Balancing feed for improved condition

  • Advance concentrate from Equimins is a feed balancer which helps improve topline, muscle and coat condition

    Equimins Advance Concentrate is a concentrated feed balancer. It contains vitamins, trace elements and minerals bound to live yeast. Ingredients also include two probiotics, a prebiotic and B vitamins derived from wheatgerm.

    According to the manufacturers, trials in Britain and abroad have shown improvements incoat condition, muscle and topline.

    The new concentrated advance formula is five times stronger than the standard Advance. A horse now only requires 80 grams of the Advance concentrate, instead of the usual 400 grams of Advance.

    A 4kg bag of Advance Concentrate is equivalent to a 20kg sack. A 4kg tub would last the average horse 50 days.

    Advance Concentrate is available in 2kg, 4kg and 10kg tubs in either powder or pellet form.

    Cost at around £16 for a 2kg tub, £28 for a 4kg at £62 for a 10kg tub.

    Contact Equimins (tel: 01548 531 770) or visit www.equimins.com

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