Book guide: Under £10

  • The Pony Puzzle Book 2
    by Mary Langton and Anne Pilgrim
    published by J A Allen

    This book is packed with quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches and other mind-bending puzzles covering all areas of equine knowledge. Including a full set of answers, this second edition of the Pony Puzzle Book is an educational and enjoyable stocking filler for pony lovers of all ages.

    Click here to view The Pony Puzzle Book 2 at Amazon, priced £5.95.

    Rural Rides
    by William Cobbett
    published by Penguin Classics

    An account of William Cobbett’s horseback tours of southern England between 1821 and 1826, this book is paints a picture of the English countryside as seen through this prolific political writer’s eyes. Riding to promote the issues facing farm labourers, the resulting book is a powerful insight into living and working in the 19th century countryside.

    Click here to view Rural Rides at Amazon, priced £7.19.

    Defiance at the Inn
    by Mary May
    published by Manor Acre

    A rollicking adventure for children set in a coaching inn in 1837, where someone is nobbling the horses. Nicholas, 12, and his sister Beth, 14, set out to unravel the mystery.

    Click here to view Defiance at the Inn at Amazon, priced £6.95.

    More from Black Beauty’s Family
    by Josephine, Diana and Christine Pullein-Thompson
    published by Random House

    Three lovely stories in the great tradition of Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty, each written by a different sister. One is told by Nightshade, a successful racehorse and highwayman’s mount. In the second, Black Romany describes the thrill of the chase and how he undertakes an amazing cross-country journey, encountering ghosts and thieves. In the final tale the piebald Blossom has a traumatic start when she is taken from her mother and sold to a coal merchant, but lives to be a heroine.

    Click here to view More from Black Beauty’s Family at Amazon, priced £4.79.

    Progressive School Exercises for Dressage and Jumping
    by Islay Auty
    published by Kenilworth

    Whether you’re a rider working on your own or a teacher, this book will provide inspiration. Clear diagrams and text explain the aims and purpose of each exercise and faults to watch for.

    Click here to view Progressive School Exercises for Dressage and Jumping at Amazon, priced £8.76.

    Allen Photographic Guides: The Dressage Judge’s Viewpoint
    by Jane Kidd
    published by J A Allen

    This slimline guide is full of tips on how to earn better marks in your dressage tests, plus advice on what not to do. Useful reading for all riders who want to improve their performance in the arena.

    Click here to view The Dressage Judge’s Viewpoint at Amazon, priced £4.95.

    Better Riding Through Exercise
    by Linda Pearce
    published by Kenilworth Press

    Linda Pearce looks at how you can improve your position and effectiveness in the saddle through a programme of exercises and stretches which have been specifically designed for riders. It also targets common riding problems such as crookedness, collapsed hips and loss of position, with tips on how to solve them.

    Click here to view Better Riding Through Exercise at Amazon, priced £3.96.

    How to Save Money on your Horse’s Vet Bills
    by Russell Lyon
    published by Kenilworth Press

    Designed to help you reduce your reliance on the vet and so reduce those bills, this guide is packed with common sense, tips and advice on caring for your horse. It also explains the importance of vaccinations and how to work out an efficient yet cost-effective worming programme.

    Click here to view How to Save Money on your Horse’s Vet Bills at Amazon, priced £6.36.

    Equiz Series – Newcomer to Advanced
    by Vanessa Britton
    published by J A Allen

    The four Equiz books (Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced) are packed with questions to test all areas of your equestrian knowledge. Ideal stocking fillers, the books are also useful revision tools for BHS stage examinations. They can also be used for team quiz competitions.

    Click here to view Equiz Advanced at Amazon, priced £4.76. The rest of the series is also available.

    On My High Horse
    by Pat Welch Hillyer
    published by Gopher Publishers UK

    A heart-warming story about a former racehorse, Spurs, who landed on his feet when the author took him under her wing and rehabilitated him for hunting and showing.

    Click here to view On My High Horse at Amazon, priced £6.99.

    The Horse Lover’s Joke Book
    by Suzan St Maur
    published by Kenilworth Press

    This lighthearted book is crammed with more than 400 riddles and ditties that everyone will enjoy and relate to. An ideal gift for a horsey friend, which, no doubt, will be shared and passed around.

    Click here to view The Horse Lover’s Joke Book at Amazon, priced £6.36.

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