“Bionic” dog seeks new home

  • A rescued Skye Terrier who has undergone numerous operations to strengthen his front legs is still looking for a new home

    Hamish, a 13-month-old Skye Terrier is looking for a new home after successfully undergoing surgery to strengthen his weak front legs.

    He was brought into the Little Valley Animal Shelter, near Exeter, six months ago after being signed over to the RSPCA. He was underweight and suffering from a front limb deformity.

    As Hamish gained weight his front legs were unable to support him and he underwent several operations, which involved breaking his front legs and inserting metal rods, to strengthen them.

    The RSPCA are hoping to find Hamish a new home as soon as possible. Little Valley’s Deputy Manager Jo Evans said: “He is very sociable and unlike some Skye Terriers who tend to be wary of strangers, he is great with people.”

    His carers say Hamish needs a home without young children, as well as a family who understand the importance in maintaining his weight. He can’t run around for long periods or enjoy long walks like a normal dog, but he enjoys frequent short walks.

    His new home must offer a secure well-fenced garden and not have any cats. Although his new owners will have to restrict his exercise, they will also need to ensure Hamish is stimulated mentally in order to keep him occupied.

    It is not anticipated that Hamish will need any more operations, but he will probably have to remain on steroids for the rest of his life and is expected to live for another eight years.

    Anyone interested in re-homing Hamish should contact Little Valley Animal Shelter (tel: 01392 439898) or visit their website www.rspcaexeter.org.uk

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