Going Forward
by Jennie Loriston-Clarke with Carolyn Henderson
published by J A Allen

This brand new autobiography tells of the extraordinary life of an equestrian legend who has experienced heartbreak and happiness in equal measures and includes many gripping stories told for the first time.

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A Horse for Christmas Morning
by Gordon Grand
published by Derrydale Press,

A collection of four sporting short stories set in Millbrook, New York, in the 1940s, originally sent as fables to the “young entry” of foxhunters by the author. They are charming stories reliving the thrill of the chase and offering an enjoyable picture of country life in the USA.

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Galloping out at Windsor
collected by WG Clarke
published by WG Clarke (Military Books)

This lovely “coffee table” book is a collection of the Christmas cards of The King?s Troop Royal Horse Artillery from 1956 to 1999, which have been painted and drawn by Joan Wanklyn. A limited edition of 500 copies, book is must for anyone interested in equestrian art or military events.

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The BHS Veterinary Manual
by P Stewart Hastie MRCVS
published by Kenilworth Press

This hefty volume provides a comprehensive guide to anatomy, physiology, diseases of the horse, management and lameness investigations. The book goes into a lot of detail and is more suitable for serious study of the horse’s ailments than as a handy guide for all.

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Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses
by Mary L Brennan
published by Kenilworth Press

American vet Mary Brennan has an holistic practice which uses alternative and complementary medicine as well as conventional approaches. Fascinating, easy to read and responsible in its approach, this book discusses a variety of issues from stable management to injury and disease and its approach is incredibly in-depth.

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Sir Alfred Munnings – The Autobiography
by Sir Alfred Munnings
published by Halsgrove Direct

Sir Alfred Munnings’s three-volume autobiography: An Artist’s Life, The Second Burst, and The Finish, which were first published between 1950 and 1952, have now been republished. The three volumes contain 490 of his illustrations from his early work through to classic portraits of hunters and huntsmen and racehorses and jockeys.

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