Banish aches and pains

  • A new magnetic waistcoat for riders has been designed to improve circulation and help heal muscle damage

    If like most riders you suffer from sore, tired muscles and general aches and pains from hours spent in the saddle and on the yard, a new purpose-made magnetic vest could give you a new lease of life.

    The Medi-Vest from Adrenaline Sports, is a purpose-made sleeveless jacket designed to aid thetreatment of sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and general aches and pains with magnetic therapy which helps to improve circulation and stimulate cell repair.

    The jacket, which is said to aid injuries such as whiplash, damaged or tense muscles, ligaments and bones, features four internal pockets which allow the use of hot, cold or magnetic therapy packs.

    Gel packs and magnets are also available.

    Cost at around £250.

    For more information contact Adrenaline Sports Ltd (tel:01306 885511).

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