BSPA World Championships of Colour showing results, 29-30 August

  • In-hand coloured mares & foals.— 1, V Leggett’s Tryptych Prism; 2, L Robins’s Widlake Savanah’s Magic; 3, C Hempston’s The Eccles Secret. best-trained.— 1, T Kelly’s He’s The One; 2, J Prentice’s Tinker Tim; 3, K Faith’s Manny. open plaited ponies.— 1, R Edwards’ Shakira 38; 2, T Kelly’s Riverford Love Song. hack/riding horse.— 1, J Newbery’s Bedazzled. hunters. — 1, P Rabin’s Kalini; 2, P Roome’s Harlequin Jest. cobs.—1, D Collison’s Carbon Copy; 2, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow; 3, G Sinclair’s Cailin Gorm. sml native.— 1, R Steward’s Windwillow Mischief; 2, J Evans’ Blenheim Hopscotch; 3, R Steward’s Windwillow Zebedee. lge native.— 1, R Milner’s The Lion King; 2, Broken Arrow; 3, S Fews’ Rolapatch On Me. lge hwt draught.— 1, C Luscombe’s Pye In The Skye; 2, E Leary’s Maybe Maisy. coldblood & pb horse.— 1, R Johnson’s Blondie Blue Noble. do pony.— 1, V Sheehan’s Buckaroo; 2, Broken Arrow; 3, J Barnes’ Tickety Boo II. driving type.— 1, P Gale’s Mr B; 2, S Green’s The Dancing Queen. Colne amateur home produced pony.— 1, D Cruickshank’s Gafros Sergeant Pepper; 2, Shakira 38; 3, L Bunker-Nixon & G Butcher-Hill’s Save It For A Rayne Day. do horse.— 1, J Cameron’s Pablo Princess; 2, M Hinks-Brown’s Tidkin Tepe; 3,S Bennington’s Paloma Picasso. graded broodmare.— 1, Tickety Boo II; 2, V Leggett’s Lloyds Gertrude; 3, Blenheim Hopscotch. do. stallion.— 1, R Francis’s Sam Miguel; 2, A Pearman’s Drumhowan Cavalier; 3, J Brady’s Pretty Boy Floyd. foal of the year.— 1, Widlake’s Savannah’s Magic; 2, The Eccles Secret; 3, P Richmond’s Hurt Hill High Jinks. native 148cm.— 1, J Thompson’s Cerrighedd Elizabeth Swann; 2, A Shaw’s Sherlocks Star Dreamer; 3, R Lock’s Sherlock’s Seren Dreamer. do plaited.— 1, B Walter’s Firle Golden Eagle; 2, J Lipsombe’s Shybont Mighty Quin; 3, J Saunders’ Parkdene Music Man. warmbloods.— 1, R Skelton’s Solaris Dwenqua; 2, W Cox’s Sir Donnerboy; 3, G Warren’s Roquefort Ruby Tuesday. TB & 1st cross.— 1, T Veale’s Fivale Fine n Fancy; 2, J Jones’ Lady Harlequin; 3, L Robins’ Widlake Ruby Ice. coldblood & first cross.— 1, Mr B; 2, H Linfield’s Cadlan Valley Moonbeam. pony 1,2,3-y-0. — 1 & res sup, Firle Golden Eagle; 2, L Towler’s Black Mountain Cheyenne; 3, D Harrison’s EZPZ Ezulwini. do coldblood.— 1, Buckaroo; 2, Widlake Spiritual Melody; 3, Cerrighedd Elizabeth Swann. do horse. — 1, Solaris Dwenqua; 2, Roquefort Ruby Tuesday; 3, Lady Harlequin. trad pony.— 1, Pretty Boy Floyd; 2, R Lock’s Shantaine An Sparticus; 3, Broken Arrow. do. horse.— 1, T Fryer’s What A Chance. trad y’stk.— 1, Mr B; 2, Park Daisey May; 3, EZPZ Ezulwini. gelding 4yrs & over.— 1, Gafros Sergeant Pepper; 2, Windwillow Mischief; 3, S Brownstone’s Zeigfield. do filly/mare.— 1, Bedazzled II; 2, Tickety Boo II; 3, Blondie Blue Noble. lwt plaited horse exc 153cm.— 1, Tidkin Tepe; 2, Paloma Picasso; 3, Zeigfeld. do mwt/hwt.— 1, E Hughes’ Haxey Peridot; 2, P Roome’s Harlequin Jest. hwt cobs trad not exc 153cm.— 1, Pye In The Skye; 2,What A Chance; 3, Carbon Copy II. plaited ponies 153cm.— 1, Riverford Love Song; 2, Shakira 38; 3, R Francis’ Little Miss Kate. native trad cob ponies.— 1, Tickety Boo II; 2, Browken Arrow; 3, Windwillow Mischief. miniatures.— 1, Windwillow Mischief; 2, Blenheim Hopscotch; 3, Windwillow Zebedee. Brightwells Sport Horse and Pony y’stock.— 1, Solaris Dwenqua; 2, S Hutchinson’s Pferde Stud Michelangelo; 3, P Rabin’s Vale Royal Lady Penelope. do. 4-8-y-o.— 1, Kalini. do. pony y’stk.— 1, V Redbart’s Red Domino; 2, Parkdene Music Man. open dressage intro A.— 1, C Gillett’s Bolgoed Showman’s Hilight. prelim 10.— 1, Rolapatch on Me; 2, L Leeman’s Kelly’s Dream; 3, Kalini. novice 21.— 1, Paloma Picasso; 2, Maybe Maisie. Lola family horse & pony.— 1, What A Chance; 2, T Nicholls’ Irish Pogo’s Choice. Noddy Penny lead rein.— 1, S Parkhouse’s Clivocast Nemo; 2, A Stephens’ Collytown Autumn. do.fr.— 1, S Hodges’ Kane. do. children’s ridden.— 1, V Windsor-Phillips’ Millpond Look At Me; 2, R Leheup’s Lyric II; 3, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan Angelica. side-saddle.— 1, J Thompson’s Ralphie; 2, A McWilliam’s The Dancing Queen; 3, Maybe Maisie. concours d’elegance.— 1, T Cowley’s Strike It Lucky; 2,Tinker Tim; 3, The Dancing Queen. freestyle pairs.— 1, L Portnall’s Woodend Pride & R Milner’s The Lion King; 2, A Huxtable’s Watersgay Lady In Red & C Weeks’ Harlequin Kerryor; 3, S Barrett’s Two Tone Tommy & Jprentice’s Tinker Tim. Colne amateur owner ridden horse plaited exc 153cm. — 1, Paloma Picasso; 2, D Brunt’s Skunkweed Samson; 3, L & P Towler’s Cinntaro. do. cob hwt trad.— 1, Carbon Copy; 2, C Joyce’s Easy Oasy; 3, J Jones’ Mix & Match equitation ch.— 1, V Impey’s Norfolk Hippy; 2, R Lock’s Shantaine An Sparticus; 3, J Prentice’s Tinker Tim. 4/5-y-o.— 1, Kalini; 2, M Grace’s Mullentine Spotlight. British coldblood hwt draught.— 1, Pye In The Sky; 2, Norfolk Hippy. coldblood/pd horses.— 1, K Szostak’s Partial Eclipse II; 2, He’s The One; 3, Broken Arrow. do ponies.— 1 & res sup ch, T Veale’s Pussy Galore; 2, Harlequin Kerryor; 3, C Luscombe’s Satellit. mare of the year.— 1, Pussy Galore; 2, Bedazzled II; 3, K Neal’s Carrgate Swanechke. do gelding.— 1, Millpond Look At Me; 2, Woodend Pride; 3, He’s The One. utility horse/pony.— 1, Rolatpatch On Me; 2, V Thirlwell’s Janill Prunella; 3, Irish Pogo’s Choice. nov pony.— 1, Bolgoed Showmans Highlight; 2, Wulfstan Angelica; 3, J Attfield’s Madeline. do horse.— 1, Bedazzled II; 2, R Hall’s George’s Boy; 3, Norfolk Hippy. lwt plaited exc 153cm.— 1, S Wheeler’s Energy; 2, Skunkweed Samson; 3, K Wilson’s Heiland Burberry Check. do. hwt.— 1, L Ibbotson’s Heathersedge Eurovision; 2, George’s Boy; 3, L Rowland’s Count Valentino. hwt cobs trad.— 1, Pussy Galore; 2, Pye In The Skye; 3, S Moss’ Molly Moss. native.— 1, Harlequin Kerryor; 2, Tickety Boo II; 3, Partial Eclipse II. SHP/WHP.— 1, D Penfold’s Wisombe Fern; 2, Ralphie; 3, J Smithers’ Maisie Blue. RP/SP. — 1, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 2, D Griffith’s Spirit Of Idaho. RH.— 1, Cinntaro; 2, Energy; 3, D Whittard’s Commanche Deuce. hunters.— 1, Heathersedge Eurovision; 2, Count Valentino; 3, Harlequin Jest. show cob 153cm.— 1, L Leeman’s Janus; 2, S Brown’s Totamacoram; 3, M Lawless’ Munnings. do not exc 155cm.— 1, Pussy Galore; 2, Carbon Copy; 3, S Clarke’s Trilby II. maxi cob. — 1, Satellite; 2, Norfolk Hippy; 3, Mix & Match. Brightwells ridden horse.— 1, Paloma Picasso. do. pony.— 1, L Leeman’s Kelly’s Dream; 2, Riverford Love Song. WH.— 1 & sup ch, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan King of the Mountain. working cob/trad.— 1, Trilby II; 2, Mix & Match. nov WHP.— 1, Lyric II; 2, Woodend Pride; 3, Rolapatch On Me. nov WH.— 1, Tidkin Tepe; 2, P Gibson’s Barthez. RIHS 143cm any type.— 1, Carrgate Swanechke; 2,Wulfstan Angelica; 3, Little Miss Kate. trad native cob pony.— 1, Partial Eclipse II; 2, Gafros Sergeant Pepper; 3, Janus. plaited ponies 153cm.— 1, Winchester D; 2, Maisie Blu; 3, Kelly’s Dream. lwt horse exc 153cm.— 1, Bedazzled II; 2, Heiland Burberry Check; 3, Skunkweed Samson. mwt/hwt exc 153cm.— 1, Wulfstan King of the Mountain; 2, L Flatman’s Nibley Apache; 3, George’s Boy. hwt/trad/vanner/cob exc 153cm.— 1, Harlequin Kerryor; 2, J Donald’s Bowater; 3, What A Chance. United Saddlebred Association in-hand y’stk.— 1, L Jarvis’ Kumala Champagne. pb.— 1, G Hannah’s Shybont Golden Factor; 2, D Hasty’s Meridian A Touch Of Genius; 3, K Bonny’s Appledore Farclingo. purebreds.— 1, Kumala Champagne; 2, F Perry & R Jinks’ Sandra Ele. ridden purebred.— 1 & res, CH Cletic Champagne. hunter pleasure.— D Hasty’s Meridian X-tra Pizzazz; 2, Appledore Farclingo. amateur rider pleasure.— 1, L Herd’s Even Worse; 2, L Herd’s Fame’s Encore. road hack.— 1, Appledore Farclingo. 3-gaited pleasure.— 1, CH Celtic Champagne. national show horse.— 1, Comanche Deuce. 3-gaited country pleasure.— 1, Meridian Xtra Pizzazz.

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