Border P-to-P

    Hexham, Sunday, 21 May (Good to Soft Soft in places becoming Soft)

    1400. Confined, 12st

    1 Granoski Gala (Petoski) (Morag Herdman), 7a Miss R Davidson
    2 Red Gauntlet (Gavin Hamilton), 8x, fav L Morgan
    3 Hurricane Bay (Valerie Jackson) Miss K Fitzgerald

    Also: Erte (pu), 7a. 4 ran. 8l, 15l. 7min 15.0s. SP: 2-1. (West Percy).

    1401. Restricted, 12st5lb

    1 Sessay Miller (Primitive Rising (USA)) (Oliver Turner) R Wakeham
    2 Kindle A Flame (Mary Sowersby) G Brewer
    3 Senza Scrupoli (Michael Humphreys), fav Miss W Gibson

    Also: Gooner (IRE) (pu), River Bandit (pu), Sir Homo (IRE) (pu), 1ow, Thunder Hawk (IRE) (pu), Valley Rover (IRE) (pu), Watch It (pu). 9 ran. 20l, hd. 7min 10.0s. SP: 7-2. (Bilsdale).

    1402. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Texas Ranger (Mtoto) (Peter Foster) Miss T Clark
    2 Ofcoursehekhan (IRE) (Nicola Neill), fav Mrs N Neill
    3 Snizort (USA) (Philip Watson), bl Miss F Hartley

    Also: Anniejo (pu), 7a, Be A Better Boy (ur), Rose of The Hill (IRE) (pu). 6 ran. 40l, 12l. 7min 04.0s. SP: 2-1. (Pendle Forest & Craven).

    1403. Mens Open, 12st5lb

    1 Indien du Boulay (FR) (Chef de Clan II (FR)) (Charles Ramsay) C Ramsay
    2 Decent Bond (IRE) (Victor Thompson), fav M Thompson
    3 Spectacular View (IRE) (Thomas Dawson), bl J Dawson

    Also: Freddie Freccles (ur), 7a. 4 ran. 10l, runin. 7min 35.0s. SP: 5-4. (Berwickshire).

    1404. Open Maiden, 12st5lb

    1 Lady Janal (Sir Harry Lewis (USA)) (R Douglas), 7a M Ellwood
    2 Reeker Pike (Sheena Walton), 7a Miss C Walton
    3 Freeway (Valerie Jackson) Mrs V Jackson

    Also: Bridal Action (4), Little Rebel (5), 7a, Fair Doo (IRE) (6), fav, Nomadic Ice (7), Desert Music (pu), 7a, Mini Beck (pu), Try Me And See (pu), Twin Bay Cruiser (pu), Whitehope Lass (pu), 7a. 12 ran. 4l, 3l, 1l, 11/2l, 10l, 1l. 7min 37.0s. SP: 4-1. (Buccleuch).

    1405. Open Maiden 56&7yo, 2m4f 12st5lb

    1 Thenford Sir (IRE) (General Monash (USA)) (Clive Storey), 7a C Storey
    2 The Artful Fox (Mary Sowersby), 7a G Brewer
    3 Blakes Wood (IRE) (Edward Stanners) C Gillon

    Also: Banners Flying (IRE) (4), Lemai (pu), 14a, Seahorse Point (IRE) (pu), 7a, The Baillie (IRE) (pu), fav, Tim’s Moll (pu), 7a. 8 ran. hd, 15l, 1l. 6min 11.0s. SP: 8-1. (College Valley/Northumberland).

    1406. Hunt Members, 12st

    1 Run On Thyne (IRE) (Good Thyne (USA)) (Peter Elliot), 7a Miss R Davidson
    2 Garden Feature (Jimmy Walton), 7x, 7a, fav Miss C Walton

    Also: Blackhill Princess (ur), bl, 7a, Wensley Blue (IRE) (pu), bl, 7x. 4 ran. 1l. 7min 28.0s. SP: 5-2. (Jedforest/Border).

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