Book guide: Under £20

  • The Principles of Teaching Riding
    by Julian Marczak and Karen Bush
    published by David & Charles

    An ideal present for those who teach at any level, this book includes useful advice on the relationship between teacher andpupil as well as tips on dealing with a wide variety of lessons and situations. It contains a good selection of exercises and plenty of suggestions on how to get the most out of horse and rider during a training session.

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    The Dressage Rider’s Problem Solver
    by Barry Marshall
    published by Crowood Press

    This book is designed to help rider at all levels identify their faults, find the causes and then set about putting them right. If you read this book from cover to cover you will gain lots of handy hints, but it is also an invaluable reference book which can be used just when you need help with a specific problem.

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    Masters of Equitation on Trot
    complied by Martin Diggle
    published by J A Allen

    This book takes a historical look at the differing views, past and present, on the pace of trot. It doesn’t promote one person’s philosophy over another, but provides a reference to different schools of thought. It explores the value which trot has in schooling and suppling the horse, and explains how the natural pace is developed into the working gait. Masters of Equitation on Canter is also available.

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    The Voice of Bugle Ann
    by MacKinlay Kantor
    published by Derrydale Press

    This little book is the tale of how one man?s love for a special Foxhound leads him to extreme measures when she disappears. It is the delightful story of how they are reunited.

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    Hound Music
    by Rosalind Belben
    published by Chatto and Windus

    Hound Music is an historical novel, which tells the story of an MFH’s widow and her distaste for her late husband’s beloved hounds. She is determined to be rid of the hounds, despite her children’s love for hunting, but an incident while she is overseas begins to change her mind.

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    Think Like Your Horse
    by Michael Peace and Lesley Bayley
    published by David & Charles

    Thoughtful and practical without being egotistical, this book covers everything from backing to behavioural problems with the emphasis on training as a science. Michael Peace’s “think equus” philosophy is beautifully illustrated with photographs by Bob Atkins.

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    Schooling Problems Solved With NLP
    by Wendy Jago, featuring Charles de Kunffy
    published by JA Allen

    Wendy Jago explains how neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has changed her riding. Wendy has found that NLP builds up communication between horse and rider, which makes training and competition calmer and less pressured. Charles de Kunffy, who is one of the instructors at the Training the Teachers of Tomorrow Trust, also contributes. Unfortunately, the excellent text is let down by the quality of some of the photographs.

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    Schooling Horses In-hand for Suppling and Collection
    by Richard Hinrichs
    published by JA Allen

    Working in-hand is a key element in the classical tradition, but has largely lost currency in recent years. Richard Hinrichs explains how work in-hand can be used to improve the horse’s suppleness and teach and improve higher dressage movements. The explanations are clear and the advice always practical. A video is also available.

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    The Injury-Free Horse
    by Amanda Sutton
    published by David & Charles

    Amanda Sutton, former physiotherapist to the British team and one of the most respectedin the business, shows how to assess your horse’s state of health and looks at massage, suppling and stretching exercises, tack and many other issues. Extremely readable and clearly illustrated, this book contains a wealth of information on maintaining a sound, healthy horse.

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    The Organic Horse
    by Peter Gray
    published by David & Charles

    Vet Peter Gray says that most of the diseases affecting horses are either man-made or aggravated by factors we can control – everything from what they eat and where they live to the way they work and the amount of freedom permitted. While not all experts will agree with all his beliefs, he provides much to think about.

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    Care and Management of the Older Horse
    by Heather Scott Parsons
    published by J A Allen

    Horses are now living and often competing for longer. This book is essential reading for anyone looking to prolong an older horse’s life, whether in work or retirement. An excellent mix of compassion, common sense and scientific research, it looks at general care, feeding and health problemsand ranges from nutrition to farriery.

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    Horse and Pony Ailments – Recognition and Treatment
    by Eddie Straiton
    published by The Crowood Press

    Some users may already have an earlier edition of this classic book from the original TV vet. The text and pictures have more than stood the test of time (with some updating) and, for a veterinary book, it is a surprisingly good read. This would be a valuable addition to any horse owner’s bookshelf or would make an excellent present.

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    Channel Four Racing Complete A-Z of Horse Racing
    by Sean Magee
    published by Pan Macmillan

    Have you ever wondered how many winners Nicky Henderson rode as an amateur, the origins of the Cesarewitch or what a jockey’s valet does to earn his pay? Channel Four’s new offering answers these questions, and many more, in its comprehensive reference guide on the sport of kings. The text is well laid out and cross-references enhance the easy-to-follow format. An essential present for enthusiasts and new converts alike.

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