BSPS Area 1B Spring showing results, 30 April, 2011

  • SP (Mrs J Griffin, Mrs L Cadman) LR.— 1 & ch, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Lowland Toy Soldier; 2, res, Mrs Simpson-Jones’ Conway Blue Moon; 3, Mrs Black’s Haighend Georgia. FR.— 1, Mrs Worthington-French’s Roselle Rebecca; 2, Mrs Hall’s Barkway Misty Morn; 3, Mrs Stuart’s Cherrytop Imperial Starlight. 128cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Gilliott’s Colbeach Salaman; 2, Mrs Parr’s Sandbank Early Bird; 3, Mrs Bankier’s Penny Royale Little Brown Sugar. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs White’s Moluccas Perfect Peppercorn; 2, Mrs Sharrock’s Chaseford Aspen; 3, Mrs Horsfall’s Ninfield Sable. 148cm.— 1, Mrs Edmondson’s Sycamore Candyman; 2, Mrs Tyldesley’s Hideaway Night Thyme; 3, Mrs Hunt’s Pickmere Lady Arwen. mixed height SP.— 1, Mrs Graham’s Holtess Paparazzi; 2, Mrs Burton’s Towan Mister Pickwick; 3, Mrs Angus’ Fofsway Concord. nov SP 128cm.— 1, Penny Royale Little Brown Sugar; 2, Mrs Ridgeway’s Nordy Skylark; 3, Mrs Pimbley’s Vectra Perdita. 138cm.— 1, Mrs Bankier’s Masterton Midsummer Rose. 148cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Rudd’s Colbeach Regal Model; 2, Mrs Smith’s Trellech Magic Dream; 3, Mrs Brayshaw’s Dancemaster. RIHS WHP (Mrs P Pattinson, Mrs S Thomas) NS.— 1 & mini ch, Mrs Bank’s Noble Superted; 2, Mrs Holder’s Rossdale Sandpiper; 3, Mrs Templeton’s Miss Attitude. 133cm.— 1, Mrs Tinson’s Aliludo; 2, Rossdale Sandpiper; 3, Mrs Horne’s Gryngalt Pageant. 143cm.— 1, Mrs Smith’s Todley Hall Noat; 2 & res, Mrs Wybergh’s Chandaem Pippaley; 3, Mrs Weir’s Ruby Slippers. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Miss McCullagh’s Balbeau Beach; 2, Mrs Mundell’s Pebbley Limited Edition; 3, Mrs Myerscough’s. int.— 1, Mrs Sloan’s Tinka’s Flash; 2, Mrs Richardson’s Lough Crew; 3, Mrs Weir’s Otto. mx WHP.— 1, Mr Snowie’s Noble Elton; 2, Mrs Buck’s Faskey Boy; 3, Mrs Green’s Now Or Never. nov WHP (Mrs K Smith, Mr G Dunkley) NS.— 1, Mrs Jones’ Cammac St George; 2, Mrs Smith’s Chester V; 3, Mrs Murtagh’s Gryngalt Panache. 133cm.— 1, Chester V; 2, Mrs Straker’s Millford Fran Kommander; 3, Mrs Conway’s Caebryn Fashion. 143cm.— 1 & res, M Rose-Boundy’s Duntarvie Cool Cat; 2, Mrs Prickett’s Dungarven; 3, Mrs Beebee’s Nantgaradig Tomahawk. 153cm.— 1, Mrs Butterworth’s The Wee Man; 2, Now Or Never; 3, Balbeau Beach. int.— 1 & ch, Mr Heginbotham’s Meynell Midnight View; 2, Mrs Knipe’s Pebbly Goodstuff; 3, Mrs Schofield’s Noble Starbarr. RIHS SHP (Mrs J Bushell, Mrs J Griffin) LR.— 1, Mrs Ward’s Charn Secret Legend; 2, Mrs Jobling-Purser’s Jonika Whistles The Wind; 3, Mrs Cooper’s Rohey Master Harry. 122cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Dennison’s Crystal Vision; 2, Mrs Gilliott’s Annandale Darcy; 3, Mrs Welford’s Littlebriars April Louise. 133cm.— 1, Mrs Bankier’s Hindleap Choirboy; 2, Mrs Hornes’ Parkhill Beckham; 3, Mrs Mear’s Becca Sovereign Fare. 143cm.— 1, Mrs Jackson’s Frithwell Champagne Charlie; 2, Miss Mackay’s Wycroft New Dimension; 3, Mrs Fitzgeralds’ Greylands Stardust. 153cm.— 1, ch & sup, Mrs McCluskey’s Burfordly Sea Lord; 2, Mrs Slights’ Seatshill Little Rogue; 3, Mrs Walker’s Fleetmoor Star Attraction. mx SHP.— 1, Frithwell Champagne Charlie; 2, Mrs Field’s Barrdene Mr Valentine; 3, Mrs Hodgson’s Talponcau Gold Print. mx nov SHP.— 1, Frithwell Champagne Charlie; 2, Mrs Mcbain’s Southhill Farm Toyboy; 3, Wycroft New Dimension. int (Mrs M Hamilton) SRT sml.— 1 & ch, Mrs Butterworth’s Fleetwater Xecutive; 2, Mrs Slight’s Poppyfields Pirouette; 3, Mrs Gray’s Levant Seraph. lge.— 1 & res, Rosette Direct’s Galliano; 2, Miss Hesketh’s Nutwood Trillium; 3, Miss Crabtree’s Miss Gregory. SHT.— 1, Miss Hesketh’s Archeval Boutique Amadeus; 2, Miss Jackson’s Little Diamond; 3, Mrs Fitzgerald’s Tarantino. RIHS Heritage (Mrs P Clifford, Ms Nimmo) LR.— 1 & ch, Mrs Caddick’s Hisley Carnival; 2, unlisted; 3, Mr Emmerson’s Tamevalley Black Jack. FR.— 1, Mr Starkie’s Rosmarche Holly Sprig; 2, Mr Wood’s Villa Venhay; 3, Hisley Carnival. sml.— 1 & res, Mrs Ellis’ Synod Montana; 2, Mrs Garratt’s Polaris Justin; 3, Rosmarche Holly Sprig. Welsh sec B/C.— 1, Mr Starkie’s Holyoake Enchantment; 2, Mrs Berry’s Pantanomlwg Film Star; 3, Mrs Valentine’s Anri Maria Liza. Connemara, New Forest.— 1 & ch, Mrs Cox’s Clogher Valley Gold; 2, Miss Willward’s Roz Avel Du Maucemble; 3, Miss Blake’s The Banjo. lge.— 1, Mrs Bowling’s Millie Rose Of Strathmore; 2, Mrs Stevens’ Penclose Maestro; 3, Mr Penneu’s Lowhouses Rebel. mx open.— 1, Mrs Gawith’s Tyreas Survivor; 2, Mrs Stones Stainbeck By Design; 3, Mr Mostein’s Classie Brown Ludo. Heritage WHP 122cm.— 1, Mrs de Wesselow’s Blisland Masterpiece; 2, Mrs Layfield’s Airyhope Gunner; 3, Cammac St George. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Anderson’s Tallyn Cayo, 2, Mrs Stones’ Paddock Navaho; 3, Mrs Hodgson’s Croniarth Cover Girl. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Mrs Heelis’ Foxglen Domino; 2, Miss Barton’s Gortocleva Johnny; 3, Mrs Wybergh’s Newton Waller. Pretty Polly (Mrs M Hamilton) LR.— 1, Mrs Walby’s Rosmarche Heather; 2, Mrs Molly’s Carristine Tinkerbelle; 3, Conway Blue Moon. FR.— 1, Mrs Mc Dowall’s Woodview Fantasia; 2, Cherrytop Imperial Starlight; 3, Barkway Misty Morn. SP.— 1, Mrs Hume’s Moorhall Classical; 2, Miss Mackay’s Megland Startime; 3, Mrs Pye’s Stanley Grange Illusive. SHP 133cm.— 1, Mrs Connor’s Lyndene Royal Affair; 2, Mrs Rathmell’s Redford Bizzy Bee; 3, Mrs Gosmore’s Caebryn Fran. exc 133cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs Allen’s Millpond Luck So Cheeky; 2, Mr Brewster’s Diptford Sea Eagle; 3, Wycroft New Dimension. Anglo/part-bred Arab (Miss L Cadman, Miss H Greenhalgh) 148cm.— 1, Sycamore Candyman; 2, Mrs Baybutt’s Litton Enterprise; 3, Pickmere Lady Arwen. exc 148cm.— 1 & res, R M Turner’s Jimmy Chu; 2, Miss Cross’s Shavais Taurean Spirit; 3, Mr Hunton’s La Folette.

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