Beds for sleepy dogs

  • Dozy Dog Petbeds and Accessories offer a wide range of beds and duvets for every breed

    Whether you have a tiny terrier or a monster mongrel, the Dozy Dog Petbeds and Accessories from T & S Products have a bed to suit your pet’s needs.

    These comfy beds are designed to keep your dog warm, as well being hard wearing and attractive. Their range includes the Fibre Bed, filled with a fire retardant thermal polyester fibre, and machine washable.

    Soft and comfortable they also help to dry pets rapidly reducing the risk of arthritis and joint stiffness.

    The range also includes bead filled petbeds, popular with pets as it encouragesthem to snuggle down and get comfy.

    The Terrier Burrow is a polyester filled, oval shaped basket liner which allows your dog to get in and under the duvet if they wish.

    All the beds are available in a range of sizes, styles and designs.

    Cost at around £5 for an Oval Basket Liner and £37 for a Fibre Bed.

    For more information on these products contact T & S Products (tel: 0116 259 9888).

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