Best buy: Prolite relief pad

  • If you want to ensure your horse is comfortable to perform at his best, or if your horse has suffered from back problems in the past, then Frogpool Manor’s latest online offer is just for you.

    Positioned between the numnah and saddle, the Prolite relief pad is contoured to fit the shape of your horse’s back. A clearance channel along the spine combined with perforations in the Prolite allow airflow, while a soft, polycotton cover ensures comfort and long-lasting performance.

    The pad is designed to help protect your horse’s back while hacking, schooling or competing at any level. It is generously cut to increase the bearing surface of any saddle.

    The special Prolite material is designed to eliminate rubbing by absorbing friction caused by saddle movement and prevent bruising to your horse’s back by dispersing any pressure points. It also helps absorb impact should the rider lose balance or land heavily in the saddle after an awkward jump, for example.

    The 1/2″ Prolite pad weighs considerably less than a traditional gel pad, is fully machine washable and available in black or white, in one size only.

    Frogpool Manor is currently offering this useful bit of kit for just £39.19, saving more than £9 on the shop price. To take advantage of this special offer, which is available during February 2005 only, click here. Alternatively check out Frogpool Manor’s wide range of top quality equestrian products at: www.frogpool.com

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