BDS Annual Show 23 June

  • BDS ANNUAL SHOW Smith’s Lawn, Windsor, 23 June

    nov pony 13.2hh and under 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Humphries’ Rhydcledan Glyndwr; 2, J Manning’s Gunthwaite Tailrace; 3, S Roughton’s Saethydd Calebb. nov horse over 13.2hh 1 & ch, J Thomas’ Thorneyside The Foreman; 2, J Clough & G Schofield’s Gwynfaes Sion; 3, R Bass’ Plains Black Satin. non-Hackney type 12hh and under 1, V Neal’s Ovington Xanadu; 2, R Bownes’ Marbon M’Lord; 3, R Bownes Ovington Hermes. 12/13.2hh1, Mr & Mrs Edmonds’ Synod Guard; 2, M Palmer’s Cloigen Fair Queenie; 3, A Staniland and P Richardson’s Pasadena Sovereign. T 13.2/14.2hh 1, J Clarke’s Upper Craig Mab Y Brenin; 2, E Mullings’ Tara; 3, A Townsend & Indian Herbs Equine’s Indian Herbs Vitality. 14.2/15hh 1, J Emery’s Calerux Boneddwr; 2, B Lewis & W Isaac’s Twiglight II; 3, A Hannam’s Jetset High Flyer. non-hackney type over 15hh 1, A Hamilton-Rhodes’ Nubbis Ash; 2, Mr & Mrs L Saupe’s Hengwyn Honey. Hackney type 1, R Bass’ Tenderfield Black Shadow; 2, R Sherfield’s Whitethorns Prince Pasha; 3, C Inch’s Woodside Priscilla. Shetlands, singles, pairs and tandems 1, V Hampton’s Lockinge Edward; 2, V Hampton’s Makalan Mac; 3, J Wischhusen’s Hayes Hill Blanche of Spain and Flora of Lochinver. M&M 1, Mr & Mrs Beddows’ Rosebarr Jodie; 2, Lockinge Edward; 3, K Taylor’s Homeway Stroller. WPCS section A 1, O Salter’s Thistledown Eric; 2, Ovington Xanadu; 3, C Stoddart’s Vimpenny Harvester. section B 1 & ch, Gunthwaite Tailrace; 2, Cloigen Fair Queenie; 3, N Blandin’s Wharley Pageboy. section C 1 & res, N Alford’s Moelwyn Bonheddwr; 2, Pasadena Sovereign; 3 Synod Guard. section D Cobs, 14.2hh and under 1, J Hoskins’ Saltmarsh Brigadier; 2, Upper Craig Mab y Brenin; 3, S Older’s Ochorbryn Caradog. over 14.2hh 1, res sup & ch, Gwynfaes Sion; 2, D King’s Tirclyn Daniel; 3, F Matthews’ Kendale Black Diamond. world and rare breeds 1, J Bulmer’s Monnington Overture & Monnington Regent; 2, G Lindsey’s Adelphi Golden Gown; 3, Sealmaster Fire, Draught & Weather Seals’ Thankyou Oh Wow & Waveney Cabaletta. veteran horse or pony 1, Lockinge Edward; 2, Hayes Hill Blanche of Spain; 3, B Girling’s Wheatlands Ladybird. country vehicles and governess or tub carts 13.2hh and under 1, Moelwyn Bonheddwr; 2, L Swain’s Maesllwch Rosina; 3, M Bourner’s Eastways Timeless and Spartan Beaugeste. over 13.2hh 1 & res, Saltmarsh Brigadier; 2, Mr & Mrs Salter’s Lincoln; 3, Nubbis Ash. pairs 1, Monnington Overture and Monnington Regent; 2, R Bownes’ Ovington Hermes and Marbon M’Lord; 3, J Brown’s Peter and Pedro. tandem 1 & sup, N Blandin’s Wharley Pageboy &Wharley Cadet; 2, Thankyou Oh Wow and Waveney Cabaletta; 3, Hayes Hill Blanche of Spain and Flora of Lochinver. multpiles 1, Thankyou Ovation, Thankyou Oh Wow and Waveney Cabaletta; 2, F Warrender’s Ossie, Lambert and Butler. junior whip, 10-14 years 1 & res, E Foster; 2, N Ozanne; 3, N Archer. 15-18 years 1 & ch, N Harbach; 2, J Edwards; 3, E Holden. lady whip 1, A Butel; 2, C Inch; 3, C van Reen. gentleman whip 1, A Hannam; 2, D James Smith; 3, J Snowden. Hackney pony under 14hh 1 & ch, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Star Step; 2, J Sayer’s Perrybridge Challenger; 3, D Vyse’s Sunbeam Touch of Class. horse 14hh and over 1, C Moran’s Drewsherne Corrall; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Walsh’s Southsides Equalizer; 3, R Bass’ Hurstwood Kytra. ride and drive, 14.2hh and under 1 & ch, S Wootton’s Ellarslee Hallmark; 2, S Adkins’ Lady Susannah; 3, C Sims’ Harroway Harlequin. do over 14.2hh 1 & res, Twilight II; 2, Calerux Boneddwr; 3, T Atkinson’s Neneside Sir James. two-wheel light trade 1 & res, N Hever’s Boy George; 2, C Price’s Fair Red Rum 3, Kendal Black Diamond. four-wheel light trade 1 & ch, J Brown’s Harry and Harvey; 2, Harrods of Knightsbridge’ Harrods Vechter and Harrods Koss; 3, Mrs C Alexander’s Bobby and Sailor. disabled driver wheelchair 1, Kipling County RDA Group’s Raygill Gem II; 2, Kipling County RDA Group’s Flash; 3, S Hancock Driving Group and Mrs D Pritchard’s Flash Harry. disabled drivers ambulant 1, Kipling County DCDG’s Scammels Rainbeam; 2, J Bettell-Higgins’ Laverton Miss Moppet; 3, Sheila Hancock Driving Group’s Little John. nov whip 1, D Hawkins; 2, S Hillier; 3, S Manning. nov horse or pony 1, J Jones’Caerodor Myfanwy; 2, J Chicken’s Stapleford Navahoe; 3, V Angier’s Gwrthafarn Trysor. pleasure driving 13.2hh and under 1, Caerodor Myfanwy; 2, J Gordon’s Pancho; 3, K Hamilton’s Circle C Copyright. over 13.2hh 1, M Saunders’ Rocking Rolo; 2, K Harvey’s Just My Ted; 3, L Ashford-Brown’s Clovers Cruising. donkey/mule 1, P Clark’s Moses; 2, A Scales’ Cleeve Wave and Leachvalley Summertime; 3, Circle C Copyright. concours d’elegance ch, R James and C Wigmore’s Nebo Flashman, Pantanmlwg Llewellyn, Foelas Mor Leidr.

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