Boost your horse’s immune system

  • Actimune , a new feed supplement helps horses stay in good health at times of stress

    A new feed supplement that helps maintain a healthy immune system in horses of all ages has been launched in the UK.

    Actimune, an apple-flavoured powder, is designed to help the horse’s immune system cope in stressful situations, such as during weaning, or while travelling and competing, so reducing the risk of the animal picking up an infection.

    Formulated by equine nutritionists and veterinary surgeons, the manufuacturers claim:

    • Actimune provides an effective immune system booster by stimulating the horse’s natural defense against bacterial and viral infection
    • The inclusion of a yeast culture aids digestion and improves the absorption of critical nutrients
    • Improved performance may be seen as a result of increased red blood cell production, which will improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, and increased ability to handle stress

    Already popular in the US, Actimune has been used successfully in the UK on foals and yearlings at the Cheveley Park Stud in Newmarket.

    “We have fed Actimune to a selected number of our foals and yearlings over the past 12 months and early indications are that Actimune does boost their immune system, giving these individuals a noticeably better defence against virus attack,” said a spokesperson for the stud.

    Other fans of the supplement include Dr Jean Lamb, a veterinary surgeon from Kentucky, US, who uses it on thoroughbred foals and yearlings as well as competition horses.

    “I have seen how Actimune enables horses to resist infection, by maximizing the effectiveness of the immune system,” said Jean. “Actimune also has some important side benefits, including maintaining appetite under high stress conditions. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to maximize a horse’s ability to keep itselfhealthy.”

    Available in 1.36kg (3lbs) and 4.54kg (10lbs) tubs. A 1.36kg pack will last approximately 60 days depending on dosage.

    Cost at around £55 for 3lb tub and £130 for 10lb tub.

    For more information contact UK distributors American Thoroughbred Products (tel: 01985 844613).

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