BEST BUY: Albion’s KB Bridle

  • As one of the most revolutionary designs in tack to emerge onto the market, Albion’s KB bridle is the result of years of expert research on behalf of Klaus Balkenhol, the renowned German Olympic rider and trainer.

    Herr Balkenhol invited Albion to research a new design, which would maximise performance, while also minimising rider interference.The result is the KB Bridle, which encourages improved self-carriage and submission by relieving pressure on the poll.The bridle, whichhas already had positive feedback from leading dressage riders in Germany, USA and UK, features a fully cushioned crown pressure area. The solid part of the bridle, which is the broad contact with the cushion, has also been redesigned and features a combined noseband hanger and throat lash.

    The headpiece supporting the cheeks lies on top so minimising the influence of the bit contact pressure over the pole and dispersing this pressure over the maximum possible area.

    Available with 1/2ins Nubuck rein. Also available as a Weymouth bridle with one 1/2ins Nubuck rein and one plain leather rein.

    Priced at £159.99 (cavesson) with or without flash in full & extra full black or £248.99 (weymouth) as above, cavesson only

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