British National Foal of the Year results 6 November ’05

  • BRITISH NATIONAL FOAL OF THE YEAR Solihull RC, West Midlands, 6 November

    coloured/spotted (A Hill) filly under 148cm 1 & ch, K Wilson’s Heiland Esmerelda; 2, B Twining’s Pinglewood Zola; 3, J Martlew’s Hermits Tiger Lily. exc 148cm 1 & res, M Lyle’s Burberry. do colt/geld 1, J Sillitoe’s Kingfisher; 2, M Lyle’s Pintofields Alcazar; 3, M Simpson’s Badgers Quality Street. palomino (K Holloway) filly under 148cm 1 & res, Shaw & Hardy’s Tinvaal Firecracker. colt/geld 148cm 1, M Owen’s Gelliniog Ffrancon; 2, C Llewellyn’s Henfynyw Bowen. exc 148cm 1 & ch, C Ainscoe’s Tylands Kumar. amateur home-produced (S Payne) filly under 148cm1 & sup pony, Nott’s Chasecroft Gazelle; 2, J Weedon’s Gipson Nightingale; 3, D Lee’s Deanhills Nutkin. colt/geld 1, J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Dream; 2, J Vallentin’s Towerlanze Jack Of Diamonds; 3, K Phillip’s Sandboro Dinkey Toy. filly exc 148cm 1 & res, H Bulls’ Romany Play The Echo; 2, R Perkin’s Flare; 3, L Fletcher’s Surreal Flame. colt/geld 1, J Crane’s Tymor Benitez; 2, M Holton’s Sulan Electric Prince; 3, L Gilbert’s Qaseem. show riding horse (J Bourne) filly 158cm 1 & res, Romany Play The Echo; 2, K Phillips’s Sandboro Miss Saigon; 3, M Lyle’s Comberton Corncockle. colt/geld 1 & ch, R Mackenzie’s Formidable Opposition. filly exc 158cm 1, R Riley’s Ladylodge Bo-Tegan; 2, J Sillitoe’s Capital Alma; 3, C Chamberlain’s Just Make It. colt/geld exc 158cm 1, J Sillitoe’s Kingfisher; 2, G Harvey’s Harveys St George. show hack (A Mickleburgh) filly 154cm 1 & res, J Gilchrist’s Romano Royal Talk; 2, K Phillip’s Sandboro Miss Saigon. 160cm 1 & ch, J Sillitoe’s Walnut Whip. Anglo/part-bred Arab (C Rowell) filly 153cm 1 & ch, Romano Royal Talk; 2, S Norris’s Bordesley Golden Dream; 3, L Fletcher’s El Aramoonah. colt/geld 1, N Gilbert’s Quaseem; 2, S Brown’s Sulan Electric Shock. filly exc 153cm 1 & res, R Jones’s Louraise Shes A Lady. pure-bred Arab (M Wragg) filly born before 1.4.05 1, Woodward’s HT Oreeka. colt/geld 1 & sup, Woodward’s HT Orinoco; 2, H Gough’s HG Romeo; 3, Sulan Electric Prince. after 1.4.05 1, S Brown’s Sulan Electric Sunshine. do filly 1 & res, K Whittard’s Tarifa; 2, K Whittard’s Mahdinah; 3, unlisted. Welsh (R Parker-Jones) sec D 1, J Llewellyn-James’s Avonvalley Hells Angel; 2, W Vines’ Cavyl Sweet Chariot; 3, Cavyl Mister Bee. sec C 1 & res sup, Wyken Stud’s Wyken Romeo; 2, M Guy’s Red Pool Gambit; 3, J Llewellyn-James’s Avonvalley Iechyd Da. sec B 1, M Lupton’s Wynwood Isabella; 2, W Martin’s Birkinbrook Arabella; 3, A Wilkes’s Reylem Crackerjack. sec A filly 1 & res, E Waller’s Delami Red Dragon; 2, F Duffin’s Netherfield Pandora; 3, Glanhayl Stud’s Glanhayl Hafwen. Shetland (J Holt) min filly 1, L Hutchinson’s Longfield Pandora; 2, Pinglewood Zola; 3, S Jones’s Chaseend Vanessa. colt/geld 1, L Hutchinson’s Longfield Peanut; 2, B Twining’s Pinglewood Peter Pan; 3, S Penfold’s Ringkay Expresss. standard Shetland, filly 1 & ch, P Joyner’s Denella Mountain Blossom; 2, B Joyner’s Somahouse Holly; 3, J Taylor’s Pollyannas Dolly. colt/geld 1 & res & 2, M Arden’s Claylands Royal Secret & Claylands Moorlands Monarch; 3, Claylands Christopher Bo Fionn Aro. M&M (D Bright) Dartmoor/Exmoor 1 & ch, P Rushton’s Rochedo The Falcon; 2, B Simcox’s Rochedo Beach Bandit. Connemara/New Forest 1, McGuirk & Bevill’s Mallardswood Saint Peter. Fell/Dales/Highland 1 & res, L Ravenscroft’s Abervale Brenin. part-bred Welsh (A Abrahall) filly 128cm 1, D Lee’s Deanhills Nutkin; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Nightingale; 3, J Baker’s Colouiann Polos Lady Sue. filly/colt/geld under 138cm 1 & ch, J Gilchrist’s Falconhurst (Aus) Serenity; 2, Chasecroft Gazelle; 3, Towerlanze Jack Of Diamonds. exc 138cm 1 & res, J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Dream; 2, Bride & Brown’s Brideswood Fascination; 3, J Barton’s Broadway Burlington Bertie. SHP (M Beeston) under 122cm 1, F Duffin’s Netherfield Pandora. 143cm 1, Byrd & Pickford’s Comberton Charles; 2, C Llewellyn’s Henfynyw Bowen. 153cm 1, Hobbs & Byrd’s Comberton Countryman. show ponies (H Barton) filly 128cm 1, K Duffin’s Netherfield Peridot. exc 128cm 1 & res, Jipson Nightingale; 2, Horsequest’s Longbourne Sugar Plum; 3, Colouiann Polos Lady Sue. colt/geld 1, D Evan’s Hardwick Cashman. filly 138cm 1 & ch, Chasecroft Gazelle; 2, Falconhurst (Aus) Serenity; 3, Johnson & Treeby’s Queensdale Chasisminka. colt/geld 1, Towerlanze Jack Of Diamonds. filly 148cm 1, J Buckley’s Waltza Perfect Miracle; 2, Brideswood Fascination. colt/geld 1, Waltza Perfect Dream.

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