Balanced nutrition

  • Feeding Dodson & Horrell’s QLC ensures the correct levels of vitamin E and anti-oxidants

    The importance of anti-oxidants in human and equine nutrition has long been recognised. vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant, which to become fully effective needs to be ingested along with other anti-oxidants.

    Dodson & Horrell’s QLC or Quality Life Care is a unique blend of plant derived anti-oxidants and vitamin E.

    This combination is included in all Dodson & Horrell feeds from Pasture Mix to Racing Diet which means that if you feed one of their feeds, you can rest assured that your horse is receiving all the necessary anti-oxidants and levels of vitamin E he needs.

    Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix costs around £6.10 for a 20kg bag.

    For more information contact Dodson & Horrell (tel: 0870 442 3322) or visit www.dodsonandhorrell.com

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