Be safe, be seen

  • Make sure you stay safe while hacking on the roads this winter with a new range of reflective clothing for horse and rider from Derby House

    With the shorter winter days approaching,riders hacking out on the roads in the evenings or early mornings need to make sure they are suitably equipped with reflective clothing to help remain visible in poor light.

    Derby House Saddlery now offer a vast range of reflective clothing to suit all tastes and budgets.

    For the rider, their range includes fluorescent yellow tabards displaying a choice of messages, such as “please pass wide and slow”. There are also armbands, hat covers and rider harnesses.

    Tough Neoprene brushing boots and a fleece-lined, waterproof wraparound exercise sheet are available for the horse.Also on offer are fluorescent and reflective edged wax chaps, leg bands and bridle kits.

    The range is only available in fluorescent yellow in a range of sizes for both horse and rider.

    Prices start at around £5 for a hat cover.

    For more information contact Derby house Saddlery (tel: 01257 462228) or click here to visit their website.

    Other fluorescent products

    Elico Equestrian Products has introduced Elico Reflective Slapwraps. These fluorescent reflective strips simply snap around the arm, wrist or ankle making them easy and quick to use.

    Available in reflective yellow for maximum visibility and cost around £3.75 each.

    Check out other reflective clothing:

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