BSJA results 16-17 July ’03

NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 15 July
British Novice 1, My Fair Flicka (N Tinworth); 2, Cooloey Angel (H Stennett); 3, Etoile 42 (J Reid). Discovery 1, My Fair Flicka (N Tinworth); 2, Kilmeadon (M Fursdonn); 3, Modjo Lady (E Harrod). 1.05m 1, Meadows Nelson (P Tozer); 2, Living Colour (B Dove); 3, Sidewinder So Far So Good (J Williams). Newcomers 1, Pico (L Squibb); 2, Annetty (J Slade). 1.15m A4 1, Ridgewood Four Square (K Mason); 2, Connie V (J Slade). Foxhunter 1, Ridgewood Four Square.

BLEWBURY CENTRE Blewbury, Oxon, 16 July

Charles Owen British Novice 1, Lorrano (N Browne); 2, Massado (A Measor); 3, OK Annie (S-K Lowe). grass roots 1, Mickley Gold (R Chamings); 2, Gorsebridge (A Gallagher); 3, Court Jester (E Southward). JGE Commercial Bucks Beginners 1, 12 tied. NDS Members Cup 1, Majic Blue (S Pharo); 2, Jazzed Up (E J Slater); 3, Money Maker (I Kerr). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Rambo’s Total Eclipse (R Moss) 2, Ralisca (J Mincher); 3, Decembers Calmead (H Lewis). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Beau’s Retreat (P Crago); 2, Forban Du Thot (J Marshall); 3, Spring Green (T Fletcher).

1.05m Open 1, Lontana (F Norman); 2, Buchannans Boy (E Wright); 3, Start from Scratch (S Drake). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Scoutbush (G McPherson); 2, Ithaque des Mains (J Kemp); 3, Ocano S (K Leak). 1.10m Open 1, Lontana (F Norman); 2, Start from Scratch (S Drake). Horse & Hound Foxhunter First Round/1.20m Open 1, Dutch Melody (V Tulloch); 2, Ocano S (K Leak). Charles Owen British Novice 1, Westbourne Easy (A Cana); 2, Tulley (L Bailles); 3, Excellent (D Mewse). Equimax Discovery 1, Lynwood Warrior (M Cains); 2, Patheral (K Kerr); 3, Fenwick Pic a Dor (S Prowse). 1.0m Open 1, Lynwood Warrior (M Cains).


Welcome Stakes 1, Princess Jade (K Shore), GB; 2, It’s Mine (D Morton), GB; 3, Hilton (A Davies), GB; 4, Casyopaya (G Billington), GB; 5, Lindsay 10 (G Plumley), GB; 6, Ge Tou (G Lovegrove), GB; 7, Gitan D’Incoville (M Watson), GB; 8, Celine (A Davies); 9, Croft First Impression (M Marsh), GB; 10, Temple Guess What (J Russell), GB; 12, Landini (T Mallin), GB. Total Asset Roodee Stakes 1, Rex (M Armstrong), GB; 2, Pakko (K Shore); 3, Saffier (B Twomey), IRE; 4, Castello (P Murphy), GB; 6, Mr Springfield (R Smith), GB; 7, Son Of A GunII (J Knox), GB; 8, Cushty (J Renwick), GB; 10, Falabella (H McNaught), GB; 11, Bullands Ladalco (R Prater), GB; 12, Compliment II (R Hill), GB; 13, Ballinar (J Pay), GB; 14, Lanson (E Brook), GB; 14, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad (P Barker), GB; 16, Harlequin Sunset (A Craig), GB. Premier Consulting UK Stakes 1, Anastasia (B Twomey); 2, Fresh Direct Landed Gentry (T Stockdale), GB; 3, Peace Train (N Dello Joio), US; 4, Limbo (A Davies); 5, Ashley (J Billington), GB; 6, Quinten (E Whitaker),GB; 8, Maddock (D McPherson), GB; 9, Temple Croesus (P Barker); 10, Hosire Des Chaines (R Bevis); 11, Graf Gold (M Armstrong); 12, Romulus 16 (D Charles), GB. Essengroup Stakes 1, Irco Polo (S Mottmans), BEL; 2, Loro Piana Hamlet (G Williams), GB; 3, Casyopaya (G Billington), GB; 4,Temple Croesus; 5, Gitan D’Incoville; 6, Temple Guess What; 7, Paline De Lisse (K Forsyth), GB; 9, Ravel II (R Whitaker), GB; 11, Eliska De River (R Hill). Clocktower Stakes 1, Kanselier (E Whitaker);2, Mr Springfield; 3, Larissa (J Reed-Stephenson), GB; 4, Little Big Time (D McPherson); 5, Fleuron De St Gil (S Lynch), GB; 7, Wansford (R Whitaker); 8, Whinney Jackson (V Young), GB; 9, Bullands Ladalco; 10, Titus Van Euverbraeke (G Williams); 12,Hosire Des Chaines; 13, Back In Business (M Watson); 14, Ballinar; 15, Go (A Austin), GB; 16, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad; 18, Halifax (C Collins), GB. Premier Consulting UK Stakes 1, Karina (R Whitaker); 2, Anastasia; 3, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker); 5, Lexicon (H McNaught); 8, Cortaflex Machiavelli (W Funnell), GB; 12, Nova Du Montois (A Austin), GB. Riverside Air Conditioning ch 1, What A Business (A Trickett), GB; 2, Temple Guess What; 3, Irco Polo; 4, Loro Piana Hamlet; 5, Gitan D’Incoville; 6, Brookend Fuehrer (J Renwick); 7, Eliska De River; 8, Cheers Cassini (M Dawes), GB; 9, It’s Mine; 10, Eurocommerce Andorra (J Pay). Total Asset Finance Chester ch 1, Mr Springfield; 2, Falballa Colour; 3, Ashdale Spirit (D Quigley), IRE; 4, Whinney Jackson; 5, Ballinar; 6, Fresh Direct Rucoline (T Stockdale); 7, Wansford; 8, Pakko; 10, Tibor (W Funnell). Premier Consulting UK sup ch 1, Limbo (A Davies); 2, Peace Train; 3, Blue Chip Quinton; 5, Romulus 16 (D Charles), GB; 6, Lindsay 10; 7, Coeur (J Renwick); 8, Lexicon; 9, Graf Gold; 10, Maddock. J McNaught Memorial 1.15m select 1, Foxglen Romeo (D Ryder); 2, Tiargo (T Maguire); 3, April Affair (J Powell). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Quite Dutch(E Whitaker); 2, It’s Dime (V Young); 3, Sylvia (J Davenport). Dental Anaesthetics JA 1, New York Spritzer (L Sims); 2, Kahola Maestro (J Whitaker); 3, Gold Harvest (L Whitehouse). Credit & Business Services JA 1, New York Spritzer; 2,Hopala (H Paul); 3, Mr Swampy (D Smith). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Clarissa (C Collins); 2, Grazie (P Murphy); 3, Exandella (K Shannon). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Coming Star (R Sweely); 2, The Diceman (N Tabor); 3, Una Van Berkenboeck (J Garton-Pope). Haddon House B&C 1, Baileys Opium (J Reed-Stephenson); 2, Pure Shores (C Collins); 3, Grande Classe (J Daly). Mr & Mrs E Davies 1.25m 1, Decoded (M Watson); 2, Skerne Skytality (D Morton); 3, Cavallo (K Shore). 128/138cm 1, Spirit Of Bodecia (J Reveley); 2, Mystic Starlite Express (G Whitaker); 3, Emerald Lucky (J Smith). Sports Horse Classic 128cm 1, Emerald Lucky; 2, WSP Oh Boy (E Scholes); 3, Gold Chip II (J Cordan). Equest Wormers 138cm 1, Finnegan’s Fancy Fred (T Page); 2 & 3, Double Dominic & Glencoes Trick Or Treat (J Reveley). Northgate Dental Health Jnr Select 1, Bobby Bracken (L Sims); 2, Desert Secret (L Whitehouse); 3, Malnor Misty Lad (W Whitaker). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Raffiness (G Billington); 2, Grazie; 3, Good Friday II (J Shaw). Tapsell & Whitehouse JA 1, Landown Three’s Are Wild (J Shackleton); 2, CJ’s Kemosabi (A Mizon); 3, Kahola Maestro (J Whitaker). Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Quite Dutch; 2 & 3, Coming Star & Tinkers Lad (R Sweeley). B&C 1, Holton W (K Shore); 2, Baileys Opium; 3, Bitteswell Biffra (J Davenport). 1.35m 1, Great Love (E Whitaker); 2, Cavallo; 3, Croft Latiffa (J Garton-Pope). 128cm 1, Sligo Lucky (C Miller); 2, Spring Disney (O Liley); 3, Cappagh Misty (P Allen). 138cm 1 & 2, Colour Code & Lakeland Little Cracker (C Mowbray); 3, Double Dominic. jnr 1.15m 1, Bilko Lad (A Derbyshire); 2 & 3, Lakeland Little Wonder & Stainsby Top That (L Hutt). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 2nd round 1, Okehurst Charlie Chaplin (L Sims); 2, Mirah Kilgobbin Rebel (J Bell); 3, Smart N Well (D Moseley). 148cm 1, C’Surprise (C McNaughton); 2, Bilko Lad (A Derbyshire); 3, Justa Nuther Fred (A Mizon). Great Leighs Newcomers 1, Little Joe (S Sapstein); 2, Clarissa; 3, Grazie. Frame Family 1.25m ch 1, Great Love; 2, Decoded; 3, Celine (A Davies). Davies 1.35m. 1, Sky News; 2, Skip Two Ramiro (G Williams); 3, Colour Of Life (E Whitaker). 128/138cm 1, Finnegans Fancy Fred (T Page); 2, Lois Dubh (H Haig); 3, Emerald Lucky. HOYS 128cm 1, Flinor Songbird (E Stoker); 2, Emerald Lucky; 3, Spring Disney (O Liley). HOYS 138cm 1, Lakeland Little Cracker; 2, Glencoes Trick Or Treat; Midnight Man (O Hilliard). Kraiburg Jnr Show Jumper of the Year 1, Spot The Lady (J Ward); 2, New York Spritzer; 3, Prize Lady (L Mantel). August Silk Jnr Restricted 1, Zero To Hero (P Blosse); 2, Double Bluff (S Leach); 3, Applejax Red Stripe (D Smith).

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