BS Area 15A showjumping results, 14 August, 2011

  • Oasis at Charm Park 1.25m.— 1, Wet Wet Wet (K Fuller); 2, Alexander (H McCaie); 3, Stanhopes Good Friday (S Swiers). Easibed High Offley Stud National 1.30m.— 1, Wet Wet Wet; 2, Cree Cruiser (L Robinson); 3, Lord Of Arabia (J Whitaker). Hoggards Of Huggate 1.40m.— 1, Blush (L Whitaker); 2, Cree Cruiser (L Robinson); 3, Sorento 5 (P Barker). Browns of Pocklington East Yorkshire & Humberside area trial.— 1, Temple Ryefield (P Barker); 2, Alcina (T Newman); 3, Senator W (J Knox). Mercedes-Benz Of Hull ride & drive.— 1&2, Amira & Zeb (P Barker); 3, Fairviews Nulisen 54 (R Oliver). Hemingbrough Horseboxes KBIS Insurance British nov.— 1, Alicante (H McCaie); 2, Bramcotes Legend (H Dowse); 3, Cavlijn II (S Jimmison). Joe Coe farrier Equissage discovery.— 1 & 3, Checkmate & Arcade (L Whitaker); 2, Lady Lola (B Wright). Westlands Angling 1.05m.— 1, Volanda (R Ginley); 2, Manor Missile (C Break); 3, Frankies Boy (H Robson). Port Royal Area 15A 1m ch.— 1, Frankies Boy; 2, Wamberto T (R Sweetman); 3, Damandon Newtown (E Stocks). Welwyn LGV Equestrian Clearance newcomers.— 1, Barrichello (J Whitaker); 2, Bailey (J Smith); 3, Tourmaline (M Bennison). Autoelectrics Services 1.10m.— 1, Adagio (A Duncan); 2, Little Imp II (N Oliver); 3, Atravolta (J Blackmore). Redwoods Equestrian Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Warrens Beau (A Shaw); 2, Bailey; 3, Little Imp. Drewery Haulage 80cm.— 1, It’s A Breeze (N Wright); 2, Machine Endeavour (H Truelove); 3, Beechcrest Bambi (W Webster). Purely Nutrition 128/138cm.— 1&2, Dooneen Dreamboy & Hillgarth Riverdance (D Patrick). Sadofskys Accountants British nov ch.— 1, Huwil Bluebell (C Howarth); 2, It’s A Breeze; 3, Beechcrest Bambi. Sams Safaris discovery/90cm.— 1, Gooig Spirit (S Corney); 2, Simply Charlie (S Holmes); 3, Ole III (A Jimmison). Port Royal Area 15A 90cm ch.— 1, Hillgarth Riverdance; 2, West Flight (S Corney); 3, Midges Pet (I Holmes). Rimmer Bros Blue Chip Feed Balancer newcomers.— 1, Fluster Buster (J Wynne); 2, Bastion (A Jimmison); 3, Bridgets Boy (L Hill). 1m.— 1, Ocean Breeze (S Corney); 2 & 3, Mr Bobs & Wizard VIII (B Robinson). O’Learys Motor Homes Squibb Demolition Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, Ocean Breeze ; 2, Salvador IV (B Robinson); 3, Kahola Aquillo (E Hawcroft). 80cm.— 1, Red Zed (N Burrel); 2, Bjork (G Clarkson); 3, Balinmore Rebel Brigadier (C Hillian). 90cm nat am.— 1, Landwind (L Mays); 2, Seuira (N Kirk); 3, Special Envoy (L Porter). Equestrian Life 1m nat am.— 1, Landwind; 2, Bjork.

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