BHS exams and qualifications

  • The BHS examination system meets the requirements of the riding instructor, yard manager and those wishing to further their knowledge in riding, stable management and horse care. Both the Riding and Care sections of the examinations up to BHSI may be taken separately.

    Requirements for each examination:

    Stage 1 (minimum age 16 years)
    Understand the basic principles of horse care and look after a well-mannered horse under supervision. Ride a quiet experienced horse in an enclosed space.

    Stage 2
    Understand general management for a horses health and well being. Work under regular but not constant supervision. Ride a quiet, experienced horse in the countryside and on the public highway, as well as in a manege.

    Stage 3 (minimum age 17 years)
    Look after up to 4 horses under a variety of circumstances. Ride and lead.

    Preliminary Teaching Test (minimum age 171/2 years)
    Candidates under the age of 18 years are required to hold four GCSEs or equivalent, Grades A B or C, one subject of which must be English Language or Literature. In order to take the PTT a candidate must have passed the HK&R Stage 2 examination. Candidates are examined in their ability to give instruction in basic subjects, have knowledge of safety procedure and know how to behave in an emergency.

    Preliminary Teacher (BHSPT)

    This is the first certificate on the instructor’s ladder and is awarded to those passing the HK&R Stage 3 and the Preliminary Teaching Test. The holder is a “Trainee Teacher” and then needs to log 500 hours of teaching experience before being awarded the BHSAI certificate. Experienced mature candidates may apply for exemption from the 500 hours log.

    Stage 4 (minimum age: Riding – 18 years, Care – 19 years)
    Candidates must be capable of sole charge of a group of horses. They must be educated riders capable of improving horses on the flat and over fences. Candidates passing the HK&Caresection are awarded the Intermediate Stable Manager’s Certificate.

    Intermediate Teaching Examination (minimum age of entry 20 years)
    Candidates must hold Assistant Instructors Certificate and be able to teach individual dressage andjumping lessons.Intermediate Instructor’s Certificate is awarded when candidates pass the Intermediate Teaching examination and the HK&R Stage 4.

    Instructor’s Certificate (minimum age of entry 22 years)
    Cadidates must hold the Intermediate Instructor’s certificate and pass both the Stable Manager’s Examination and the Equitation and Teaching Examination.

    The BHS Fellowship Examination (minimum age 25 years)
    Show a depth of knowledge in all aspects of equitation and horsemanship.

    CONTACT: BHS 01926 707700.

    Full Membership of British Horse Society. Under 21 £28; Over 21 £43

    Stage 1 £100.00 £70.00 £50.00
    Stage 2 £112.00 £90.00 £65.00
    Stage 3 £120.00 £100.00 £76.00
    Preliminary Teaching Test £115.00
    Stage 4 £145.00 £112.00 £85.00
    Intermediate Teaching Test £165.00
    Stable Managers Certificate £165.00
    BHSI £275.00
    FBHS £510.00

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