BSJA results 1 – 7 March ’04

  • AREA 43A Brickfields 3 March

    Seniors – Open 0.85m 1, Miss Possible (K Begley); 2, Silver George (L Shirlaw); 3, Liberty Bo (L Jurd). Charles Owen British Novice Championship – First Round 1, Aiden (T Hughes); 2, Didi Delia (R Booth); 3, Liberty Bo (L Jurd). Discovery Championship – First Round 1, Galloway Bay (K Begley); 2, Fly Like A Bird (G Cockrell); 3, Silver George (L Shirlaw). 1.0m Open Competition 1, Nutkin Feather Duster (S Begley); 2, Olympus Aprils Quest (S Begley); 3, My Lady Louise (S Begley). 1.05m Open Competition 1, Four Seasons II (K Begley); 2, Aiden (T Hughes); 3, In Vogue (R Booth). Senior Member’s Cup 1.10m/Senior Newcomers 1, Lucky Girl II (S Begley); 2, Dutch Passion (N Price); 3, Four Seasons II (K Begley). National 1.25m Open 1, Lucky Girl II (S Begley); 2, Riverwood (R Booth).

    SYKEHOUSE ARENA Nr Doncaster 3 March

    British Novice 1st Round 1, Only After Dark (H Burrows); 2, More Artistic (B Davison); 3, Armani Crest (H White). Equissage Discovery 1, Rimilithius (V Coburn); 2, Midnight Wonder (T Barraclough); 3, Classic Grey Day (E Farrant). 1.0m Open 1, Josie Grey Day (E Farrant); 2, Mid Palermo (V Coburn); 3, The Optomist (D Barrcaclough). 1.10m Members Cup 1, Opporto (A Bell); 2, Elysee Paolos (A Bell); 3, Skerne March Sky (A Dunn).

    TOWERLANDS EC Braintree, Essex, 3 March

    1.05m 1, Pride X (D Everett); 2, Thornbank Flip (C Watters); 3, Cloonloo Castle (A Hanson). newcomers 1, Landora (A Clutterbuck); 2, Pentonville Lodge (N Ward); 3, Uppy De Wijendale (P Howard). 1.10m 1, Nepardie (H Stennett); 2, Orpa (M Lockhart). 1.15m 1, Zaboi (M Eilberg); 2, Palermo V (S Newton). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Narc (M Gilmour); 2, Jessica Du Warchet (L Phillips); 3, Riley (A Clutterbuck). 1.25m 1, Braveheart (L Abraham); 2, Temple Whats It (J Egmore); 3, Lilly III (L van Heyningen). British novice 1, Ladies Night (S Clutterbuck); 2 & 3, Rusus & Vodka (S Dean). discovery 1, Dylon Llewelyn (T Houlihan); 2, Little Edition (J Freeman).

    ARENA UK Grantham, Lincs, 5-7 March

    British novice 1, Wixsone Pretty Penny (C Vale); 2, Holowczyn (P McKeever); 3, Who’s Oscar (H Newnham). discovery 1, Gigeletto (G Heelis); 2, Insatiable (S McKie); 3, La Grandiose (C Taylor). newcomers 1, Reystrade (L Phillips); 2, Romario II (M Lanni); 3, Romaleva (G Turner). 1.10m members cup 1, Parola (L Phillips); 2 & 3, Red Wharf Roly & Fountaindale (K Grant). Foxhunter/1.20m members cup 1, Utah Van Het Westleven (M Lanni); 2, Rumonia 52 (G Turner); 3, Play Girl (F Down). 1.25m 1, Jessica Du Warchet (L Phillips); 2, O Grand (G Turner); 3, Cardoso (P McKeever). 6 Mar: 95cm 1, Kingfisher Brave (F Monteith); 2, Farrouge (S Roe); 3, Maxima (G Hill). 1.05m 1, My Masquerade (C Vale); 2, Grafts Way (C Harrison); 3, Taffy Spot (N Roe). 1.15m 1, Spring Melody V (P McKeever); 2, The Fox (A Brady); 3, Romario II. b>1.20m/Foxhunter 1, Jessica Du Warchet; 2, Play Girl; 3, Wixstone Raymond (A Botham). 1.25m 1 & 3, Utah Van Het Westleven & Utah Girl (M Lanni); 2, Chime (A Strawson). 7 Mar: British novice 1, Paradox (A Savage); 2, Samanta (L Phillips); 3, Double Zig Zag (R Pass). discovery 1, Silvia II (G Turner); 2, Uppercut (M Williams); 3, Omber (H Schatzberger). newcomers 1, Uppercut; 2, Pathea (S Robertson); 3, Kadia Mouche (S Lynch). 1.10m 1, Parola (L Phillips); 2, Woodentop Valentine (E Portas); 3, Spring Melody V. Foxhunter 1, Reustrade; 2, Allround (A Rodgerson); 3, Midlands Quirien Z. 1.20m 1, Utah Van Het Westleven; 2, Temple Slipway (L Newson); 3, Heart & Soul (R Hill). 1.25m 1, Retreats O’Lady (C Robertson); 2, City Slick (J Ward); 3, Silvano Van Texelbos (R Hill).


    1.15m 1, Melissa C (D Smith); 2, Foxglen Romeo (D Ryder); 3, Second Hand News (T Newman). Foxhunter 1, Orfus De L’eau (D Richards); 2, Pionroos (J Powell); 3, Panacee (C Curtis). 1.20m 1, Country Herb (C Collins); 2, Leonardo (J Powell); 3, Two Mills Show Time (R Maguire). B&C 1, Taomie Star (P Murphy); 2, Solitaire Sky (N Coupe); 3, Cordia 7 (J Billington). national 1.25m 1, Pakko (K Shore); 2, Jalisco (R Robinson); 3, Skerne Skytality (D Morton). national 1.30m 1 , Pakko; 2, Jalisco; 3, Stainsby Sponeck (J Tanfield). 1.20m 1 & 2, Capello IV & Priamos (T Newman); 3, Montero (N Jennings). performance 1, Lovely Rita (M Dawes); 2, Feureland (J Mustoe); 3, Panacee. dynamic 1, Taomie Star; 2, Ranome Z (E Staveley); 3, Pamone (L Whitaker). 1.25m 1, Priamos; 2, Onarco (M Marsh); 3, Light’N’Sassy (K Fitzgerald). 1.25m 1, Crown Rhodanite (E Shaw); 2, Milton Only You (A Hamilton); 3, Say You Will (C Collins). winter Grade C 1, Nureev (L Whitaker); 2, Patrick IV (R Maguire); 3, Paradis (T Newman). Winter A&B Grand Prix 1 & 2, Landwind 19 & Cabri D’Elle (S Smith); 3, Casyopaya (J Billington).

    AREA 45 Duckhurst Farm, Kent 6 March

    Tiny Tots Qualifier 1, 6 tied. Smiths of Whiteinch Primary 128/138 Handicap Qualifier =1, Master Pip (M Wildish); =1, Maverick (R Offord); =1, Secret Spectacle (C Ede). Prograde Junior Novice Championship Qualifier 1, 6 tied. Blue Chip Junior Newcomers inc. Scope Junior Progressive Championship Qualifier 1, Cambrai Fenman (H Berryman); 2, Arizcrowe Phoenix (E West); 3, Kilkenny Swift Brook (K Woods). Kent Area Junior Open Championship 1, Puzzle it Out (K Tippett); 2, Irish Leathal Weapon (A Page); 3, She Devil (K Tippett). 1.10 Open/Junior Foxhunter inc. Scope Junior Adventurer Qualifier 1, Scooby Boo (C Frisby); 2, Gables High Flying Filco (C Mckee); 3, Girl Talk (H Windsor).

    BSJA AREA 36 Haverfordwest, Pembs, 6-7 March

    sml pony 1, Llewelyn’s Pride (S-J Llewelyn). jnr British Novice 1, Shipping Forecast (A Viles). jnr newcomers/1m jnr 1, Dream Seeker (L Bettinson); 2, Llangarth Caroline (B Evans); 3, Byrgwm Rebecca (G Joynson). Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Dream Seeker; 2, Brave Warlord (S-J Llewelyn); 3, Byrgwm Rebecca. British novice 1, Ballin Fenella (A Panter); 2, Killer Hurler Lad (M Thomas); 3, My Lady (L John). discovery 1, Ballin Fenella; 2, Awesome Sparkle (G Evans); 3, Killer Hurler Lad. newcomers 1 & 2, Ballinteskin Playboy & Canit (E Eynon). 1.10m 1, Hampton (G Evans); 2, Waterston Girl (A Prettyman); 3, Oneida Bally Pride (B Moore). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Canit; 2, Zacharias John (M Butcher). British novice 1, Pembrey Hotspot (E Eynon); 2, Comeragh Lad (C Morgan); 3, Ice Master (F Hughes). discovery 1, Nimble Norman (E Humfrey); 2, Ballin Fenella; 3, Cool Running Chalzy (J Jones). newcomers/1.10m 1, Hampton; 2, Vouvray (L Bevan); 3, Canit. 1.15m 1, Nimble Norman; 2, Chakotay (E Eynon); 3, No Last Tango (P James). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Zacharias John; 2 & 3, Oneida Bally Pride & Oneida Alley Cat (B Moore). 1.25m 1, JSJ’s Joniki (S Arkel); 2, JRS Black Magic (C Morris); 3, Danger Mouse (E Eynon). 1.30m 1, Danger Mouse; 2, Monline (L Bevan).

    CROCKSTEAD EC Halland, East Sussex 6 – 7 March

    6/3 – British Novice 1, Dawn Chorus II (B Lear); 2, Man On The Run (R Din). 1m Open 1, Amethyst Flint (J Dyson); 2, Lamirca G (P Toscano); 3, Irco Euro G (P Toscano). 1.05m Open 1, Amethyst Flint (J Dyson); 2, Charizard (M Siggs); 3, Malibou Express (A Rudden). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Oakhurst Highlife (L Howse); 2, Fait Vous Jour (L Howse). 7/3 – British Novice 1, Aerbourne (S Glynn); 2, Frederico (T Barker). 1m Open 1, Mary Vos (E Hailey); 2, Just A Rose (C Riley); 3, Aerbourne (S Glynn). Gustavii Stud 1.05m Open 1, Remi Martell (A Carter); 2, Just A Rose (C Riley); 3, Kelifi Imp (R Watling). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Liira G (P Toscano); 2, Remi Martell (A Carter); 3, Irco Euro G (P Toscano). Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Oharmeta (R Keevil); 2, Raket (K Manville).

    NORTHALLERTON EC Yafforth, North Yorks, 6 March

    jnr starter 1, Mighty Flyer (A Valks); 2, Little Jessie (S Wray); 3, Bowes Springbok (J Flannigan). sml pony 1, Power Up Border (M Gere); 2, Mighty Flyer; 3, Bowes Springbok. jnr British Novice 1, Danny Boy (A Douglas); 2, Midnight Mercedes (A Wright); 3, Technicolor II (K Jackson). jnr Newcomers 1, Power Up Borda; 2, Irish Platinum Pleasure (K Porter); 3, Bowes Look Sharp (M Gere). jnr Foxhunter/1.10m jnr 1, Mr Polo Beef (A Valks); 2, September Lady (R Atkinson); 3, Cavan Piper (B Tidd).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham 6 – 8 March

    6/3 – 90cm Open 1, Streetwise Sienna (A Clarkson); 2, Romulus III (F MacPherson); 3, Belle Darcy (D Hoggins). 1m Open 1, Peter IV (F MacPherson); 2, Thameside Pin-Up (N Saunders); 3, Flightwise Pikeur (A Dodd). 1.05m Open 1, Manhattan Skyline (C Williams); 2, Aurina (C Williams); 3, Belgian Waffle (C Chaplin). 1.10m Open 1, Oakley’s Ace (G Dickens); 2, Aurina (C Williams); 3, Chief Trooper (S Reeve-Young). 7/3 – British Novice 1, Ivana (E Warshaw); 2, Just Lizzie (M Potter); 3, Belle Noir (J Hall). Equissage Discovery 1, Granite III (N Pirie); 2, Casanova 261 (C Silfverling-Jansson); 3, Tortou (E Warshaw). 1.05m Open 1, Mexico Bay III (S Aston); 2, Bow & Arrow (S Aston); 3, Crossways Sylvester (L Street). 1.15m Open 1, Chalice II (S Reeve-Young); 2, Kouros du Pachis (J Rothstein); 3, Gaugin de tarsy (S Reeve-Young). 1.25m Open 1, Lucky (H Paul); 2, True Grit (J Paternoster); 3, Osiris (J Paternoster). 8/3 – Senior Newcomers 1, Tara (S Aston); 2, Tonight’s Prize (G Burchmore); 3, Killuran Lassie (G Burcmore). 1.10m Open 1, Tender Moment (T Pearson); 2, Lemar (S McTaggart); 3, Dextrous (J Kochman). Horse & Hound Senior Foxhunter 1, Ocombo de l’Eau (P Cornish); 2, Grand Centaur (P Miller); 3, Bajan Blue (J Davies). 1.25m Open 1, Ocean (S Aston); 2, Zerro (M Russell); 3, Chief Trooper (S Reeve-Young). 1.35m Open 1, Magic Man (S Aston); 2, Estranged (P Cornish); 3, Rinaldi II (A Lewis). British Novice 1,Royal Grace (J Langhorne); 2, Je T’Aime Flamenco (P Miller); 3, Terusa II (P Miller). Equissage Discovery 1, Sonja (P Miller); 2, Skippy V/D Diefhoek (D Mattock); 3, Cartier Z ((S Livsey). 1.00m Open 1, Holme Grove Caesar (R Snaddon); 2, The Bing (R Pearson); 3, Miracle Man (P Miller).

    ROYAL LEISURE CENTRE Henfield, West Sussex, 6-7 March

    British novice 1, Courtney Star (J Dalby); 2, Billy Go Lightly (C Franks). discovery 1, Animoco (L Fitch); 2, Solitaire (G Cashmore); 3, Coco Carera (K Haynes). newcomers 1, Hickstead Horse Feeds Dutch Treat (S Brash); 2, Black Number (L Long); 3, Cruise By Nite (G Talbot). 1.10m 1, Wild Buck (L Long); 2, Nicky Lord (M Shirley). 1.15m ch 1 & 2, Pionier & China Blue (C Nicol); 3, Roxsy (L Fitch). YR ch 1, Maritime Boy (M Gilmour); 2, Odessa M (B Penny); 3, Narc (M Gilmour). 7 Mar: British novice 1, Siciliana (S Davidson); 2, True Blue Vanilla Sky (G Tattersall); 2, Mulligan (J Martin). discovery 1, True Blue Vanilla Sky (G Tattersall); 2, Rockall Rise (K Leadbetter); 3, Mr Jonjo (H Leadbetter). 1.05m ch 1, Wild Buck; 2, Petite Heur (R Baker); 3, China Drum (S Forbes). newcomers 1, Black Number (L Long); 2, Hickstead Horse Feeds Dutch Treat; 3, Cruise By Nite. 1.10m 1, Gion (C Millard); 2, Just Flynn (K Wellings). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Lebertina (A Luke); 2, Southern Maestro (N Miller). 1.25m 1, Joyride (C Platt); 2eq, Lebertina & Southern Maestro.

    SOLIHULL JUNIOR PREMIER Solihull, West Mids, 6-7 March

    128/138cm 1, Beechway Delight (A Johnstone); 2, Jessie Rabbit (J Drea); 3, Cheeky Chester (J Smith). winter 128cm 2nd round 1, Sligo Lucky (J Smith); 2, My Little Tinker (D Plumley); 3, Get Ready Freddie (R Gunn). winter 138cm 2nd round 1, Mr Blue (J Sawyer); 2, My Gizmo (Z Wilson); 3, Malt Street Special (E Farr). 1.15m jnr 1, Chester (N Sewell); 2, Landown Three’s Are Wild (Z Adams); 3, Justa Nuther Fred (A Mizon). winter JC 2nd round 1, Okehurst Charlie Chaplin (L Sims); 2, Diego Flow (E Palmer); 3, Simply Charlie (P Mallender). 1.25m jnr 1, Justa Nuther Fred; 2, Landown Three’s Are Wild; 3, New York Spritzer (L Sims). 7 Mar: 1.15,/1.25m jnr 1, Chester; 2, Spot the Lady (J Ward). AK Winter JA Classic 1, New York Spritzer; 2, CJ’s Kemosabi (L Saywell); 3, Touch Of Rust (W Whitaker). restricted jnr 1, Cat Blue (H Usher); 2, Major Angel (H Bramley); 3, Devlin (W Whitaker). 128/138cm 1, Emersbrook Rosella (G Whitaker); 2, Little Bobby (S Lithgow); 3, Mystic Starlyte Express (G Whitaker). 128cm 1, Norton Nobby (N Colclough); 3, Pendini (A Green). 138cm 1, Spirit of Bodicea (R Connor); 2, Little Bobby; 3, Tremenyn Flyaway (H Thomas).

    AREA 43A Brickfields 7 March

    Juniors – Open 0.80m 1, Citizen Kane (J Raymond); 2, Okehurst High Hopes (R Vaughan); 3, Bomber (K Read). Junior British Novice 1, Oak Dene Midnight Arrival (J Bircham); 2, My Mr Mercury (J Bircham); 3, Rissey (J Raymond). Junior Progress Stakes 1, Citizen Kane (J Raymond); 2, Rissey (J Raymond); 3, Penclose Sunny Jim (M Green). Blue Chip Feed Balancer Junior Newcomers First Round/1m Open 1, Total Synergie (H Whiller); 2, My Mr Mercury (J Bircham); 3, Salty’s Top Cat (M Green).

    DABBS 7 March

    British Novice 1, Vicky Van De Zuuthoeve (R Fyfe); 2, Carnivelo (R Fyfe); 3, Marvella (R Leonard). Discovery 1, Marvella (R Leonard); 2, Wilton Flight (J Aird); 3, Mirella (V Stewart). 1.10m Open 1, Cavalus (R Fyfe); 2, Toyboy Town (L Cecchini); 3, No Telling (F Burgoyne). PSOA 1.15m Open 1, Uber (A Spalding); 2, Airdrie Silver King (R Brady); 3, Hunters Level (J Brogan). Foxhunter/1.20m Open 1, Together Time (S Jack); 2, Little Rich Man (R Bothwell); 3, LA Obsession (L Yeoman). National 1.30m Open 1, Nethertowns Kiss (D Duffin); 2, Together Time (S Jack); 3, Ominous (S Low-Mitchell). British Novice 1, Bee Boy (G Ulke); 2, Bluerisk Sircarlos (S Mckay); 3, Haelite (R Law). PSOA 1.05m Open 1, Miss Samona (J Andrews); 2, Molly Ashe (S Hutt); 3, J P Nevada (M King). 1.20m Open 1, My Lulu (N Robb); 2, Cavalier Angel (L Hutt); 3, PJ Kung Fu (MC Doyle). Foxhunter 1, Meadowhead Cavalier (J King); 2, Lynford (S Neads); 3, Aktive (L Craigie). Deebeed rosettes RHS Grade C 1, L’Etoile (R Bothwell); 2, Heathcliff II (D Duffin); 3, Clover Royale (S Murray). National 1.30m Open 1, True Braveheart (M Young); 2, Ara (S Neads); 3, Silly Van Het Vijerbos (D Duffin). PSOA 95cms Championship Q 1, Roulette II (G Tarbet); 2, Nanda (L Craigie); 3, Osprey V (L Timmins). Discovery 1, G West Goldrush (L Scott); 2, Alycos Diamond (V Walker); 3, Antonia (K Ritchie). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Cree Cruiser (J Aird); 2, Faraway Panache (V Walker); 3, Cantaro (S Mckie). Newcomers/1.10m Open 1, Purple Mor (S Low-Mitchell); 2, No Telling (F Burgoyne); 3, Danson (A Laird). PSOA 1.20m Open/ 1.20m Open 1, Uber (A Spalding); 2, Cavalier Angel (L Hutt); 3, Mississipi B (L Hutt). B & C Championship Q 1, Now B Dazzled (J Cross); 2, Ara (S Neads); 3, Lynford (S Neads). National 1.30m Open 1, Ominous (S Low-Mitchell); 2, Valencia II (L Babes); 3, Ashton Charmer (A Barr).

    EXETER EC Poltimore, Devon, 7 March

    British novice 1, Dizzy Daisy (D Gynn); 2, Beckli (P McNulty); 3, Micanthus Gold (J Watts). discovery 1, Crown Arizona (J Watts); 2, Influential (K Spiller); 3, Choccy II (A Watson). newcomers 1, Rubinette (M Hall); 2, Churchill Vine (J Vamvoukasis); 3, Uncle Patrick (J Tuff). 1.10m 1, Vague Impression (K Spiller); 2, Churchill Vine; 3, Ramon (P Connor). novice/1.15m 1, Ramon; 2, Prince Farn (V Done); 3, Just Tommy (S Norman). Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Just Tommy; 2, Farah De Jassy (P George).

    NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 7-9 March

    British novice 1, Ladies Night (S Clutterbuck); 2, O’Shaunessey (J Horton); 3, Wixstone Coerodor Reynard (T Gosling). Equissage Discovery 1, Ladies Night; 2, Another Jackson (W Taylor); 3, Wixstone Coeroder Reynard. 1.05m 1, Loch Hoy (A Clutterbuck); 2, Delta (K Butchart); 3, Noble Clover (K Moore). newcomers 1, Lavers Mega (H Chamberlain); 2, Cruising Ghost (L Carpenter); 3, Rusty (M Lockhart. PSOA 1.15m/1.15m 1 & 2, Delta Librae & Imperial Flight (A Hanson); 3, Lamaree (K Butchart). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Hullander (S Harvey); 2, Lamaree; 3, Landora (A Clutterbuck). 8 Mar: 85cm 1, DJ (D Palmer); 2, Williams Rainbow (P Stephens); 3, Simply Mason (N Homer). British novice 1, Miss Georgia (B Wallace Stocks); 2, Sneaki Two (S Mathias); 3, Highlands Boy (P Stephens). PSOA 95cm 1, Williams Rainbow; 2, Reflex Diamond Clover (T Englefield); 3, Temple Olympic (N Outen). Equissage Discovery 1, Graces Gold (C Nowland); 2, Capital C (J Mincher); 3, Arizona Dreaming (L Declark). PSOA 1.05m 1, Olympic (K Butchart); 2, Capital C; 3, Bella Gioia (N Maxted Massey). 1.10m members cup 1, Grandioso Lad (E Hunter); 2, Ridgeside Destiny (E J Slater); 3, Khakan Fox (R Everett). 9 Mar: British novice 1, Connel Castle (K Moore); 2, Ice Maiden II (P Clark); 3, Honestly (S Bloomfield). Equissage Discovery 1, Landantus (J Harris); 2, Lepicure (S Butchart); 3, Mexico Way II (D Davis). 1.05m 1, Castlebin Boy (B Martin); 2, Carnival Bell (J Mincher); 3, Pik Junior (K Andrews). newcomers 1, Rusty; 2, Rastello M (J Mincher); 3, Miss Altitude (M Harris). 1.10m 1, Lola Cruiso (J Randall); 2 & 3, Ula-Uba & Landora (A Clutterbuck). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m 1, Oscar IX (P Howard); 2, Annetty (J Slade).

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