Badgworth Arena show jumping results, 29 December & 4 January

  • 128/138 h’cap.— 1, Proud Flyer (K House); 2, Nimbus II (G Basset); 3, Fuzzy (J Frost). winter 128cm.— 1, Tiger Tim (Z Brain); 2 & 3, My Little Pumpkin & Proud Flyer (K House). winter 138cm.— 1, My Destinee (B Allman); 2, Fuzzy; 3, Proud Diamond (G Bassett). jnr British novice.— 1, What About Smee (J Brooks); 2, Let’s Jazz It Up (D Pincott); 3, Let’s Go Shilo (E Smith). jnr 90cm.— 1, The Whisperers Touch (J Brooks); 2, Aces Higher (Y Pincott); 3, Clorouge Tim (B Ford). Blue Chip jnr Newcomers/1m.— 1, Kerry’s Kate (N Greep); 2, Aircraft (C Brooks); 3, Miss Destiny (V Barrington). Squibb & Davies jnr Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, Chivaz (T Woolacott); 2, Cregaan Scenic (K Bleekman); 3, Blue Icicle G Bassett). Hood Arms jnr open.— 1, Kerry’s Kate; 2, Uttoxeter (R Grill). 4 Jan: KBIS British Equestrian 90cm amateur.— 1, D’Jamilla Star (L Watts); 2, Lookalike (P Baber); 3, Wapleys Tiny Surprise (L Hewlett). KBIS British Equestrian 1m amateur.— 1, Frankies Ace (A Cole); 2, Greylands Independent Trader (C Mills); 3, Scout (R Howe). 1.05m.— 1, Marble Quest (H Ladd); 2, Narc (A Bottomley); 3, Moonlight Molly (K Blandford). KBIS British Equestrian 1.10m amateur.— 1, Fenis Girl (D Fudge); 2, Marble Quest (H Ladd); 3, Longfield Leeloo (A Cole). 1.10m take-your-own-line.— 1 & 2, Emigrent & Longfield Leeloo (A Cole). KBIS British Equestrian 1.20m amateur.— 1, Emigrent; 2, Apollo To Follow (E Dewey); 3, Warco B (L Rendle).

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