Ballynahinch International, 26 May

  • BALLYNAHINCH INTERNATIONAL Ballynahinch, Co Down, 26 May

    (J Brightwell & T Young-Jamieson) over 13.2hh to an exercise vehicle 1 & res, M Ward’s Fronarth Cardi Express (L Kelly); 2, D Taylor’s Bellumy Sky Walker. under 13.2hh to an exercise vehicle 1 & ch, J Newell’s Brynithon Bay Prince; 2, J McCoosh’s Snoopy; 3, W Hutchinson’s Dancer. non-Hackney up to 13.2hh 1, J Bailie’s Chesney; 2, D Lyttle’s Long Lane Ranger. non-Hackney over 13.2hh 1, N Brown’s Rosehall Tara Maiden (A Presho). nov horse 1, Rosehall Tara Maiden. Hackney type 1 & res, A Presho’s Brookeborough Sky High. Welsh section A/B/C 1, M Hampton’s Croftvale Corum; 2, M Alexander’s Fronarth Sean (D Wilson); 3. F Bingham’s Crabtree Prince. country turnout 1, G Fawcett’s Tjitse & Eldert (R Smyth); 2, L Rooney’s Fronarth Jupiter; 3, E Dah’s Jake. Hackney horse to a show wagon 1, L Hazlett’s Baldwins Messiah; 2 & res, J Cunnigham’s Baldwins Queen of Hearts (L Skillen); 3, R Cadoo’s Brookfield Bold Lad. Hackney pony to a show wagon 1, ch & sup, D Boyd’s Potpourri Farm Comin’ Thru; 2, T Evans’s Stapleford Oliver; 3, J Stewart’s Belcher’s Maximus. open showman’s class (J McClure) 1, J Carnduff’s Fronarth Golden Gaza; 2, Fronarth Sean; 3, Timmy & Tjiste. 3, Croftvale Corum. concours d’elegance & show drive (R Burgess) 1, Fronarth Jupiter; 2, J Creighton’s Sonic. lady whip 1, L Kelly; 2, M Hampton; 3, J Newell. jnr whip 1, J Weir jnr; 2, N Foster, 3 C Newell. light trade 1, Timmy & Tjitse; 2, Sonic; 3, T Irwin’s Roger. Welsh section D 1 & ch, J Carnduff’s Fronarth Golden Gaza; 2, M Ward’s Fronarth Cardi Express; 3, T Irwin’s Flyers Image. multiples 1, Tjitse & Eldert. reg native ponies 1, Chesney; 2. P Harris’s Beltoy Royalist; 3, J Weir’s Longfield Nimrod. Shetland pony winner 1, Long Lane Ranger. miniature horse 1, V Sloan’s Royal Glen Boy; 2, F Cobane’s Royal Glen Prince; 3, E Cobane’s Glen Royal Dick. in-hand Welsh pony up to 13.2hh 1 & res, J Cleland’s King Flyer; 2, D Wilson’s Fronarth Bellamy; 3, F Brodie’s Putwell Red Robin. in-hand Welsh cob over 13.2hh 1, ch & res sup, J Cleland’s Caebryn Mystro; 2, D Cleland’s Lord Norman; 3, J Curran’s Jumping Jack Flash. Donkey and cart 1 C Parke jnr’s Mintie; 2, T Magill’s Jack; 3, C Parke snr’s Max.

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