Baileys launch feeding awards

  • Baileys Horse Feeds, sponsors of the HHO bloodstock channel, has launched two new “feed knowledge” awards for horse owners in an attempt to improve the equestrian public’s knowledge of equine nutrition.

    The initial “Foundation” level covers the basic principles behind current feeding practices and helps horse owners find their way through the vast range of feeds available to them.

    It examines how the horse’s digestive system functions to help owners understand why feeding rules should be adhered to, as well as covering how to select a feed for an individual horse and working out how much to feed.

    The second “Proficient” level aims to build on the foundation knowledge and looks at feeding for performance and the management and avoidance of nutrition-related disorders.

    Both awards are open to all and free to enter. They are to be completed at the participant’s leisure then returned via freepost to Baileys for marking. Successful individuals will receive a certificate and Baileys t-shirt.

    Baileys have also produced a practical 34-page guide to equine nutrition called Feeding Made Simple, to support the awards. The booklet costs £3 and is available from Baileys’ tradestands or by post.

    “We realise that, although many of the products available today were developed to make horse owners’ lives easier, people often find the whole subject rather confusing,” says Jane Buchan of Baileys.

    “With Feeding Made Simple and the Horse Owners Feed Knowledge Awards, we hope to help horse owners understand the sorts of products that are available and feel more confident about making an informed choice.”

    For more information visit the Baileys website: www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

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