Barrier Petcare range

  • Liz Benwell tests natural pet products from the Barrier Petcare range

    The Barrier Petcare range is a collection of products, made from plant derived, non-toxic and non-irritant ingredients, suitable for dogs, cats and other small pets.

    The range includes Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant, Natural Flea & Tick Spray, Luxury Shampoo for Show Dogs, Instant Avocado Coat Conditioner, Sunburn Soother, Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Gel.

    Tester’s comments

    Liz Benwell tried the Luxury Shampoo For Show Dogs on her terrier, Sam, after he had rolled in something smelly. “Sam came up beautifully clean and odour-free after just one wash while his coat feels better than ever.”

    She also tried Aloe Vera Gel on Ralph, a Labrador who has suffered from a long-standing itchy problem, and reports that the gel has worked wonders. “He’s really comfortable and happy again now.”

    Liz tried Barrier V1 Spray Disinfectant, a ready to use spray which cleans and disinfect by destroying bacteria, fungi, mould, yeast and viruses. “The spray disinfectant left the dog’s beds smelling really fresh and it worked well inside my horse box as well.”

    Contact Barrier Biotech (tel: 01953 456363).

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