BDS Show, 23 June

  • BDS SHOW Smith’s Lawn, Berkshirse, 23 June

    Gail Crosier Nov 13.2hh & Under (C Douglas) 1 & res, K & N Blandin’s Carrwood Acclaim (N Blandin); 2, K Aburrow’s Parc Cadno; 3, J Vyse’s Roscourt Atomic (M Vyse). T Cribb & Sons Nov Over 13.2hh (B Foster) 1 & ch, J Elliott’s GWM Duchess of Monico (J Manning); 2, C Benford’s Red Admiral; 3, H Manns’s Pjhensara Red Dragon (B Jones). Fenix Carrriages Non-Hackney 13.2hh & Under 1, J Vyse’s Tyssul Iceman (S Hockings); 2, M Musson’s Ainstey Mayfair; 3, J White’s Splash. T Cribb & Sons Non-Hackney Over 13.2hh (J Brightwell) 1 & sup, M Woolley’s Striker (G Docking); 2, S Older’s Ochorbryn Caradog; 3, J Bulmer’s Monnington Vision. Fairbourne Carriages Hackney-Type (J Walker) 1, J Hollister & A Hamilton-Rhodes’s Brookeborough Duke (A Hamilton-Rhodes); 2, J Clayden’s Glenshane Prince; 3, Smith Bros’ Garstons Lord George (E Smith). BWD Furniture Consultants Shetland (C Kemp) 1, Mr & Mrs Snowdon’s Gometra Halyard & Rex of Larkrise (J Snowdon). Brewin Dolphin Securities Mountain & Moorland 1, D Harper-Adams’s Shelly Melody; 2, J Pitman’s Rothiemay Olympus; 3, R Keyser’s Dunkery Bewick (S McBride). WPCS Sections A/B (C Moreau) 1, res sup & ch, O Salter’s Thistledown Eric (N Salter); 2, E McNinch’s Vimpenny Lucky Strike; 2, R Bownes’s Marbon M’Lord (T Robinson). WPCS Section C (C Scott) 1 & res, Tyssul Iceman; 2, Mr & Mrs Pritchard’s Northleach Roulette (A Pritchard); 3, A Gallop’s Merioneth Moeson. Victoria Foods Section D 14.2hh & Under (J Walker) 1 & ch, A Townsend’s Tyrpentre Daffydd Ddu; 2, S Older’s Ochorbryn Caradog; 3, M & E Edmonds’s Parkton Unique. Victoria Foods Section D Over 14.2hh (B Foster) 1 & res, D Peacock’s Cwmmeudwy Sparkling Comet; 2, Mr & Mrs Honeywell’s Delgarth Tywysog (A Honeywell); 3, C Rowe’s Commonfields Toby. Crestwood Fittings World & Rare breeds (C Moreau) 1, GWM Duchess of Monico; 2, P & J Clough’s Halloughton Hallmark & Camorland Just Right (J Clough). BWD Furniture Consultants Veteran (R Wiggins) 1, Northleach Roulette (D Pritchard); 2, L Swain’s Maesllwch Rosina; 3, C Sheerman’s Navestock Marksman. Binder Ltd Country Vehicle, Governess Or Tub Cart 13.2hh & Under (J Walker) 1, D Simpson’s Cracker Jack (R Simpson); 2, Maesllwch Rosina; 3, Gometra Halayard & Rex of Larkrise. Binder Ltd Over 13.2hh (C Moreau) 1, N & M Fuller’s Annod Zola (N Fuller); 2, M Berrow & M Travers Dalcrest Jessie (C Mouland); 3, R Page’s Grayswood Bucks Fizz. Karel Doyle Pairs & Tandems (R Wiggins) 1, Holloughton Hallmark and Camorland Just Right; 2, T Cribb & Son’s Major & Earl (P Gibson); 3, W Wybrew’s Parrocks Thatchers Sweet William and Tuppenny Bit (M Winn). KBIS British Equestrian Multiples (C Douglas) 1, C Alexander’s Baron, Monty & Hardy (B Alexander). Voice Products Young Driver (J Brightwell) 10-14 yrs 1 & ch, R Barnard; 2, A Jones; 3, O Salter. 15-17 yrs 1 & ch, L Smith; 2, C McCarthy; 3, S Bone. Truckbusters Concours D’Elegance (G Humphries) 1, T Howard’s Spider. Crestwood Fittings Hackney Under 14hh (M Brown) 1 & res, Mr & Mrs McIntosh’s Neon Rocket (C Macintosh); 2, P Trimble’s Aghaderg Spot the Difference (G Turner); 3, G Haffenden’s Sunbeam Valcan. Crestwood Fittings Hackney 14hh & Over (M Brown) 1 & ch, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2, B & G Turner’s Brookeborough Flash Jack; 3, D Breaker’s Plains Vagabond (R Breaker). Carriagehouse Insurance Ride & Drive 14.2hh & Under (C Douglas & J Rees) 1 & res, Dalcrest Jessie; 2, G Brown’s Farchynys Prydwyn; 3, Northleach Roulette. S Warrender & Co’s Ride & Drive Over 14.2hh (C Douglas & J Rees) 1 & ch, V Francis’s Felinfach Tory Boy; 2, J Lewis’s Pentrefelin Madigan; 3, M Fithyan’s Maesmynach Adlais (S Tyrie). Electrolux Two-Wheel Light Trade (J Brightwell) 1 & res, J Edwards’s Stapleford Meteor; 2, S Bone’s Brookfield Budweiser; 3, M & E Edmonds’s Mayland Orchid (M Edmonds). Electrolux Costers (C Douglas) 1, S Brown’s Drumbo Great Expectations; 2, B Parkins’s Langley Lady; 3, M Burgess’s Mitcheltroy King Flyer. Electrolux Four-Wheel Light Trade (R Wiggins) 1 & ch, M Jurd’s Anton & Yelma (D West); 2, J Hyatt’s Simmon; 3, C Alexander’s Baron & Monty (B Alexander). CLA Charitable Trust Disabled Driver Singles (J Claxton) 1, V Eyres’s Bushmere Prince of Orange (B Allsop); 2, A Glasspole’s Tom (S Hazelgrove); 3, Keeley Taylor & Cobbes Meadow Group RDA’s Jacko (L Peacock). CLA Charitable Trust Disabled Driver (wheelchair) (J Claxton) 1, Bushmere Prince of Orange (J Bonner); 2, J Bettell-Higgins’s Moses (F Hicks). BWD Furniture Consultants Two-Wheel Exercise Vehicle (J Walker) 1, S Hillier’s Mr Darcey; 2, R Keyser’s Dunkery Bewick (S McBride); 3, R Howitt’s Thorndon Park Telynor (K Moreau). BWD Furniture Consultants Four-Wheel Exercise Vehicle (C Moreau) 1, E Thompsons’s Benny; 2, C Towle’s Dino; 3, A Radcliffe’s Barns Blue Mouse & Twinkey of Hutton. pleasure driving 13.2hh & under (B Foster) 1, Barnes Blue Mouse & Twinkey of Hutton; 2, Cracker Jack; 3, L Sealey’s Wharley Cadet. pleasure driving over 13.2hh (C Scott) 1, K Taylor’s Jacko; 2, Mr Darcey; 3, A Scott’s Buydazo I. BWD Furniture Consultants Donkey & Mule (C Kemp) 1, P Clark’s Barley & Rye (J Longland); 2, G Herriott’s Muffin; 3, D Capps’s Jeeves. best shod 1, Mr & Mrs M Trevett’s Ystraddewi Seazell Storm.

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