Britain’s Horsiest County: sporting icons

As part of our survey into Britain’s Horsiest County, we asked our section editors, who are responsible for all the various aspects of equestrian sport that H&H covers, to nominate the people, places and events that are most important to our sport this year.

Based on their experience of talking to our readers and other experts in their respective fields, here are their nominations for:

Equestrian legends: the current equestrian “names”

Iconic events: the events that set the standard in equestrian sport

Equestrian megacentres: centres that attract riders from far and wide

Find out how we did the scoring

Meet the H&H section editors

Catherine Austen
Catherine is responsible for hunting, racing and polo in the magazine.
Jennifer Donald
Jennifer is responsible for showjumping, products and Ask H&H.
Pippa Roome
Pippa is responsible for eventing, driving, endurance, riding clubs and Pony Club.
Nicola Swinney
Nicola is responsible for point-to-pointing and showing.
Sarah Jenkins
Sarah is responsible for dressage, team chasing and sport horse.

View equestrian legends

View iconic events

View equestrian megacentres

Find out how we did the scoring

For the full report on Britain’s Horsiest County, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (7 July, ’10) — out today

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