BSPA World Championships of Colour showing results, 18-19 August 2012

  • Ridden: cob lwt/hwt.
    – 1, A Robinson’s Costello; 2, S Donald’s Broadband; 3, K Chapman’s Horatio Nelson. maxi.– 1 & ch, Lady C Tyrell’s Ballustree Quality Street; 2 & res, A Bartolomy’s Benetton II; 3, N Reeder’s Cobson’s Choice. not exc 153cm.– 1, J Welham’s Jays Remembrance. riding horse type.– 1, J Munro’s So Pretty; 2, K Fearn’s Perfectly Puzzled; 3, J Zampi’s Nemesis. hunter.– 1, T Oliver’s Don Diablo; 2, P Cook’s Crosby. lwt plaited exc 153cm.– 1, So Pretty; 2, V Stanton’s Hyde House Merryman; 3, G Hannam’s Shybont Golden Factor. mwt.– 1, Don Diablo; 2, C Hanson’s Northern Ambition; 3, P Roome’s Harlequin Jest. hwt/cob/trad exc 153cm.– 1, J Munro’s Dene Holly; 2, Broadband; 3, Benetton II. trad 143cm.– 1 & overall ridden sup, L Wright’s Moortown Frilly; 2, L Stockley’s No More Mr Nice Guy; 3, K Hannam’s Lionheart Xanthus of Phthia. exc 153cm.– 1, E Green’s Apollo II; 2, H Townsend-Ward’s Mr Nigel; 3, K Faith’s Manny. concours d’elegance.– 1, K Colosso’s Kneem Mirror Image; 2, C R Reardon’s Ocknell Mystery; 3, C Richardson’s Marsh Warrior. British coldblood 153cm.– 1, J Bland’s Cassius; 2, E Keeble’s Fumanchu. cob type 160cm.– 1, S Hollinshead’s Colour Coded. BSPA children’s pony of the year.– Kneem Mirror Image. plaited pony 153cm.– 1 & overall res sup, A Harrison’s The Panda; 2, J Harrison’s Millpond Make Me Chuckle; 3, A Cook’s Caris Lhee Showdown. int SRT.– 1, C Gillett’s Wulfstan Tiger Feet. veteran.– 1, S Brownstone’s Zeigfeld; 2, Harlequin Jest. native 153cm.– 1, R Hamilton’s Nantilesg Elwyn; 2, Cassius; 3, S Barltrop’s Zapper. RIHS 153cm nat/cob/trad.– 1, M Pickford Martin’s Stardust II; 2, L Goudy’s Derigaron Murphy; 3, Mr Nigel. 143cm.– 1, T Foulger’s Watercolour King; 2, Millpond Make Me Chuckle; 3, No More Mr Nice Guy. 153cm plaited.– 1, C Cutmore’s Fanville David; 2, E Pettingell’s Croftys Enigma; 3, Caris Lhee Showdown. lwt horse.– 1, So Pretty; 2, Hydehouse Merryman; 3, E Randle’s Absolutely Fabulous. hwt/vanner/trad/cob exc 153cm.– 1, R Avery’s Cheap As Chips; 2, Cobson’s Choice. mwt/hwt plaited exc 153cm.– 1, Crosby; 2, Fanville David. equitation final.– 1, Croftys Enigma; 2, Fanville David; 3, K Faith’s Manny. 4/5yo.– 1, Millpond Make Me Chuckle; 2, L Waite’s Doylan Yves St Laurent; 3, L Cook’s Baliter Query. nov horse.– 1, Colour Coded; 2, M Cooper’s Centaurus; 3, Northern Ambition. pony.– 1, A Gresty’s Doylan Ricardis Gift; 2, L Goudy’s Derigaron Murphy; 3, Doylan Yves St Laurent. 1st season horse/pony.– 1, Doylan Ricardis Gift; 2, Millpond Make Me Chuckle; 3, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan Bubblicious. mature rider.– 1, J Alsop’s Chorleys Lord George. amateur ridden plaited horse.– 1, Perfectly Puzzled; 2, Crosby; 3, P Roome’s Allbunny. cob/vanner/trad, hwt.– 1, Broadband; 2, Ocknell Mystery; 3, P Towle’s Wulfstan Silver Clover. pony.– 1, Fanville David; 2, Caris Lhee Showdown; 3, A Neal’s Sharpei. cob/trad/hwt not exc 153cm.– 1, Nnantilesg Elwyn; 2, E Keeble’s Fumanchu; 3, C Szostak’s Little Big Man IV. mare of the year.– 1, Moortown Frilly; 2, Croftys Enigma. gelding of the year.– 1, Centaurus; 2, Caris Lhee Showdown; 3, Z Day’s Jimmy 2 Shoes. nov WHP 153cm.– 1, S Ratclife’s Fabio; 2, T Foulger’s Watercolour King; 3, G Hannam’s Lionheart Xanthus Of Phthia. exc 153cm.– 1, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry. open WH 153cm.– 1, Lucky IV; 2, Paddy XI. exc 153cm.– 1, Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, Absolutely Fabulous. Brightwells sport horse/pony.– 1, E Holland’s Lucky IV; 2, Absoutely Fabulous; 3, Sharpei. in-hand day: open qual.– 1, T Billingsley’s Victors Hugo; 2, C Richardson’s A Little Distraction; 3, K Hill’s Aprilia RSV. Shetland/sml native.– 1, Sherlock Stud’s Seren Dreamer; 2, M Pickford’s Delfyn; 3, S Proudfoot’s Brambleside Florence. lge native.– 1, P Hart’s Degla John Boy; 2, Cassius; 3, Nnantilesg Elwyn. native y’stk.– 1, H Smith’s Sherlocks Son Of Seren; 2, Penrock Puzzle Power; 3, H Faulkner’s Seasider Wor Jack. Brightwells sport horse y’stk final.– 1 & overall sup, J Hooks’ Papaver Dior; 2, Astonend Loco Lady; 3, Teen Spirit. Brightwells sport pony y’stk final.– 1, C Holmes’ Crafton Mary Queen Of Scots; 2, M Young’s Haylands Montana. Brightwells sport horse final 4-8yo.– 1, Victors Hugo; 2, R Hanna-Mear’s John O’Rose. graded mare.– 1, L Townsend’s Viva La Diva; 2, S Lowe’s Rhapsody In Blue; 3, S Lyndsell’s Hopgarden Lilibet. foal.– 1, L Townsend’s Viva La Vita. graded stallion.– 1, Cassius; 2, T Cowley’s The Arctic Warrior; 3, Sherlocks Seren Dreamer. pony y’stk.– 1, Crafton Mary Queen Of Scots; 2, Astonend Loco Lady; 3, C Gillett’s Heronslaw Painted Lady. British coldblood/part-bred y’stk.– 1, Domino Bad Boy; 2, J Saunders’ Mini McCoy; 3, Sherlocks Stud’s Brickell Mr Pickwick. trad 143cm.– 1, Domino Bad Boy; 2, B Surman’s Shantaine Humbug; 3, Mini McCoy. exc 153cm.– 1, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow; 2, A Smith’s Holders Henley Girl; 3, A Little Distraction. native y’stk verified breeding 143cm.– 1, Sherlocks Son Of Seren; 2, Penrock Puzzle Power. pony y’stk 153cm.– 1, S Hale’s Shybont Desirae In Mind; 2, M Young’s Haylands Montana Maria; 3, Astonend Loco Lady. warmblood y’stk.– 1, Viva La Vita. TB/1st cross.– 1, D Glennon’s Volatis Parthian; 2, A Finney’s Lathkill Showman; 3, Penrock Puzzled Poser. British coldblood/1st cross.– 1, Brickell Mr Pickwick. world breeds/1st cross.– 1, D Hasty’s Supercharged. amateur plaited horse.– 1, Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, Victors Hugo; 3, John O’Rose. 153cm.– 1 & Colne amat pony ch, Nnantilesg Elwyn; 2 & Colne amat pony res, Aprilia RSV; 3, Jays Remembrance. BSPA driving type.– 1, H Butcher’s Save It For A Rayne Day; 2, H Faulkner’s Maddie. lwt plaited horse exc 153cm.– 1, Shybont Golden Factor; 2, L Godfrey’s Kavanaghs Miss America; 3, B Brookes’ Kita. mwt/hwt exc 153cm.– 1, Don Diablo; 2, N Clifford’s Jumping Jack Flash; 3, John O’Rose. plaited pony 153cm.– 1, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 2, Hopgarden Lilibet; 3, Aprilia RSV. nat/cob/trad 153cm.– 1, Degla John Boy; 2, Broken Arrow II; 3, The Arctic Warrior. nov pony.– 1, Nnantilesg Elwyn; 2, Penrock Puzzled Poser; 3, C Szostak’s Gwyddelfyndd Elvis. nov horse.– 1, Victors Hugo; 2, Kita; 3, N Clifford’s Jumping Jack Flash. vet.– 1, Zeigfeld; 2, Marsh Warrior; 3, Harlequin Jest.

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