Best buy: Pro Equine Super Sling Sports Boots

  • As technology and design continues to move forwards, more and more riders are turning their back on traditional exercise bandages and choosing one of the new wave of sports support boots instead.

    Pro Equine is one of a number of brands that offer sports boots with a strap which runs under the back of the fetlock joint to help support the joints and ligaments in this vulnerable area.

    The Pro Equine Super Sling Sports Boots Athletic have been developed to firmly cradle the fetlock area, providing support and protection in a single boot. Equally suitable for use at home and in competition, the boots are made from durable nylon-lined closed-cell neoprene with Velcro fastenings.

    The boots have been designed to fit snugly against the leg, preventing sand and dirt from working its way up between the boot and the horse’s skin. The shock absorbing inner lining is stitched and glued to the outer shell to prevent wrinkling and rubbing.

    Available in a choice of front and rear styles in small, medium and large sizes, the boots come in black and white. You can save 20% of the normal shop price of £52.99, by buying the boots online for just £42.39.

    To take advantage of this great offer, which is available during May 2005 only, click here or view Frogpool’s extensive range of products for horse and rider at:

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