Bakewell showing results, 30 July-2 August 2012

  • Ridden hunter (J Poole, D Ringer) sml.– 1, S Coates’ Lanson; 2, C McCormack’s Deli Andiamo; 3, S A Cowley’s Miracle Mickey. lwt.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Vantage Point; 2, H Heyes’ The Rough Diamond; 3, Z Turner’s Hoppy Jumping. hwt.– 1 & res, C Smith’s Crafty Fox; 2, R Harvey’s Welcome Back Elvis; 3, R Bosworth’s Osbourne. working (Mrs H Milner, S Campbell) novice.– 1, K Ward’s Dartans Barrack; 2, K Ricketts’ Willow Tree Ovation; 3, L Henson’s Rathcoole. rest.– 1, Rathcoole; 2, Willow Tree Ovation; 3, S Gardner’s Jodie. open.– 1, K Green’s I’m A Diamond; 2, L Henson’s Ballydoogan; 3, J Russell’s Captain Oats. sport horse (Mrs A Varley).– 1, C Blaskey’s Blue Chip Forever; 2, T Johns’ Mon Amie; 3, K Ricketts’ Willow Tree Ovation. cob (P Scott, A Robertson) lwt.– 1, O Oakley’s Chippendale; 2, S Ambler’s Pac-Man; 3, P Duncan’s Aussie Tim. hwt.– 1 & ch, P Cole’s Lynx; 2 & res, J McTiffin’s Stoneholme Rocky; 3, L Leeman’s Janus. maxi.– 1, L Hibbins’ Greywhistle; 2, V Rhodes’ Dougal Bug. riding horse, sml.– 1 & res, C Scott’s Brenda’s Boy; 2, G Humphrey’s In Tune; 3, J Cook’s Jackson Fair And Square. lge.– 1 & ch, P Bowdler’s Unlimited; 2, H Newbold’s Deep Reflection; 3, N Campbell’s Holltess Hackett. working show horse.– 1, S McArdle’s Kinard Frankie; 2, C Smith’s Apollo; 3, S Plant’s Bramley Moor Clover. ex-racehorse (Ms J Hargreaves) in-hand.– 1 & ch, C Saunder’s The Clienet; 2, S Purdy’s Manathon; 3, A Palmer-Cartwright’s Band Of Hope. ridden.– 1 & res, A Hodkin’s Duo Masterd; 2, M Barr’s Books Delighted; 3, S White’s Buckland Boyd. WHP (Mrs A Calvert) 153cm.– 1, M Hancox’s Kershine; 2, A Prince’s Rainbos Mischief. 143cm.– 1 & ch, S Nicklin’s Glengoole Boy. 133cm.– 1 & res, A Prince’s Noble Torren Lass; 2, J Phipps’ Maesllwch Hawk Jet; 3, S Horne’s Millerof Armada. NS.– 1, J Wilson-Barnes’ Daukester Panache; 2, S Healy’s Ballyhea Segano; 3, C Weightman’s Stockham Penelope. CS.– 1, K Wilson-Barnes’ Liberty; 2, C Balls’ Chetwynd Ceerys; 3, S Healy’s Pebbly Daisychain. Heritage M&M WHP (Mrs D Machin) CS.– 1, V Twigg’s Airy Hope Highwayman; 2, S Balls’ Atlowsprings Pendragon. NS.– 1, L Hingley’s Maesyberwyn Waving Corn; 2, C Weightman’s Stockham Penelope; 3, Airy Hope Highwayman. 122cm.– 1 & ch, A Allington’s Collabear Cicero; 2, L Hingley’s Maesyberwyn Waving Corn. 138cm.– 1, G Radcliffe’s Kerandi First Gold; 2, J Phipps’ Maesllwch Hawk Jet; 3, R Cresswell’s Nebo Jacob. exc 138cm.– 1 & res, L Hingley’s Oleaset Solar; 2, J Phipps’ Bally First Edition. Heritage ridden M&M, sml.– 1 & res, S Blyth’s Costone Cayti; 2, J Wilson-Barnes’ Sauvey Omega; 3, A Lee’s Knolton Mixed Spice. Welsh sec B/C.– 1 & ch, N Worthington-French’s Milford Mayfair; 2, A Lee’s Tyreos Adrian; 3, J Phipps’ Talgoed Tiger Lily. New Forest/Connemara.– 1, J Wyslych’s Frosty Cove; 2, K Riddle’s Townend Kirstin; 3, J Phipps’ Bally First Edition. lge.– 1, L Myers’ Oakbury Selene; 2, A Beresford’s Wellbrow Osprey; 3, R Stones’ Hendrewen Texas Express. LR.– 1 & ch, A Beresford’s Amilas Chutney; 2 & res, H Barton’s Eastways After Hours; 3, C Read’s Newoak Starstruck. FR.– 1, Costone Cayti; 2, J Wilson-Barnes’ Sauvey Omega; 3, N Worthington-French’s Milford Mayfair. Arab (Mrs K Brown) pure-bred, 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, T Sheward’s Stormlite Royal. Anglo/part-bred.– 1, L Johnson-Parker’s Trellech Countryman; 2, J Hall’s Rowanberry Mimic. y’stk.– 1, D Rose’s The Longhouse Dimension; 2, C Doxey’s Harlequin Moon. pure-bred.– 1, A Ryder’s Cotswold Sofiel; 2, K Dawson’s Ffelix. ridden, pure-bred.– 1 & res, K Stoddard’s NIM Habibs Magic. Anglo/part-bred.– 1, S Lindsey’s Tout A L’Heure; 2, M Hancox’s Fielden Rumba; 3, J Sheerstone’s Millyn Solitaire. palomino (Miss C Logan) ridden.– 1, J Nunn’s Sir Nunn Royal William. y’stk.– 1 & ch, J Nunn’s Sir Nunn Golden Movie Magic; 2 & res, D May’s Midoak Minted Gold; 3, K Hill’s London Mister Wise Guy. stallion.– 1, Sir Nunn Royal William; 2, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. M&M.– 1, London Mister Wise Guy; 2, J Shaw’s Maplebeck Flyin High; 3, P Thornhill’s Dylon Alarch. mare.– 1, L Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold; 2, Dylon Alarch; 3, Maplebeck Flyin High. part-bred Arab.– 1, Sir Nunn Golden Movie Magic; 2, Midoak Minted Gold; 3, J Nunn’s Sir Nunn Mega Gold. CHAPS coloured (Lady V Von Vachter) in-hand, plaited.– 1 & res, C Auty’s Balkly Green And Black; 2, I Howat’s Pandoras Puzzle Box; 3, J Hill’s El Festanna. unplaited.– 1, H McInnes’ Pride Park; 2, J Martin’s Tuxedo; 3, S Varley’s Twyrcam The Traveller. y’stk.– 1, Tuxedo; 2, Balkly Green And Black; 3, C Barnes’ Jacarta. ridden, nov pony.– 1, S Lowe’s Hewarth Hits The Jackpot; 2, A Hurst’s Daria TJ; 3, A Hodkin’s Crispin. horse.– 1, A Wood’s Warlock; 2, S Hardy’s Dirty Den; 3, A Butler’s Fredi Quicksilver. open plaited.– 1, Daria TJ; 2, Lady K Fearn’s Perfectly Puzzled; 3, Hewarth Hits The Jackpot. unplaited.– 1 & ch, J Judge’s Little Miss Naughty; 2, R Mellard’s Jubecni Blue Diamond; 3, H McInnes’ Pride Park. veteran (Ms F Holton) in-hand, pre-vet.– 1, R Parry’s Kathbarr Superstar; 2, A Lee’s Strawberry Fayre; 3, V Harvey’s Optimistic. vet.– 1, Trellech Countryman; 2, S Fairfax-Bond’s Apache Chief; 3, S Roberts’ Pengraig Megan. vet-plus.– 1, K Sedgewick’s Seawitched. ridden, pre-vet.– 1 & ch, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 2, R Parry’s Kathbarr Superstar; 3, A Guy’s Clutton. vet.– 1 & res, S Dean’s Millthyme Arian Star; 2, E Barker’s Moorway Eastern Honey; 3, N Pote’s Stardust Shipley. show pony (Mrs N Jones) 148cm.– 1, G McCartney’s Abbas Blue Rainbow; 2, K Gillott’s Moorgate high Hopes; 3, S Dennison’s Whittakers Princess Royal. 138cm.– 1, J Templeton’s Carrhouse Alfie Moon; 2, E Meer’s Kenilwood Sirocco; 3, S Rodriguez’ Moscombe Cheeky Girl. 128cm.– 1 & ch, H Varley’s Barkway Temerity; 2, J Templeton’s Kenilwood Tobias; 3, L Openshaw’s Brookwater Candyfloss. nov.– 1, C Cooper’s Whalton Deliquent; 2, S Beal’s Stafford Tiger Lily; 3, Z Muxlow’s Valentine Jack. int (Mrs A Fowler) SRT, sml.– 1 & res, L Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 2, Y Thompson’s High Profile; 3, L Johnston’s Aimbry Kymara. lge.– 1, E Knight’s Opium Casa Sienna; 2, L Crabtree’s Miss Gregory; 3, E Greenwood’s Holmestones D’Artagnan. SHP (Mrs A Fowler, Mrs J Mead) int.– 1 & ch, L McNamee’s New Justice; 2, J Cook’s Vaguely Noble; 3, V Timperley’s Ice Lady. LR.– 1, Emmerson Show Team’s Peplow Dancing Queen; 2, M Woodman’s Cosford Charabanc; 3, N Holford’s Overly Game Bird. 122cm.– 1, L Maltby’s Cottrell Chaucer; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Pumphill Fingal; 3, S McMullan’s Barkway Moonwalk. 153cm.– 1 & res, J Templeton’s Rocco; 2, J Findlow’s Ellenbrook Masterplan; 3, M Khan’s Woodrow All Gold. 143cm.– 1, D Commins’ Valentine Dandy; 2, N Hollings’ Logs Master Amigo; 3, K Khan’s Thimbleby Final Edition. 133cm.– 1 & ch, T White’s Lindeth Fairy Tale; 2, H Tansey’s Romai Mr Micawber; 3, unlisted. Shetland (Miss K Nixon) y’ling/2yo.– 1, M Arden & S Nadin’s Claylands Golden finale; 2, G Needham’s Dryknowl Enusha; 3, Mr & Mrs C Greaves’ Tussilago Joseph. 4yo & over.– 1 & res, G Needham’s Dryknowl Colcola; 2, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Drewards Penny; 3, M Arden & S Nadin’s Claylands Dabill Of The Highlands. stallion.– 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Pluto; 2, J Marr’s Stepsford Pips Little Jasper; 3, C Hollands’ Valentine Benjamin. Dartmoor/Exmoor (Mrs A Hill) y’ling.-1 & res, J Brown’s Kyleburn Kittiwake; 2, J Revell’s Meering Samphire. 2/3yo.– 1, P Radford’s Chafford Iona. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, J Armstrong’s Coedywern Kennisham; 2, S Beardsley’s Cosmic Juno; 3, A Hunt’s Grange Bridget. stallion.– 1, C Hollands’ Pumphill Mr Theodore. mixed M&M (Miss E Lewis) y’stk.– 1, P Jessop’s Morjoy Leo; 2 & res, H Sheldon’s Nipna Golden Poppy; 3, P Steeples’ Greenholme Florence. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, J Crane’s Balleroy Minstrel; 2, S Frith’s Kirtle Precious Pearl; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brown’s Brackenbank Roseanna. Welsh sec A (Mrs J Curtis) mare.– 1 & ch, P Neal’s Shacklebridge Trudy Scrumptious; 2, K Allen’s Lippens Charisma; 3, S Roberts’ Coedyllan Siwan. foal.– 1, S Roberts’ Coedyllan Superstition; 2, P Neal; 3, I Kinson’s Garnock Anna. y’stk.– 1 & res, T Rice’s Coedyllan Seren-Y-Bore; 2, S Roberts’ Coedyllan Seren Y Gogledd; 3, J Allen’s Larapinta Tawny Pilot. 4yo & over.– 1, Mr & Mrs K Dorman’s Brynseion Dion; 2, J Garlick’s Foxheys Sir John. sec B, mare.– 1, T Mulcahy’s Meadowlands Sunshine. foal.– 1 & res, J Baigent’s Mompesson Oregano. y’stk.– 1, Mr & Mrs P Cheetham’s Carrwood Summertime; 2, N Beaumont’s Dawthorne Diplomat; 3, J Baigent’s Mompesson Apple Mint. geld.– 1 & res M&M, T Kersey’s Gipsyville Chatterbox; 2, L Fletcher-Bates’ Telynau Harri. stallion.– 1 & ch, T Kersey’s Paddock Hyperion; 2, N Beaumont’s Gunthwaite Old Gold; 3, G Smith’s Bunbury Cahoot. sec C/D (Mrs A Ford) y’stk, sec 1.– 1 and res, J Tully’s Northwick Sparkling Jack; 2, H Boyd’s Glynllan Princess Catherine; 3, E Gent’s Brynfa Tiger Boy. sec 2.– 1, S Richter’s Wexland Hudoles; 2, S Meggit’s Ballagh Miss Marple; 3, S Varley’s Twycam Tommys Girl. mare.– 1, P Steeples’ Morry Imari; 2, H Parr’s Hardys Gloriana; 3, C Stanton’s Melyngocastan. stallion.– 1, ch & M&M ch, L Kirkland’s Fronarth Calzaghe; 2, S Varley’s Honky Tonk; 3, R Stones’ Hendrewen Texas Express. LR SP (Mrs P Clifford, A Robertson).– 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs T Georgakis’ Parkvale Vanilla; 2, H Barton’s West Leake Sophistication; 3, A Evans’ Netherfield Olivine. FR.– 1 & res, S Roebuck’s Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 2, L Sanders’ Hightopps Dancing Bee; 3, S McMullen’s Barkway Priceless. Pretty Polly SP (Mrs P Clifford) LR.– 1, West Leake Sophistication; 2, E Boardman’s Rockyview Biscuit; 3, N Worthington-French’s Manorheath Sensation. FR.– 1, Popalbee Minnie Mouse; 2, Manorheath Sensation; 3, S Allen’s Barkway Make Believe. 148cm.– 1, L Clarke-Hill’s Sarn Royal Blue; 2, L Rocks’ Trellech Magic Dream; 3, S Cantrell’s Deanhills Squirrel Nutkin. int.– 1, M Jennings’ Magnums Destiny; 2, Y Siddall’s Burrswood Kismet; 3, G Thurley’s Fielding Finesse. mixed height SHP.– 1 & ch, J Hurdis’ Newtonhill Prince Alfie; 2 & res, L Rocks’ Wytchwood Hocus Pocus; 3, L Ripley’s Knockmore Merrel Prince. int.– 1, A Lee’s Unpredictable.

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