BSJA Festival results 14-19 September ’04

  • BBM SPORTS BSJA FESTIVAL Grantham, Lincs, 14-19 September

    Baillie Horsehage Breeders Cup/under-18 warm-up 1, Jessica Du Warchet (L Phillips); 2, Bourien (L Whitehouse); 3, Carnaval Dance (L Renwick). 128cm ch 1, Get Ready Freddie (S Gunn); 2, Tiger Tim (D Whittaker); 3, Silver Wonder (P Allen). jnr members cup ch 1, Mr Polo Bear (A Valks); 2, Bella Star (A Derbyshire); 3, Smart N Well (D Moseley). John Hughes under-16 ch 1, Lucky (H Paul); 2, Daninos (N Pavitt); 3, Medio R (J Kirk). 1.40m grand prix qual 1, Hollywood (C Nicol); 2, Gem Of India (J Whitaker); 3, Tedechine Sept (J Popely). Baillie Horsehage Breeders Cup ch 1, Niagra B (D Morton); 2, Jessica Du Warchet; 3, Angelene (L Brennan). John Hughes under-16 warm-up 1, Narc (T Pearson); 2, Blayney Spice (M Sampson); 3, Mister Maxi (D Harland). Curtis Sport Horses 1.10m members cup qual 1, Kamischa (J Dixon); 2, Broadstone Destiny (I Wynne); 3, Take Five (M Russell). 1.25m qual 1, Temple Phoenix (P Barker); 2, Utah-Girl (M Lanni); 3, Touch Wood II (V Jefferies). Horse & Hound Foxhunter Masters qual 1, Lontano (J Reed-Stephenson); 2, Moschino V (J Popely); 3, Temple Ginja (P Barker). 128cm warm-up 1, Show Me Again (C Drain); 2, Rapkyns Just Bob (J Drea); 3, Coco Can (R Massarella). Mr DK Bedford Milton 5-y-o qual 1, Sebastian III (G Williams); 2, Lou Lou De Villiers (M Watson); 3, Waikiki (P Miller). Schatzberger Design & Print Olympic Star Spotters 6-y-o qual 1, Romaleva (G Turner); 2, Romanov II (P Spivey); 3, Master Cruise (D Lampard). jnr members cup warm-up 1, Hidden Extra (M Sampson); 2, Heineken Hill (E Akers); 3, Kerry’s Kate (M Sampson). Credit & Business Services 148cm warm-up 1, Expression III (P Dobby); 2, Girl’s Knight (H Webster); 3, Mister Polo Bear. Equissage Discovery qual 1, Zero Wattage (T Pearson); 2, Falcon Equine Little Miss Ee Vee (K Grimster); 3, Lanarro (C Brown). 15 Sep: under-18 ch 1, Klipper (R Prater); 2, Gambit VII (L Pavitt); 3, Fabriana (T Gredley). Credit & Business Services 148cm ch 1, Mister Amontilano (H Paul); 2, Indien De Here (N Sewell); 3, Girl’s Knight. www.4ponys.co.uk 11-&-under ch 1, 12 tied. 4-y-o style & performance ch 1, Tilandros (R Prater); 2eq, Rabotas BZ & Mr Majestic (D Morton). 5-y-o style & performance ch 1, Sjarmette (S Harvey); 2, Cotton Candy II (A Edwards); 3, Love Me (C Collins). 1.25m ch 1, Otage (P Miller); 2, Oakhill Supreme (D Burnham); 3, Escape II (M Lanni). DK Bedford Milton 5-y-o qual 1, Limelight De Breve (L Renwick); 2, Hickstead Feeds Dutch Treat (G Williams); 3, Darraks Santee (J Taylor). 1.25m qual 1, Baileys Larisa (J Reed-Stephenson); 2, Amoray (B Ford); 3, Lebertina (A Luke). Schatzberger Design & Print Olympic Star Spotters 6-y-o qual 1, Riley II (T Stockdale); 2 & 3, Little Miss & Najed (M Watson). 1.40m grand prix qual 1, Tropicana (B Twomey); 2, St Honores Liquido (D Charles); 3, Pamone (L Whitaker). style & performance warm-up/qual 1, 24 tied. Equissage Discovery qual 1, Rastello M (E-J Slater); 2, Treasures Madam Josephine (I Wynne); 3, Walton Fox (D Ridgeway). Patrington Leisure Haven Park B&C qual 1, Johnny Jopper (P Charles); 2, Napardie (H Stennett); 3, Leonardo (M Whitaker). Daniel Paul Star of the Future warm-up 1, Power Boy (P Spivey); 2, Lowen Hertz (A Saywell); 3, Paldato (J Loffet). www.4ponys.co.uk 11-&-under warm-up 1, 14 tied. Horse & Hound Foxhunter Masters qual 1, Pegasus Maximus (J Pay); 2, Billy Autumn (A Saywell); 3, Larissa II (J Fry). Curtis Sport Horses 1.10m members cup qual 1, Kamischa; 2, Foxdens Muscadet (R Walker); 3, Favorite (G Talbot). DK Bedford Milton 5-y-o/Schatzberger Design & Print Olympic Starspotters 6-y-o consolation 1, Palouchka (M McLeish); 2, Businessman (M Smith); 3, Ladantus (J Harris). 16 Sep: DK Bedford Milton 5-y-o ch 1, Hickstead Feeds Dutch Treat; 2, Limelight Du Breve; 3, Darraks Santee. Schatzberger Design & Print Olympic Starspotters 6-y-o ch 1, Carnaval Path (M Whitaker); 2, Hello Popsie (J Tuff); 3, Baretto (F Bergendorff). Curtis Sport Horses 1.10m members cup ch 1, Templetrines Lady (L Renwick); 2, Uttah Van Het Indihof (E-J Slater); 3, Candy Time (C Ellis). Equissage Discovery ch 1, Lacajou (R Evison); 2, Billys Gin Sling (M West); 3, Lucky Touch (L Redfearn). Horse & Hound Foxhunter Masters ch 1, Fresh Direct Corlato (T Stockdale); 2, Billy Autumn; 3, No Nonsense T (C Anderson). 1.40m grand prix 1, Tropicana; 2, Hickstead Feeds Skip Two Ramiro (G Williams); 3, Flare Time (M Whitaker). Equine UK Equipulse ladies’ warm-up 1, Lavinda (S Lynch); 2, Rinette (N Jennings); 3, Port Royal (A Bell). Patrington Leisure Haven Park B&C qual 1, Penshaws Parsons Advocate (A Mills); 2, Ackworth Eclipse (A Bradley); 3, Blofeld (A Bell). Horse & Hound Foxhunter Masters consolation 1, Frankie Goes To Hollywood (M Bellinger); 2, Bandoleon (B Menzies); 3, Cisco II (H Turrell). 1.40m consolation 1, Quatro III (R Shields). jnr restricted warm-up 1, Kerry’s Kate; 2, Custom Cruiser (L Mantel); 3, Mister Polo Bear. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers Masters qual 1, Flash Back Q (M Sampson); 2, Lac Leman (M Heath); 3, Misty Dame (L Mellor). jnr intermediate qual 1, Loobeen Shamrock (A Mizon); 2, Air Force One (P Dobby); 3, Knockbeg Westbury (L Pheasant). David Hopkinson 1.30m qual 1, Temple Guess What (P Barker); 2, Loro Piana Hamlet (G Williams); 3, Nitouche Ask (R Bothwell). 1.25m consolation 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze (A Wall); 2, Go Again (R Shields); 3, Mistrato (S Russell). Curtis Sport Horses 1.10m members cup consolation 1, Gibside Sarleen (A Mills); 2, Walton Bombadier (L Long); 3, Major Impression (R Ward). Equissage Discovery consolation 1, Tinka’s Serenade (E-J Slater); 2, Oakhurst Deel Lady (G Talbot); 3, Glidawn Eddie (R Parrott). Patrington Leisure Haven Park B&C consolation 1, Sir Graditz (A Davies); 2, Olympus S (N Fiddes); 3, Go With The Flo (S Evans). 17 Sep: jnr restricted open ch 1, Kerry’s Kate; 2, Frere Jacques (B Gardner); 3, Dooly (H Arnold). 138cm ch 1, Strawberry Fair III (M Sampson); 2, Grey Palace (J Whittaker); 3, Midnight Man (O Hilliard). Patrington Leisure Haven Park Grade C ch 1, It’s Dime (B Twomey); 2, Connery (R Bevis); 3, Beachline (L Huzzey). Patrington Leisure Haven Park Grade B ch 1, Lexa (M Potter); 2, Blofeld; 3, Power Boy. Miller Dutton gents ch 1, Sandy (M Whitaker); 2, Rockstar III (P Charles); 3, Anastasia III (B Twomey). 1.20m members cup qual 1, Jelmer (M Sampson); 2, Amoray; 3, Kamischa. David Hopkinson 1.30m qual 1, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale); 2, Redhill Manta (Vicky Young); 3, Drossage (T Stockdale). Daniel Paul under-21 qual 1, Marco III (J Billington); 2, Ocean (L Pavitt); 3, Stainsby Carlos (L Frame). 138cm warm-up 1, My Gizmo (Z Wilson); 2, Double Dominic (J Clayton); 3, Shady Nook II (M Sampson). BEIB Jnr British Novice qual 1, Solcum Donatella (J Cotton); 2, Terris Bonnie (R Chinery); 3, Adam Abou (R Bayliss). jnr intermediate qual 1, Okehurst Charlie Chaplin (L Sims); 2, Landown Three’s Are Wild (Z Adams); 3, Girl’s Knight. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter Masters 1, Frere Jacques; 2, Flame Of Tara (J Reveley); 3, Drumkilly Sparrow (M Goddard). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers qual 1, Bella Star; 2, Sunkist Lad (J Wingrove); 3, Seafield Silver Jet (G Talbot). British novice qual 1, Rastello M; 2, Zero Wattage; 3, Billy’s Gin Sling. Norton Heath Newcomers Masters qual 1, Carnaval Path; 2, Uttah Van Het Indihof; 3, Valblanc Van Het Panishof (L Pavitt). 18 Sep: Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers Masters 1, Rosie’s Delight (H Roe); 2, Miss Crunchie (D Farnsworth); 3, Irish Storm In A Teacup (J Wingrove). jnr intermediate ch 1, CJ’s Kemosabi (L Saywell); 2, Expression III; 3, Loobeen Shamrock. David Hopkinson 1.30m ch 1, Medio R (A Davies); 2, Temple Guess What; 3, Now Or Never V (V Young). Daniel Paul star of the future 6-y-o ch 1, Rolex (J Reed-Stephenson); 2, Ocombo De L’Eau (P Cornish); 3, Retro (J Tuff). Daniel Paul star of the future 7-y-o ch 1, Fresh Direct Corlato; 2, Nepos Van Limbo (J Whitaker); 3, Temple Phoenix (P Barker). under-21 ch 1, Lavinda; 2, Marco III (J Billington); 3, Horia Du Neretz (L Wade). champion horseman 1, G Williams; 2, M Whitaker; 3, B Twomey; 4, J Annett. 1.20m members cup qual 1, Ferndale Summer Breeze (A Wall); 2, Mistrato (S Russell); 3, Temple What’s New (J Egmore). Norton Heath Newcomers qual 1, Grand Centauer (P Miller); 2, Mersley Mon Capatain (B Dunning); 3, Romeo B (N Channing-Williams). August Silk YR grade C qual 1, Intuition (L Stephenson); 2, Wee Welsh Lady (E Shore); 3, L’Etoile (R Bothwell). British novice qual 1, Wee Welsh Lady; 2, Soliegette (V Tulloch); 3, Loch Neagh Cruise (C Hobson). David Hopkinson 1.30m consolation 1, Quatro III; 2, Classic Vision (A Smith); 3, Kanderosa (N Warwick). BEIB Jnr British Novice qual 1, Red Hot Rocket (N Greep); 2, Its Fun Time Frankie (J Buxton); 3, Texas Tom (L Hayward). Blue Jnr Newcomers Masters consolation 1, Solo Artist (C Kemp); 2, VIP Tixylix (E Akers); 3, Chocolate Supreme III (R Hughes-French). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter Masters qual 1, Bella Star; 2, Flame Of Tara; 3, Summit Assault (M Thompson). 19 Sep: Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter Masters 1, Woodside Entertainer (A Derbyshire); 2, Chocolate Supreme III; 3, Field House Maverick (J Clayton). BEIB Jnr British Novice ch 1, Seafield Silver Jet; 2, Simply Charlie (P Mallender); 3, Typentre Anwen (B McCaul). August Silk under-21 grade C ch 1, Rebellious II (H Penny); 2, Midlands Parodia (N Benterman); 3, Freigraf (D Smith). British novice ch 1, Rastello M; 2, Wee Welsh Lady; 3, Lanarro. 1.20m members cup ch 1, Narla (T Mallin); 2, Haarlem Knight (R Burr); 3, Yabbadabbadoo (L Renwick). Norton Heath Newcomers Masters 1, Riley II; 2, Valblanc Van Het Panishof; 3, Master Cruise (D Lampard). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter Masters 1, Havenstreet Sweet Sensation (H Webster); 2, Night And Day (L Tate); 3, Cappagh More (E Nuttall). jnr British novice 1, Wispa II (C Hill); 2, Pendarves Diplomat (L Clarke); 3, Rising Mist (H McCaie). 1.20m members cup consolation 1, Rapkyns Echelon (N Pirie); 2, Miss Nikita (L Redfearn); 3, Carnaval Dance. August Silk YR Grade C consolation 1, Parola (L Phillips); 2, Flagmount Red Diamond (K Ferrier); 3, Ratina RBZ (H Matthews). Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice consolation 1, Carnaval Twist (P Jones); 2, Ally McBeal (L Redfearn); 3, Rusus (S Dean). Norton Heath Newcomers consolation 1, Chico PS (D Pearson Smith); 2, Hatherall Legend (N Robinson).

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