Basic Training of the Young Horse

  • Anyone who enjoys training young horses will undoubtedly look twice at a book by the late Olympic dressage gold medallist Reiner Klimke, still considered the ultimate horseman by many, and his daughter, Ingrid, possibly the only rider in the world to compete simultaneously and successfully in international eventing and dressage.

    Those looking for short-cuts or ways with gadgets will be disappointed. This is a meticulously prepared text on a basic system of training that has stood the test of time and has brought results. That the book has been a long time in the making is evident not only in its considered preparation but some of the pictures, which reveal the passage of time; the five-year-old Windfall is now, nine years later, a leading stallion.

    The fantastic photographs of young horses beautifully ridden by Ingrid or her brother, Michael Klimke, should make it inspirational and not put off those who presume this is a book for top riders with top horses only.

    With small chapters, lots of boxed notes and diagrams, it contains a wealth of information and professional experience but is easy to follow. It should become a best friend to anyone who wants to give their horse the nicest start in life.

    Published by JA Allen. ISBN 1585741949

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