BSJA results 3 – 9 May ’04

  • AREA 43A Little Kennerley Farm, Godshill 3 May

    Open 0.85m 1, Mirvana Bay (J Vaughan); 2, Buttercup (E Booth); 3, Liberty Bo (L Jurd). British Novice Championship – 1st Round 1, Sparkling Princess (B Cook); 2, Text Message (A Blanche); 3, Dubai Star (S Begley). Equissage Discovery Championship – 1st Round 1, Broadstone Leona (L Vale); 2, Private Lady (S Green); 3, Aiden (T Hughes). 1.0m Open 1, Galloway Bay (K Begley). 1.05m Open 1, Four Seasons II (K Begley); 2, Tyas Little Star (L Vale); 3, Private Lady (S Green). Senior Newcomers 1st Round 1, Master Nadel (N Price). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Manhattan (S Begley); 2, Lucky Girl II (S Begley); 3, Four Seasons II (K Begley). National 1.25m Open 1, Riverwood (R Booth); 2, Lucky Girl II (S Begley). BEIB Junior British Novice 1, Oakdene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham); 2, Salty’s Top Cat (M Green); 3, Horsted Chocolate Button (K Read). Junior Progress Stakes 1, Boradway Baby (R Vaughan); 2, Total Synergie (H Whiller); 3, Oakdene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers 1st Round/1m Open 1, Havenstreet Sweet Sensation (H Webster); 2, Salty’s Top Cat (M Green); 3, Irish Rose (P Green). Squibb & Davies National Junior Foxhunter 1st Round/1.10m Opem 1, Havenstreet Sweet Sensation (H Webster); 2, Salty’s Top Cat (M Green); 3, Irish Rose (P Green).

    HALL PLACE EQUESTRIAN CENTRE Little Heath Rd, Reading, Berks 3 May

    Novice Rider 2’0 1, Tosca (B Tinson); 2, Toby (D Bourne); 3, Tarot (H O’toole). Section A Novice 2’3 1, Boysie (A Wicks); 2, Sweeter than Candy (J Simms); 3, Abu (O Palmer). Section B Novice 2’3 1, Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 2, Flight of Fancy (L Johnson); 3, Jumping Jack Flash (N Barnhill). Intermediate 2’6 1, Lucca (J Brazier); 2, Last Chance (S Cook); 3, Boysie (A Wicks). Pairs Relay 2’6 1, Dylan (S Smith) & Bobby (H Turnbull); 2, Lucca (J Brazier) & Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 3, Mercedes Ben (S Johnson) & Murphy (C Sullivan). Chiltern & Thames River Novice Team Challenge 1, Roseden Braveheart (M Altmann), Wayward Wizard (S Bailey), Farhaans Indian Summer (E Taylor), Domino (S Harter); 2, Mercedes Ben (S Johnson), Benson (H McDonnell), Fleet Street (S Thorne), Murphy (C Sullivan); 3, Strong Brew (R Steljes), Chequers (C Braby), foxy (C Shepheard), Red Pepper (S Fois). Open Intermediate 2’9 1, Bobby ( H Turnbull); 2, Chequers (C Braby); 3, Dylan (S Smith). Section A & B Chiltern & Thames River Senior Style & Performance 1, Cruella (S Pearce); 2, Okapi De Lauzelle (G Wilson); 3, Mr Attitude (S Burns). Section A Chiltern & Thames River Junior Style & Performance, rider 13-17 yrs 1, The Dancing Queen (C Sullivan); 2, Puzzles Lucky Charm (C Chance); 3, Jelly Bean (M Graves). Section B Chiltern & Thames Rider Style & Performance, rider 12 yrs and under 1, Chip (S Thurman-Baker); 2, Razmatazz (L Fois); 3, Top Notch Toby (M Knibbs).

    SOUTH YORKSHIRE CHARITY SHOW Carlton in Lindrick, Notts, 3 May

    Fibresand 1.10m 1 & 3, Parcival Van Het Meer & Darius D (M Stubbs); 2, Our Al (R Bennion). Wilkinson Newcomers 1, Nabriska (T McDonald); 2, Baileys Palouska (J Reed-Stephenson); 3, Cavello Z (A Bedford). Massarella Catering 1.20m 1, Marianne (R Whitaker), 2; Darius D; 3, Man of Means (D Clarkson). Davenport Horseboxes Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1 & 3, Panacee & Romein V (C Curtis); 2, Aughton Kerrygold (C Vaughan). Bagz-Meadowhall/Mr & Mrs W Stubbs 1.30m 1, Osini Hunne (R Whitaker); 2,Randi’s Gold (C Curtis); 3, Alcina (A Bedford). Hall Court Veterinary Group British Novice 1 & 2, Mossbrook Arran & Mossbrook Sid (T Smith); 3, Double Zigzag (B Pass). Arenas & Gallops 1m 1, Finbarr II (J Hughes); 2, Bulgarian Man (C Busfield); 3, Uxia va de Kerkakers (K Fox). Hall Court Veterinary Group Discovery 1, Double Zigzag; 2, Regina II (S Cawkwell); 3, Diamond Sun (H Procter).


    JB Arenas 1m Open 1, Kate’s Chancer (D Roud); 2, Irish Town Party (R Pearson); 3rd Alywin (R Pearson) 1.10m Open 1, Walton Bombardier (L Long); 2, Jalisco (G Williams); 3, Orissa (G Williams) European Site Services Newcomers 1, Sebastian (S Franks); 2, Anderida Cosmo (R Keevil); 3, Shimmer E (S Franks) 1.20m Open 1, Domini II (G Williams); 2, Otto (G Williams); 3, Non Stop Royale (S Franks) 1.30m Open 1, Nederland (S Brash); 2, Hugo Du Heup (D Charles); 3, Nabab Forever (C Ellis) Future Windows British Novice 1, Parkers Lady (D Gill); 2, Supaman II (L Thirlwell); 3, Brechfa Gerient (S Parkes) Discovery 1, Artino II (S Brash); 2, Coco Carrera (K Haynes); 3, Wychman (D Gandolfi) 1m Open 1, No Fear (C Gibbs); 2, Irish Town Party (R Pearson); 3, Mayfield Madness (M Gibbs) Riff Raff 1.05m Open 1, Irish Town Party; 2, Alywin; 3rd Okehurst Deel Lady (G Talbot) Intershipping Ltd 1m Derby 1, Alywin; 2, Walton Bombardier; 3, Flash Brigade (G Elson) Hitherfield Liveries Newcomers 1, Lura G (P Toscano); 2, Rocky S (G Elson); 3, Romeo B (J Popely) Royston 1.15m Open 1, Lady Tropics (L Thirlwell); 2, Primadonna (S Gardener); 3, Mr. Porky (G Elson) Streeters Foxhunter 1, Jouvencelle De Thursin (J Popely); 2, Sebastian III; 3, Ugano D’Or (J Popley) Hickstead Horse Feeds 1.25m Open 1, Hickstead Horse Feeds Skip Two Ramiro (S Franks); 2, Quel Monsieur (H Turrell); 3, Non Stop Royale O.09m Open 1, Mayfield Madness; 2, Salutaire (T Barker); 3, Querida De La Couer (B Al-Omran) British Novice 1, Special Too Me (S Brash); 2, Taylor Maid X (B Penny); 3, Wait ‘N’ See (C Gibbs) 1m Open 1, Limes Play It Again (H Broad); 2, Mayfield Madness; 3, Beechfield Triton (D McGlynn) Top Spec Discovery 1, Supaman II; 2, Maximus II (M Tomlinson); 3, Guildhall II (J Riley) NAF 1.10m Open 1, Tender Moments (T Pearson); 2, Favourite (G Talbot); 3, Jetaway (C Lewis) Stroods Livieries 1.05m Open 1, Baywood Black Magic (V Forward); 2, Tender Moments; 3, Wild Buck (L Long) Stumblewood 1.15m Open 1, Downtown Jazz (S Franks); 2, Baywood Black Magic; 3, Yours Forevermore (B Dunning) Prestige 1.30m Open 1, Unbelievable Darco (S Brash); 2, Sunkist (D Inglis); 3, Next Jet (J Neal) Harris & Bailey South of England Young Riders 1, Moniq (S Gardner); 2, Favourite; 3, Picabello II (G Strutton) Net-tex British Novice 1, Marksman II (D Keegan); 2, Parkers Lady; 3, Rabotaz B Z (S Franks) Easibed 1m Open 1, Mayfield Madness; 2, Limes Play It Again; 3, Top Rein (L Ashley) Stoners Jewellers Under 18’s/Veterans Tarrantella (S Davidson); 2, Okehurst Deel Lady; 3, Tangled Up In Blue (S Ruff) Select Hospital Services 1m Grand Prix 1, Tender Moments; 2, Blazing Comet (J Hicks); 3, Zorro’s Advocate (F Pierce) Stevenson Jewellers Grade C 1, Paola (H Turrell); 2, Irish Darco (S Brash); 3, Pegasus Maximus (Jo Pay) Dodson & Horrell 1.30m Open 1, Non Stop Royale; 2, Sunkist; 3, Kelly De La Roche (J Whibley) National 1.25m Open 1, Obleem (B Penny); 2, Olivia Valere (M Campbell); 3, Southern Maestro (N Miller). British Novice 1, All Mine (A Porter); 2, Sicilana (S Davidson); 3, Fredrico (T Barker) Stevenson Eventers Challenge 1, Black Number (L Long); 2, Colour of Magic (A Rogers); 3, Peanutella (L Long) J.A.C. Precision Grinding 1.05m Open 1, Lilac’s Classic (A Stevenson); 2, Omiro (S Davidson); 3, Ricard (B Lear) Newcomers 1, Dawn Chorus (B Lear); 2, Nathalie II (B Dalton) Stoners Jewellers Under 18’s/Veterans 1, Sadie Sparkes (F Patty); 2, Oakhurst Deel Lady; 3, Lilac’s Classic.

    ROWALLAN ACTIVITY CENTRE Fenwick, Ayrshire, 6-7 May

    newcomers 1, FS Supreme (L Creighton); 2, Clyde Coaster (R Chassels); 3, Burn Elite (N Warwick). 1.20m 1, Caspian (N Warwick); 2, Oka G (N Springer); 3, Opaal (H McGowan). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, FS Supreme (L Creighton); 2, Nistria (L Babes); 3, Ramzes II (H McGowan). B&C 1, Promise (H McGowan); 2, Caspian; 3, Diamond Deal (D Wicks). 7 May: newcomers 1, FS Supreme; 2, Grand King (A Craig); 3, Stainsby Variant (J Tanfield). 1.10m 1, Dolphaz Ruby (K Bowman); 2, Gavinson (L Power); 3, No Telling (F Burgoyne). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Little Miss Bridget (A Craig); 2, Royal (N Springer); 3, Nikita (R McCrae). 1.25m Open 1, Oldlands Calypso (L Creighton); 2, Burn Flight (N Warwick); 3, Poll Pinger (M Doyle). 1.40m 1, Ludwig H (A Hamilton); 2, Oldlands Claypso; 3, Stainsby Sponek (J Tanfield).

    DORSET SHOWGROUND Church Farm, West Stour 7-9 May

    British Novice 1, Mountain Praise (H Garnish); 2, The Squire (J Gregory); 3, Auburn Delight (C Fox). Scope 1m 1, Auburn Delight; 2, Reason (B Bick); 3, Rock Bunny (J Spiller). Equissage Discovery 1, Libreta (M Orzazewska); 2, Power Day (B Verning); 3, Miss Congeniality II (T Guppy). 1.05 Scope Qualifier 1, Miss Congeniality; 2, Connie II (A James); 3, Flying Fireball (L Langlands). Newcomers 1, Influential (K Spiller); 2, Lingot De L’eugrenne (J Francis); 3, Column Oclin (R Fernhough). 1.10m 1, Croft Lobelia (M Orzazewska); 2, Kilarney Loch (A Brake); 3, Un Diamant (A James). Scope Blue Riband/Open 1, Jupilot (S Arkle); 2, Presco S (A James); 3, Who’s Dilemma (J Wembridge). High Offley Stud Scope 1.25m 1, Gianni (K Spiller); 2&3, One Way & Paldato (J Loffet). British Novice 1, Prince E Boy (A Showard); 2, Auburn Delight; 3, Evanescence (H Howse). Equissage Discovery 1, Auburn Delight); 2, Midlands Viola Van Het (V Southerton); 3, Reason. 1.10m 1, Cooking With Floyd (C Watts); 2, Chapel House Grace (J Gregory); 3, Who’s Dilemma. Newcomers 1, Ally GG (S Damment); 2, Cassiopea (J Francis); 3, Xantara (S Bowen). Milton/Olympic Starspotters =1, Retro (J Tuff); =1, Influential; =1, Hello Popsie (J Tuff); =1, Verbana VZ (K Neath). 1.15m Open 1, Business Like (L Stonestreet); 2, Olissima (K Doyle); 3, Verbana VZ. The Royal Bank of Scotland Local Heroes qualifier 1, Oliver (K Doyle); 2, Cavallo (P Tuckwell); 3, Perth (S Arkle). The Abacus Asset Management 1.30 qualifier 1, Just Josh (K Doyle); 2, Amoray (B Ford); 3, Lux Bay (S Arkle). British Novice 1, Prince E Boy; 2, O Macca (S Stockley); 3, Ella B (S Manners). Equissage Discovery 1, Prince of Thieves (R Bowles); 2, Nova Exquioa (A Miller); 3, Kildalton Max (B Talbot). 1.10m 1, Diamond Dealer (J Maslin); 2, Rapps Fair Deal (A Brake); 3, Makita II (H Webb). Bath&West Novice 1, Olisina (K Doyle); 2, Panella (Z Trim); 3, Tattinger Bay (N Ollife). Bath&West Grade C/ Royal Bank of Scotland Open 1, Olivier; 2, One Way II; 3, Mr Murdock (P Holmes).

    AYR SHOW Auchencruive SAC, Ayr, 8 May

    1.25m 1, Together Time (S Hutt); 2, Stainsby Carlos (L Frame); 3, WS Ryans Touch (V Forbes). KA 1.05m 1, Plassey Cavalier (L Creighton); 2, Danson (S Laird); 3, Djidda II (L Scullion). newcomers 1, Puddledub Welsh Witch (H Hunter); 2, Cree Cruiser (J Aird); 3, Caluna (J Cross). Wilson Auctions 1.10m 1, Vesuvio (J Brogan); 2, Plassey Cavalier; 3, Blackford Cavalier (L Creighton). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/Ballantyne RIHS Foxhunter 1, Cree Cruiser; 2, Ramiro II (S Low Mitchell); 3, Ratino (N Springer). 1.30m 1, Sanbucca Baby (A Craig); 2, Iver (K Argo); 3, Townhead Karabundi (J Andrews). 9 May: Scottish Gentlemen’s ch 1 & 2, Ludwig H & Pall Mall H (A Hamilton); 3, Tornado (S Neads). Scottish Ladies’ ch 1, Let’s Go (J Knox); 2, Roscoes Skip On (L Babes); 3, True Braveheart (M Young). nov 1, Heathcliff II (D Duffin); 2, Athletica (S Neads); 3, Parameter (M Doyle). Celebration Cakes RIHS Grade C 1, Sea Lion (S Main); 2, Tanart Van De Elshoeve (P Argo); 3, Pendora (A Wilson). J&A Ferrie 1.25m 1, Milton Only You (A Hamilton); 2, WS Ryans Touch (V Forbes); 3, Sanbucca Baby (A Craig). KA Jnr 90cms 1, RB Spot On (H Haig); 2, Cheeky Chester (J Smith); 3, Little Logic (S Babes).

    BARTON EC Rochdale, Lancs, 8-9 May

    Mr & Mrs Woodburn 128/138cm 1, Double Dominic (J Clayton); 2, The Man From Claire (E Bell); 3, Reigill Little Gem (E Woodburn). jnr 90cm 1, Spancelhill Express (X Gill); 2, The Man From Claire. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Spancelhill Express; 2, Fieldhouse Maverick (J Clayton). British novice 1, Warren Prince (P Elms); 2, Palcea (H Walkden); 3, Figi (C Conlon). 1m 1, Butterlands Limelight (C Richardson); 2, Keltic Purple Diamond (M Bower). 1.05m 1, Greenbank Dessie Dee (C Gleave); 2, Mahala (H Connolly); 3, Miss Avoca (E Fletcher). newcomers/1.10m 1, Josie Wales (R Crack); 2, Jippie (N Martin); 3, Mister Macadamia (N Martin). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Ma Boivera (N Coupe); 2, JC Prinz Amor (J Bell). BEIB Jnr British Novice 1, Daddys Dusky Girl (S Sweeney); 2, Absolutely (F Nicholson); 3, Free Spirit IV (L Reily). 90cm jnr 1, Spancelhill Express; 2, The Highway Man (A Derbyshire); 3, Kale Kathy (T Cassells). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers/1m 1, Hot Shot II (X Gill); 2, Bay Breeze (F Nicholson); 3, Skys The Limit (A Derbyshire). Squibb 7 Davies Jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Buckley (K Chevin); 2, Texas Tom (L Hayward); 3, Lac Lemon (M Heath). Scope 1m 1& 2, Rosanna III & Mine Till A Million (R Kenyon); 3, Tristan M (C Richardson). Scope 1.05m 1, Moorhey Skippy (A Ashcroft); 2, Pristina (R Walker); 3, Clovers Dream (D Humphries). 1.05m 1, Desmond Million (C Kenyon); 2, Blanco Four Leaf Clover (J Bowman). newcomers/1.10m 1, Desmond Million; 2, Greenbank Dessie Dee.

    BSJA AREA 12 Kirkley, Northumberland, 8-9 May

    jnr starter 1, Golden Bonito (M Robinson); 2, Go Mandingo (H Moiser); 3, Young Poplar Bear (M Thompson). sml pony 1, Bowes Misty Grey (J Flanagan); 2, Go Mandingo; 3, My Godfather (G Foley). 128cm 1, OK Mick (J Flanagan). 138cm 1, Power Up Bardo (M Gair). jnr British novice 1, Little Shamrock (N Cairns); 2, Laithehill Gallant (E Douglas); 3, Sheridan II (V Jones). jnr newcomers/1m 1, Quayside Candy (A Lumley); 2, Power Up Barola; 3, Llandawny Royal (L Jewett). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m 1, Quayside Candy. British novice 1, Cavaletta (D Lillie); 2, Leydecker Lad (R Ledford); 3, Last Dream Of A Star (K Jefferson). discovery 1, The Templar (D Mewse); 2, Girson Girl (L Lewis); 3, Action Dreamaker (S O’Brien). newcomers/1.10m 1 & 2, Athletik & Mad Marston Wispa (R Ledford); 3, Bowes Bedazzled (H Swailes). 9 May: British novice 1, Cavaletta; 2, Last Dream Of A Star; 3, Joucas Etoile (J Cowan). discovery 1, Arona (R Farmer); 2, Girson Girl; 3, Cavaletta. newcomers/1.10m 1, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills); 2, Bowes Bedazzled; 3, Dovecote Hatherall Green Holly (A Cowan). Marshall Hall qual 1, DJA’s Soft Touch (D Mewse); 2, Lingmoor (S Holland); 3, Goulton Zayla (E Denton). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Legal Jaguar (S Nurse); 2, Athletik; 3, Valco Van Het Kappelhof (D Mewse). 1.25m 1, Valco Van Het Kappelhof; 2, Nearly Not (L McCafferty); 3, Nixion (K Leak).

    KINGSWOOD EC 8 – 9 May

    8/5 – British Novice 1, Kiss Me Quick (N Proffitt); 2, Captain Kilaloe (L Barrett); 3, Jay Dee(N Cadman). Scope 1M Novice 1, Midnight
    Serenade (J Helm); 2, FI Olympic (R Tilson); 3, Nupilia (M Munt). Equissage Discovery 1, Law (N Emery); 2, Ryador (V Swinnerton); 3, Touchdown Boy (S Oliver). Newcomers 1, Helms Mach One (J Helm); 2, Carlisca (A Bywater); 3, Ryador (V Swinnerton). 1-10 Open 1, Secret Rumour (N Proffitt); 2, Une De La Affaire (K Marsh); 3, Foudre De Beaulieu (M McCourt). 9/5 – 90 CM Open 1, Diamond Girl (S Russell); 2, Orlando Bay (A Preston); 3, Bahrain Flight (H Jackson). 1-05 Adventurer Championship 1, Wild Thyme III (K Jennings); 2, Raminka D (S Haywood); 3, Touchdown Boy (S Oliver). Newcomers 1, Surprise Surprise (L Brown); 2, Demo (A Little); 3, Ratje (L Hales). 1-10 Open 1, Sorcerers Apprentice (S Oliver); 2, Take Five (S Russell); 3, Union Jack (A Little). Smarter Builders 1-15m Open 1, Russett Wind (N Proffitt); 2, Sorcerers Aprrentice (S Oliver); 3, Raining Star (M Pearson).

    NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 8-9 May

    newcomers/1.10m 1, Indio (M Gilmour); 2, Odine (R Hooper); 3, Lavers Mega (H Chamberlain). 5-y-o 1, Winorado (J Burgess); 2eq, Loch Hoy (S Clutterbuck) & Abriz Z (H Hensler). Foxhunter 1, Noble Ami Du Val Du Geer (P Nesbitt); 2, Master Dominic (A Sloman). B&C 1, Phoenix Joy (A Lewis); 2, Pegasus Maximus (J Pay); 3, Atlanta Z (H Bohringer). 1.25m 1, Gold Horizon (A Lewis); 2, Narc (M Gilmour). 1.35m 1, Ballinar (J Pay); 2, Panama Avoca (G Werth). 9 May: British novice 1, Ice Maiden III (P Clark); 2, Mitchelltroy Viscount (L Goldsmith); 3, Vagan HS (S Allen). 1m 1, Orions Choice (K Swabey); 2, DJ’s Jazzi Bitz (M Self); 2, Llerttas Cher Delight (J Attrell). discovery 1, Fairhand Lucy (J Freeman); 2, Lucy III (E-J Slater); 3, Vodka (S Dean). 1.10m members cup 1 & 2, Uttah Van Het Indihof & Ridgeside Khalico (E-J Slater); 3, Mirco II (H Hensler). 11 May: British novice 1, Handley Barns Bossee (A Thorogood); 2, Broadstone Campari (C Watters); 3, Alina (K Ashe). discovery 1, Ladies Night (S Clutterbuck); 2, Fairhand Lady (L Renwick); 3, Vagan HS (S Allen). 1.05m 1, Nightshift II (J Mincher); 2, Thornbank Flip (C Watters); 3, Llertta’s Cher Delight. newcomers 1, Blackstuff Artic Pride (L Renwick); 2, Joy De Gamet (Z Warren); 3, Limelight De Breve (L Renwick). A4 1, Ukinda (J Burgess); 2, Thornbank Flip. Foxhunter 1, Rastello (J Mincher). 22 May: jnr British novice 1, Langfield Fine Time (C Dodd); 2, With All Due Respect (M James); 3, Shooting Star Supreme (K Ewins). jnr newcomers 1, Kimber Classic (M Sapsford); 2, Paddy’s Day (J Drea); 3, Hillfield Charlie Owen (Z Allen). jnr Foxhunter 1, Aida (L Mantel); 2, Midday Mischief (C Hanson); 3, Spot The Demolition Man (L White). 1.10m jnr 1, For A Few Dollars More (H Berryman); 2, Chester II (N Sewell); 3, Elwood (K Brummitt). jnr members cup 1, Chester II; 2, For A Few Dollars More; 3, Tick Tock Two Tone (E Stocker). sml 128cm 1, Magic Shadow (C Evans); 2, Flinor Songbird (E Stoker); 3, Night Star II (N Kollinsky). 128cm 1, Proud Flyer (J Whittaker); 2, Magic Shadow; 3, Tiger Tim (D Whittaker). sml 138cm 1, Ballyclough Brisco (D Willett); 2, Mr Blue (J Sawyer); 3, Mosstown Teddy (J Reynolds). 138cm 1, Ballyclough Brisco; 2, Mr Blue; 3, Royal Declan (A Pownall). 23 May: sml 128cm 1, Will Take A Chance (C Bastone); 2, Hollyoaks (R Offord); 3, J’s Junior (T Willett). sml pony 1, Mr Blue; 2, Sunnyside It’s It (R Offord); 3, Grey Palace (D Whittaker). 138cm 1, My Bugsy Malone (J Whittaker); 2, Lion King (R Bee); 3, Grange Sandy (A Pownall). jnr British novice 1, Zig Zag Rough Diamond (A Wicken); 2, Mr Broom (K Brummitt); 3, Touchwood (B Mantel). jnr newcomers 1, Kimber Classic (M Sapsford); 2, On Red Bull (P Newman); 3, Tipperary Tic Toc (N Frisby). jnr Foxhunter 1, Always & Again (J Sawyer); 2, Reflex For Real (N Pavitt); 3, Edsilia (J Whittaker). 1.10m jnr 1, Custom Cruiser (l Mantel); 2, Landown Three’s Are Wild (Z Adams); 3, New York Sunrise (S Frost). jnr int 1, Colton Maelstrom (N Sewell); 2, New York Spritzer (L Sims); 3, Gold Harvest (D Willett). 18 May: British novice 1, My Immortal (J Mincher); 2, Handley Barns Bossee; 3, Gemset (C Jenks). discovery 1, Fairhand Lady; 2, Capital C (J Mincher); 3, L’Epicure (S Butchart). 1.05m 1, Lola Cruiso (J Randall); 2, L’Lerta’s Cher Delight; 3, Dextrous (J Kochman). newcomers 1, Fairhand Lady; 2, Blackstuff Artic Pride; 3, Blackstuff Kudos (J Renwick). 1.15m A4 1 & 2, Temple Navigator & Omar IV (M Russell); 3, Nightshift II. Foxhunter 1, Blackstuff Artic Pride.

    NOTTINGHAMSHIRE COUNTY Newark, Notts, 8 — 9 May

    Mattie Brown stakes 1, Hosire Des Chaines (R Bevis); 2, Gem Of India (J Whitaker); 3, Alfredo (B Maher). 1.40m 1, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker); 2, Alfredo; 3, Hosire Des Chaines. Natwest Olympic Star Spotters 1 , 3 tied. Royal & Sun Alliance open 1, Kelso Lady Tracy (C Collins); 2, Sylvia (J Davenport); 3, Escape II (M Lanni). Aggregate Industries ch 1, Loro Piano Hamlet (G Williams); 2, Now Or Never (V Young); 3, Anastasia (B Twomey). Tarmac Central Up & Coming stakes 1, Red Dawn (D McPherson); 2, Brickfield Boy (M Watson); 3, Cortaflex Tibor (W Funnell). AF Budge B&C 1, Red Dawn; 2, Marianne (J Whitaker); 3, President Utopia (M Lanni).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 8-9 May

    jnr 90cm 1eq, Danny Diamond (J Butler Smith), Millhouse Star (M Cawley), Flying Angel (H Flowerdew), Touch Of Wood (B Mantel) & JGE Johnny (A Burchmore). jnr newcomers 1, Crack On (S Nichols); 2, Mr Broom (K Brummitt); 3, Sunkist Lad (J Wingrove). jnr 1.15m 1 & 2, Custom Cruiser & Prize Lady (L Mantel); 3, Murphy’s Flight (J Wingrove). 9 May: British novice 1, Woodland Badger (N Pirie); 2, Cavalco (H Craven); 3, Tipperary Gold (L Harding). 1m 1, Manhatten Skyline (C Williams); 2, Crossways Sylvester (L Street); 3, Catweazle (S Reeve Young). 1.05m 1, Irish Nutcracker (K Grimster); 2, Meyer (S Crippen); 3, Celtic Tiger (P Adams). 1.15m 1, Phoenix Joy (A Lewis); 2, Rapkyns Echelon (N Pirie); 3, Aurina (C Williams). 1.25m 1, Kouris Du Pachis (J Rothstein); 2, Ghost Buster (G Luckett); 3, Concordville (A Lewis). 12 May: newcomers 1, Sydney (S Davies); 2, R Tyson (N Fiddes); 3, Count Alaric (B Menzies). 1.10m 1, Carnaval Dancer (L Renwick); 2, Papillon Noir (J Renwick); 2, Wayside Tiger Lily (K Grimster). Foxhunter 1, Ricky Boy (S Davies); 2, Bandoleon (B Menzies); 3, Pert (J Rothstein). 1.25m 1, Gold Horizon (A Miller); 2, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 3, Booco (C Nash). 1.30m 1, Estranged (P Cornish); 2, O’Harry (J Renwick); 3, Nouska (J Davies). British novice 1, Wright Patriot (B Wright); 2, Twister II (P Miller); 3, King Gondolier (M Tye). discovery 1 & 2, Rusus & Vodka (S Dean); 3eq, Twister II & Casanova (S Reeve-Young). 19 May: newcomers 1, Pitchen (C Robertson); 2, Raisuli E (E Forrest); 3, Killerpan Lassie (G Burchmore). 1.10m 1, Chalice (S Reeve-Young); 2, Firedance (S Livsey); 3, Catweazle. Foxhunter 1, Papillon Noir (J Renwick); 2, Pavarotti II (S Tobin); 3, Pino (T Stockdale). 1.25m 1, Carnaval Dancer; 2, Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Classified II (A Foxley). 1.30m 1, Cushty; 2, Temple Voyager (J Renwick); 3, Charming Touch (P Cornish). British novice 1, Tilandros (P Miller); 2, Chianti (S Symons); 3, Cartier Z (S Livsey). discovery 1, Cool Customer (L Junak); 2, Vodka; 3, Cartier Z. 22 May: 90cm 1, Melrose (C Nash); 2, Oakley’s Ace (G Dickens); 3, Market Taylor (C Randall). 1m 1, Oakley’s Ace; 2, Mrs Kelly (K Woods); 3, The Fantasy Image (F Adair-Hill). 1.05m 1, Timberking (L Hopwood); 2, Millenium Girl (C Barker); 3, Snowdonia (K Evans). 1.10m 1, Chalice (S Reeve-Young); 2, Millenium Girl; 3, Gaugin De Tarsy (S Reeve-Young). 23 May: British novice 1, Palliacho (J Alcock); 2, Tullylusk (H Wright); 3, Millcrest (M Fursedonn). discovery 1, Tipperary Gold (L Harding); 2, Millcrest; 3, Ardesco Dublino (S Davies). 1.05m 1, Che Guevara (C Marsh); 2, Sander (J Neal); 3, Hollywood II (L Young). 1.15m/YR 1, Robin VII (J Neal); 2, Emmetts Animoff (C Marsh); 3, Che Guevara (G Peskin). 1.25m 1, Marlborough Of Haynes (C Berger); 2, Gaugin De Tarsy; 3, Next Jet (J Neal). 26 May: 1.15m 1 & 2, Brookend Fuehrer & Carnaval Dancer (L Renwick); 3, Genius (P Spivey). 1.25m 1, Carnaval Dancer; 2, Golden Pele (P Spivey); 3, Scarlet III ( R Hill). 1.35m 1 & 2, Egalisca De Ruiere & Nouska (J Davies); 3, Compliment II (R Hill). 1.25m 1 & 2, Chief Trooper & Chalice (S Reeve-Young); 3, Golden Pele.

    DEVON LEISURE Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 9 May

    British novice 1, High Five (J Reid); 2, Caledonian Deal (G Wallace); 3, Distant Flyer (I Drummond). Equissage Discovery 1, Bluerisk Du Val (J Cameron); 2, High Five; 3, Bluerisk Connection (J Cameron). 1.05m 1, Linnhill (L Power); 2, Ballyragget Boy (J Lamont); 3, Whatever (A Carruthers). newcomers 1, Vicky Van De Zuuthoeve (J Cameron); 2, Bluerisk Connection; 3, Midnight Bay (J Cloggie). 1.10m 1, Hunters Level (J Brogan); 2, Gavinson (L Power).

    SOUTH SUFFOLK Ampton, Suffolk, 9 May

    British novice 1, Good Gracious Me II (R Stevens); 2, Betachance Dot Com (V Watts); 3, Shtiller Van De Roethoeve (L Rayner). Equissage Discovery 1, Cavalier Attitude II (C Clements); 2, Betachance Dot Com; 3, Pleonie (L Tacey). newcomers 1, Temple Whatever (C Keeling); 2, Cella Lucia (J Egmore); 3, Rio Grande (R Platt). Emma Easton Memorial/1.10m members cup 1, Perdix Wesley (J Soar); 2, Temple Whatever; 3, Russi Van De Zuethoeve (T Davies). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Rapidash Fire (D Edmundson); 2, Kiss The Clover (K Newstead). B&C 1, Temple Slipway (L Newson); 2, Prince (T Jose). 1.30m 1, Prince; 2, Qutie (M-A Parkin); 3, Temple Whats It (J Egmore).

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