BDS S Yorks and Notts private driving results, 31 May

  • BDS S YORKS AND NOTTS, Danethorpe, Notts, 31 May
    ride & drive (D Baker).— 1, R Howitt’s Thorndon Park Telynor (K Moreau); E Foster’s Thumper; 3, I Townsend’s Rotherwood Mr Bean. private driving whips age 10-17yrs.— 1, O Salter’s Starting General. exercise vehicles two wheels.— 1, J Tonkins’s Whaley Phoenix; 2, C Lyte’s Thomas; 3, Rotherwood Mr Bean. exercise vehicles four wheels.— 1, E Alder’s Brimstone Gallivanting Gilbert; 2, J Taylor’s Prince & Duke; 3, C Heaton’s Jet. lady whip.— 1, L Swain’s Maellwch Rosina; 2, L Jones’s Bleancilla Sebastian; 3, C Bassett’s Chalma Dale Na Dailach. concours d’elegance (P Merris).— 1, Thumper; 2, Bleancilla Sebastian; 3, J Dobson’s St Helens Regency Katie. young driver ability 10-17yrs (G Marks).— 1, Starting General; 2, C Heaton’s Jet. private driving over 13.2 hh.— 1 & ch, St Helens Regency Katie; 2, Prince; 3, Thumper. country vehicles.— 1, A Mann’s Threapwood Vanguard and Jasmine Of Rowanga; 2,C Bassett’s Chalma Dale Na Dailach; 3, S Brookes’s Chellos Astrakhan & Chellos Alexander. veteran whip.— 1, Threapwood Vanguard and Jasmine Of Rowanga; 2, Prince & Duke; 3, E Hales’s Bennetts Castle Lexus. donkey private driving.— 1, C Bailey’s Barley; 2, D Capps’s Jeeves; 3,J Peel’s Maude. best donkey whip.— 1, Barley; 2, Maude. non-traditional turnouts whips age 10-17yrs.— 1, K Wilson’s Pucklechurch Alarms Pride. m&m private driving.— 1, Chalma Dale Na Dailach; 2, E Mills’s Oakvale Rowan; 3, Thorndon Park Telynor. gentleman whip.— 1, St Helens Regency Katie; 2, D Machin’s Billy Smart; 3, Thumper. light trade (J Clixby).— 1, B Gray’s Jimmy; 2, A Mower’s Oakgrove Crystal Cream & Oakgrove Easter Bunny. nov horse or pony (D Baker).— 1, Rotherwood Mr Bean; 2,C Caldicott’s Colin; 3, T Ardron’s Moelbentyrch Pedr. private driving 13.2hh & under.— 1 & res, Oakvale Rowan; 2, Bleancilla Sebastian; 3, Maesllwch Rosina. pleasure driving.— 1, Jet; 2, Brimstone Gallivanting Gilbert; 3, D Moore’s Secret Charm Lottie. style & perf (J Clixby).— 1, K Moreau’s Rayner; 2, S Brookes’s Chellos Astrakhan and Chellos Alexander; 3, L Southern’s Dutch Courage.

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