BICESTER WITH WHADDON CHASEMollington, Sunday, 26 February (Good)

304. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

1 Mussel Buoy (IRE) (Phardante (FR)) (Michael Tuckey), fav B Tuckey
2 Bullfinch (Derek Frankland) T Lane
3 Celtic Season (Chris Loggin) Miss R Tutton

Also: Simber Hill (IRE) (4), Sir Lancelot (5). 5 ran. 6l, 6l, 1/2l, 2l. 6min 38.0s. SP: 4-6. (Bicester with Whaddon Chase).

305. Confined Ladies, 11st

1 Filscot (Scottish Reel) (Sue Harbour) Miss E Harbour
2 Sing High (Rosemary Gasson), 7a Miss H Watson
3 Miss Zarnni (Roger Harvey), 7a Miss S Phizacklea

Also: Coole Venture (IRE) (4), Top Buck (IRE) (5), Finbar’s Revenge (6), v, Workaway (7), fav, Wild Spice (IRE) (8), Catfish Keith (IRE) (9), Gangster (0), Romany Pearl (0), Wrens Island (IRE) (0), Cloak And Dagger (f), Mustang Molly (pu), 7a. 14 ran. 6l, 2l, 2l, 1l, 5l, 3l, 1l, 12l, 10l, 5l, 12l. 6min 23.0s. SP: 7-1. (Berks & Bucks Drag).

306. Confined Maiden (Div 1) 456&7yo, 2m4f 12st2 Teeton Swansong (Jenny Garley), 7a N Pearce
3 Malt Max (IRE) (Bradley Clarke), fav Miss P Gundry

Also: Laggan More (4), Montiny (FR) (5), Ell Bee Bee (6), 7a, Breeze To The Top (IRE) (f), 7a, Frankiefromford (pu), The Grey Optimist (ur), The Hoo (f), 7a. 10 ran. 4l, 6l, 8l, 25l, fence. 5min 27.0s. SP: 8-1. (Pytchley).

307. Confined Maiden (Div 2) 456&7yo, 2m4f 12st

1 Sperymon (Terimon) (Bill Warner) S Morris
2 Baraka de Baune (FR) (Matt Hazell), 7a J Jarrett
3 Pillar To Post (Michael Rollett) M Wall

Also: La Ganadora (4), 7a, Just In Front (IRE) (5), 7a, Gilded Palace (pu), Mickwell Bay (f), 7a, fav, My Beautiful Betty (pu), 14a, Pinochle (f), 14a, Puzzle Palace (IRE) (f), 14a, Theme Park (pu). 11 ran. 5l, 8l, 6l, 10l. 5min 37.0s. SP: 4-1. (Pytchley).

308. Mixed Open, 12st

1 Sea Ferry (IRE) (Ilium) (Antonia Bealby), fav M Briggs
2 Father Jim (Jonathan De Giles) Felix de Giles
3 Knighton Combe (John Dufosee) J Snowden

Also: Agua Ardente (4), Love At Dawn (5), Billywill (IRE) (6), John Kelly (IRE) (7), Killerine (FR) (8), bl, Tubber Roads (IRE) (9), Bold Hunter (pu), Croft Court (pu), 1ow. 11 ran. 6l, 3l, 5l, 6l, 4l, 10l, 3l, 6l. 6min 20.0s. SP: 7-4. (Brocklesby).

309. Open Mares Maiden, 11st7lb

1 Dickinsbury Lass (Mazaad) (Henry Kinchin) H Kinchin
2 Polly Flinders (Sylvia Edmunds), fav R Cope
3 Madame Bavarde (Sue Harbour), bl Miss E Harbour

Also: St Merveen (4), Mid Point Park (5), Bag of Bullets (6), Catzybaby (IRE) (pu), 7a, Glamour Girl (ur), Holly Park (pu), Miss Mary Jane (pu), Stalbridgemilenium (ur). 11 ran. nk, fence, 40l, 15l, 8l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 16-1. (Warwickshire).

310. Restricted (Div 1), 12st

1 Thompsons Wood (IRE) (Glacial Storm (USA)) (Deborah Ewing) L Payter
2 London By Night (USA) (Alison Dare), fav Miss P Gundry
3 Jewel Song (Matt Hazell) J Jarrett

Also: Kalypso de Laugere (FR) (4), Cashew Cache (IRE) (5), Majic Dust (6), Velvet Skye (7), 7a, Kingfisher Star (8), All Alight (IRE) (pu), James Pine (IRE) (pu), Take The Odds (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 8l, 6l, 12l, 15l, 1l, 8l, 12l. 6min 24.0s. SP: 16-1. (Ledbury).

311. Restricted (Div 2), 12st

1 Jurist (Then Again) (Geoffrey Deacon), 1ow M Keen
2 This One Is A Boy (IRE) (Martin Wilesmith) M Wilesmith
3 Lah di Dah Lad (Jimmy Tarry) J Tarry

Also: Stormy Pass (4), Ruggtah (5), 14a, Eastern Apple (6), 7a, Kingfisher Niamh (7), 7a, fav, George Blest (pu), Infamelia (pu), 7a, Midnight Arrival (pu), 7a, Penlet Too (pu). 11 ran. 3l, nk, 1l, 6l, 2l, 3l. 6min 36.0s. SP: 7-1. (Berks & Bucks Drag).

312. Open Maiden (Div 1), 12st

1 Gaelsbob (Bob Back (USA)) (Emma Baker) E Walker
2 Regal Custom (Magaret Wrathall), fav S Morris
3 Paserella (IRE) (Marcella Bayliss) D Renney

Also: Gwylan (4), Highland Vasco (IRE) (5), Play The King (IRE) (6), Classey Lady (pu), 7a, Edensword (pu), Jonno (pu), Mister Legend (ur), 7a. 10 ran. 3/4l, 11/2l, 2l, 2l, 15l. 6min 37.0s. SP: 8-1. (North Cotswold).

313. Open Maiden (Div 2), 12st

1 Outlaw Express (IRE) (Un Desperado (FR)) (Charles Horton) J Horton
2 Golders Green (Andrew Martin) A Martin
3 Polar Summit (IRE) (Marcella Bayliss) H Kinchin

Also: Trust Me (IRE) (4), Raddichio (5), fav, Galevanter (IRE) (6), Bertie Boy (bd), Dun Aengus (re), bl, Noble Deed (IRE) (f). 9 ran. 1l, 8l, 2l, 10l, 6l. 6min 36.0s. SP: 4-1. (V.W.H.).