Border Union Show 30 – 31 July ’04

  • BORDER UNION Kelso, 30-31 July

    RP in-hand (J Bryer) y’ling 128cm 1, E Peet’s Beckcroft Charisma;2, Mr & Mrs J Fox’s Ben Neagh Splendid Fox;3, G Tait’s Gamuelston Beau Brummel.
    138cm 1, K Allen’s Chaceside Crystal Clear; 2, V Anderson’s Dinsdale Pop Star; 3, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Deep Red. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 128cm 1, J Thomas’s Panbree Hazel. 138cm 1 & res, T Whiting’s Whalton Celebrity;2, S Robson’s Perrington Prima Donna;3, A Redpath’s Gorfenletch Camelot. y’ling 148cm 1, ch & res, K Allen’s Chaceside Crystal Clear;2, E Peet’s Beckcroft Charisma; 3, Mr & Mrs J Fox’s Ben Neagh Splendid Fox. do 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, T Whiting’s Whalton Celebrity;2, C Eddery’s Dorlyn Magician;3, E Peet’s Beckcroft Page Boy. b’mare 1 & ch, J Gilchrist’s Radway Small Talk; 2 & res, M Pickles’ Barnside Honey Buzzard; 3, Mr & Mrs J Fox’s Ben Neagh Dancing Fox. foal 1 & ch, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Springtime; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs J Fox’s Ben Neagh Foxy Funny Bunny; 3, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Boss in Motion. Welsh ponies (E Ashwin) stallion/colt sec A 1, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Newsflash;2, F Blackie’s Knodishall Comerie. sec B do 1 & ch, R Duncan’s Eyarth Mowgli; 2, V Laing’s Perpop Neptune. sec A barren mare/geld 1, A Dobinson’s Blanche Mitzi;2, S Alexander’s Wrentnall Flicker;3, S Athey’s Winneydene Annabell. b’mare 1 & res, A Dobinson’s Brierdene Nicole; 2, Mr & Mrs D Rowland’s Gartconnel Sonnet; 3, F Blackie’s Bluehaven Vannilla. foal 1, A Dobinson’s Brierdene Newstar; 2, F Blackie’s Liddesdale Solar Essence; 3, Mr & Mrs D Rowland’s Glaisnook foal. sec B barren mare/geld 1 & o’all geld, J Jarvis’s Rosedust Desert Sand; 2, L Keay’s Rosedust Wild Flower; 3, P Simpson’s Pepperwell McVitie. b’mare 1 & res, Mr & Mrs P Allen’s Bleachgreen Siskin. foal 1, Mr & Mrs P Allen’s Bleachgreen foal. y’ling sec A 1, ch, NPS M&M in-hand ch & o’all M&M ch, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Nevada;2, M Foran’s Roseisle Tudyr Storm;3, S Robson’s Nether Moss Master Mariner. do sec B 1, J Campbell’s Wedderlie Mariota;2, Mr & Mrs P Allen’s Bleachgreen Swallow;3, D Bain’s Heugh Pendragon. 2/3-y-o filly/geld sec A 1, A Dobinson’s Brierdene Samantha; 2, L Cormack’s Waxwing Harlequin; 3, Mr & Mrs D Rowland’s Dukeshill Mayday. do sec B 1, R Duncan’s Bannut Cherished Light; 2, D Bain’s Heugh Snapdragon; 3, J Thomas’s Panbree Hazel. stallion/mare/geld sec C/D 1 & ch, L Cormack’s Waxwing Rhumba; 2, res & res o’all geld, J Jarvis’s Parkville Tywysog; 3, M Foran’s Raggithill Rook. Highland (B Haliburton) stallion/mare/geld 1 & ch, P Gray & G Duncan’s Pipers Black Bryony; 2 & res, J Grant’s Burnside Erin;3, S Fairfield’s Macallum Of Millfield. y’ling/3-y-o 1, S Brooks’ Jaimy Of Ednam House;2, N Munro’s Strathmore Logan;3, S Brooks’ Beccan Of Ednam House. ridden 1, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose; 2, R Darling’s Moss-side Campsie Glen; 3, L Carter’s Callum Of Alltnacriche. native & part-bred ridden (L Sims) LR 1, Mesdames Robertson & Brown’s Haven Justa Jenie;2, H Somerset’s Dryknowl Ennu;3, P Simpson’s Lippens Cornet. do FR 1, Mr & Mrs D Mactaggart’s Roseisle Pangelica; 2, H Somerset’s Roseisle Confetti; 3, A Isles’ Closeburn Gypsy Baron. Connemara 1, NPS ridden sup & o’all M&M res, J Macallum’s Sydserff Lord Of The Dance;2, H Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear;3, J Somervail’s Bellindene Forest Oak. Welsh sec A/B 1, J Cowan’s Bengad Rumex; 2, C Dudgeon’s Telynau Grenadier; 3, S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper. Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland 1 & NPS ridden res sup, E Cowell’s Breamish Julian; 2, Mrs Dowdeswell’s Raphael; 3, W Dunn’s Rekcilf Fairground Diplomacy. Dales/Fell/Welsh sec C/D/New Forest 1, J McKnight’s Ty’r Eos Sir Ken;2, L Cormack’s Vatersay Of Knoxfauld;3, G & R Rawlinson’s Clarmount Star. part-bred native ridden 1, L Henderson’s Winvine Dark Secret;2, Mr & Mrs P Wilson’s Harvest Gold;3, M Whiteford’s Aldwich Arabesque. do y’ling/3-y-o 1 & ch, A Redpath’s Gorfenletch Camolot; 2 & res, V Anderson’s Dinsdale Popstar; 3, S Robson’s Perrington Prima Donna. native ponies in-hand (Mrs S Hide) Shetland/Exmoor 4-y-o & over 1 & res, J Watson’s Willowbry First Lady; 2, C Rogerson’s Rossi; 3, A Elsworth’s Huntmuir Harriet. y’ling/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Watson’s Celtic Robert The Bruce;2, J Watson’s Hillbrooks Poppy; 3, A Davidson’s Redburn Tiny Tornado.
    Dartmoor mare/geld
    1, Mr & Mrs C Anderson’s Haven Monique;2, W Dunn’s Rekcilf Fairground Diplomacy. stallion/colt 1 & ch, J Moore & P Decker’s Oaktree Starstorm;2, Mr & Mrs D Anderson & L Anderson’s Dunmere Buff Ermine. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, ch & res, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Bartoli;2, Mr & Mrs C Anderson’s Rushfield Royal Celebration;3, J Moore’s Cayberry Playja. y’ling colt/flly/geld 1 & res, Mr & Mrs C Anderson’s Rushfield Melodymaker; 2, Mr & Mrs P Tyler’s Springwater Mariner. Connemara/New Forest stallion/mare/geld 1 & ch, D Staveley’s Eastlands Burniebrae; 2 & res, V Williams’ Grayswood Village Sealaric; 3, S Smith’s Milford Adventurer. y’ling/3-y-o 1, D Staveley’s Eastlands Dun Rose; 2, E Lauder’s Sapphire; 3, R Turner’s Bowerwood Pernickerty. Dales/Fell stallion/mare/geld 1, G & R Rawlinson’s Clarmount Star; 2, J Fleming’s Inglegarth Athena; 3, A Nisbet’s Marlingdyke Mimosa. y’ling/3-y-o 1, ch & NPS M&M in-hand res, Messrs Smith’s Carrock I’m Yer Man; 2 & res, R Charlton’s Linnel Jemima; 3, J Woolley’s Lunesdale Shamrock. hunter pony breeding (S Hide) b’mare 153cm 1, Mr & Mrs D Mactaggart’s Kelcott Snap Dragon; 2, F Hutcheson’s Fair Sunrise; 3, J Runciman’s Keltic Surprise. y’ling 1 & ch, C Rogerson’s Royal Rebel;2, A Dalton’s Hot Shots Girl. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & res, J Hedley’s Megland Sandstorm; 2, C Eddery’s Dorlyn Magician; 3, A Dalton’s Hot King Cole. y’ling 134cm 1, D Bain’s Heugh Pendragon. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1, A Redpath’s Gorfenletch Camolot; 2, J Thomas’s Panbree Hazel; 3, D Bain’s Heugh Snapdragon. CHAPS coloured horses (B Ashby-Jones) non-native open ridden 1 & res, J Rutherford’s Rocky Rebel; 2, J Wilson’s Basil Brush; 3, D Galbraith’s Smarty. native/cob/trad 1 & ch, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Easy Oasy; 2, T Wardrop’s Trudy Alabama; 3, A Langford’s Ace. non-native in-hand 1, G McFadyen’s Thistle; 2, S Dun’s Gypsie Joe; 3, I Brown’s Flying Colours VII. do native/cob/trad 1, T Wardrop’s Trudy Alabama; 2, N Weatherston’s Lillibeth; 3, A Langford’s Ace. y’stck 1, A Dalton’s Hot King Cole;2, A Dalton’s Hot Shots Girl;3, G McFadyen’s Thistle. HOYS Simpson Refractories M&M pony of the year Q (J Webb, J Williams) Fell/Highland/ Dales 1, S Finlayson’s Glentruim Of Drumtochty; 2, S Bowring’s Martindale Monty; 3, A Mitchell’s Dunedin May Rose. sec C/D 1, Mrs Knipe’s Ffoslas Ceredig; 2, B Thomson’s Langarth Lucky Boy; 3, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Waxwing Raffia. New Forest/Connemara 1, J Macallum’s Sydserff Lord Of The Dance;2, B McGrath’s Moorbank Hale-Bopp;3, J Sonnex’s Glencarrig Bobby. sec A/B 1, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee; 2, C Dudgeon’s Telynau Grenadier; 3, G Homfray-Jones’s Roseisle Tudyr Melody. Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland 1, Mrs Knipe’s Springtimes Mischief; 2, S Bowring’s Cranbrook Paddocks Cragganmore; 3, E Boardman’s Dykes Country Mead. HOYS M&M LR 1, E Gammie’s Tullibardine Golden Rod; 2, H Somerset’s Dryknowl Ennu; 3, J McCluskey’s Colliyers Molly Coddle. FR 1, L Atkinson’s Glenwood Dancing Queen; 2, E Gammie’s Tullibardine Golden Rod; 3, Mrs Knipe’s Springtimes Miscchief. M&M WHP (D Dick, JS Strang) 122cm 1 & ch, The Duchess of Roxburghe’s Abbottsdale Caramac; 2, W Dunn’s Hisley Diplomat; 3, L Bryson’s Black Label. 138cm 1 & res, G Whetter’s Heltondale Pride; 2, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, E Cowell’s Coxwold Desire. exc 138cm 1, J Cramb & E Owen’s Sydserff Clinker; 2, H Sloan’s Cruz Control; 3, E Lauder’s Cheviot Ramarisk. Ponies (UK) Burghley Event Pony 2004 (N Neill, T Brash, P Warcup) comp/sport pony 133cm 1, H Meikle’s Landswood Jack Of Diamonds. do 153cm 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Danny Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer; 3, D Galbraith’s Smarty. WHP (J Bryer, N Neill)153cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer;2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Braeview Maximus;3, H Sloan’s Cruz Control. 143cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Danny Boy; 2, D Galbraith’s Smarty; 3, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers. 133cm 1, C Dudgeon’s Hilltop Beano; 2, L Henderson’s Winvine Dark Secret; 3, S Weir’s Super Star. Pony Club interbranch team jumping (P Wilson) jnr 1, Nithsdale; 2, Berwickshire Hunt; 3, Duke of Buccleugh. snr 1, North Northumberland; 2, Berwickshire Hunt; 3, Berwickshire Hunt. Burghley Winergy Young Event Horse (Mrs M Furness, A Spalding, Mrs F Muirhead, Mrs M Colquhoun) event horse 5-y-o 1, C Ridley’s Three Wishes; 2, V Simpson’s Centre Stage; 3, V Irvine’s Silent Rayne. 4-y-o 1, S McClure’s Franz Ferdinand; 2, J Glass’s Witch Wind; 3, C Cousar’s Tiree. hunters in-hand (A Spalding) b’mare 158cm 1, A Ferguson’s Indio Shannon. exc 158cm 1, J & W Moran’s Tiger Lily; 2, G Bruce’s Foxy Philly; 3, A Rutherford’s Senora D’or. foal 1, J & W Moran’s unnamed; 2, A Ferguson’s Jolene O’Saaynon;3, G Bruce’s Bemersyde Bouncer. y’ling 1, C Bunton’s Herdsman of Etive; 2, C Humphries’ Kuwait’s Heir. geld/filly 2-y-o 1, C Reid’s Highland Master;2, C Riddell-Webster’s Kiwi Joe. 3-y-o 1, ch & sup, J & W Moran’s Smart Thinking; 2, res & res sup, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Four Acres;3, J Stirrat’s Dance Till Dawn. ridden hunters (J Bryer, L Sims) WH 1, J MacFarlane’s Axminster; 2, M Shiell’s Belling Burn; 3, A Brewis’s Polly. 4-y-o 1 & res, L Moorhouse’s Paymaster;2, T Brash’s Freelander;3, J Monaghan’s Kilnaugton Bay. exc 158cm, 5-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A McCowan’s Bally Quirke; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brown’s Rockhill Saucy Sam; 3, Mr & Mrs A Bowie’s Oak Bay. 158cm 1, K Mactaggart’s Strongalong; 2, S Pittendrigh’s Earl of March; 3, H Mactaggart’s Freddie Starr. RH (B Ashby-Jones) 15.2hh 1 & res, J Rutherford’s Rocky Rebel; 2, S Heslop’s Red Sawyers Dream; 3, S Duggan’s Miss Monique. exc 15.2hh 1 & ch, L King’s Paddy’s Gold; 2, A Hamilton’s Astrac Trio; 3, L McFadyen’s Ayrborn. side-saddle (B Ashby-Jones) concours d’elegance 1, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 2, K Fletcher’s Lindenhall Debutante; 3, V Wilson’s Classy Lassy. Langston & Caldene qual 1 & ch, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 2 & res, A Simpson’s Blue Tudor; 3, K Fletcher’s Lindenhall Debutante. Clydesdale horses (P Bedford) geld 1, P Tennant’s Simpson; 2, Glasgow City Council’s Duke; 3, A & D Govan’s Glenskenno Tam. y’ling/2-y-o colt/geld 1, R Morton’s unnamed; 2, Mr & Mrs J Withers’ Mr Macleod. b’mare 1, T Tennant’s unnamed. foal 1, T Tennant. filly 2-y-o 1 & ch, T Tennant’s unnamed; 2 & res, I Glass’s Garleton Kathleen. do y’ling 1, A McLean’s Lochcote Princess Peggy. young handlers 1, I Glass; 2, G Tennant; 3, V McLean. Shire horses (P Bedford) geld 1 & ch, J Cowen’s Podger; 2 & res, J Fairbairn’s Prince; 3, G Henderson’s Spring. decorated harness 1 & ch, S Graham’s Royal; 2 & res, J Fairbairn’s Prince. heavy horse turnouts (P Bedford) single 1 & ch, P Tennant’s Simpson; 2, A & D Govan’s Glenskenno Tam. pair 1, Glasgow City Council’s Sam & Mac; 2, J Fairbairn’s Mick & Blaze; 3, A & D Govan’s Glenskenno Tam & Glenskenno Mac. single/pair to agricultural vehicle 1, J Cowen’s Poger. 3 or more 1 & res, Glasgow City Council; 2, A & D Govan.

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