward (C Ryan). Hazelden Working Hunter Of The Year 1, Dougall (K Phillipson); 2, Playboy Forever (K Talbot). Lead Rein Equitation 1, Burside Easter Fair (N Ashworth). Nursery Equitation 1, Trenchella Royal Jester (N Pallavus); 2, Dancing Tiller Girl (A Martin); 3, Rimington Fanfare (A Andrews). Junior Equitation 1, Sunny Cavalier (S Richards); 2, Flying Colours (K Andrews); 3, My Mate Marmite (M Holt). Bspa Best Colour And Markings In Hand 1, Daisy (D Foxcroft). Bspa Skewbald/Piebald In Hand 1, Daisy (D Foxcroft). Bspa Skewbald / Piebald Ridden Not Ex 153cm 1, Lake View Rocky (C Edwards). Bspa Skewbald / Piebald Ridden Ex 153 1, Honey Top (J Lever). Supreme Champion Rosemore Royal Touch (P Hoyle). Reserve Tamarinda Cady Fenella (I Morley).

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