Ayr County showing results, 11-12 May 2012

  • Friday sup (Mrs C Bell).– S Askew’s Hose Vibe. Saturday sup.– L Fitzgerald’s Midtown Magic. hunter (Miss R MacPherson) lwt/mwt.– 1, res & res sup, G McCowan’s Fusilier; 2, J Garland’s Dark Moon; 3, L Reid’s Lynnbank Arianne. hwt.– 1 & ch, A Bowie’s Jenny’s Prince; 2, M Montgomerie’s Dock Of The Grey; 3, L Smith’s Lamorna Storm. sml.– 1, N MacDonald’s Double Rainbow; 2, M Bowie’s Moy Lad; 3, S Thom’s Chippendale Vivaldi. riding horse (Miss R MacPherson) sml.– 1, ch & sup, Double Rainbow; 2, L Taylor’s Classic Independence; 3, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny. lge.– 1 & res, L Wilson’s Millie; 2, L McArthur’s Westmore Quest; 3, J Shaw’s Alsace. working hunter (Mrs A Boswell, Mrs S Mitchell) novice.– 1, C Orr’s Laura’s Pride; 2, G McKenzie’s Atlantic Affair; 3, Alsace. exc 148cm.– 1 & res, E Geddes’ Graniti V; 2, K Armstrong’s Blairaddams Barracheta; 3, S Cloy’s Noble Credit Crunch. open.– 1 & ch, E Snowie’s Playboy Forever; 3, Blairaddams Barracheta. in-hand (Miss R Latchford) light horse.– 1, F Wilson’s Colourville Tyson. hunter, 2 or 3yo.– 1 & res, E Auld’s LS Arianne; 2, S Middleton’s Bounty Hunter. hunter y’ling.– 1, S Middleton’s Bounty Striker. sports horse, 1, 2 or 3yo.– 1, ch, A Dunlop’s Daunting Melody; 2, Flybuck Stud’s Scherzinger FB; 3, Bounty Striker. RH 1, 2 or 3yo.– 1, Daunting Melody; 2, Bounty Striker. Retrained racehorses (Miss R Latchford) ridden.– 1 & ch, L Howatson’s Stoneriggs Silver; 2, A Macara’s Still Speedy. In-hand.– 1 & res, G Rooney’s Ryefield; 2, Still Speedy. CHAPS (Miss L Cadman) y’stk.– 1, D Boles’ No Regrets; 2, F Wilson & R Barnes’ Cody Rocco Star; 3, D Smith’s Indian Magic. native/cob/ traditional.– 1, J Simpson’s La dy In Red; 2, No Regrets; 3, L Jarvis’ Passford Pastiche. non-native.– 1, in-hand ch & sup, L James’ It’s Ozzy; 2 & res, L Jarvis’ Mosscombe Columbine; 3, A Barclay’s Gem. ridden native/cob/trad.– 1, Lady In Red; 2, A McConnell’s Delila Bay; 3, I Watson’s Duke. non-native.– 1 & ch ridden, It’s Ozzy; 2, S Bannister’s Monknash Moonwalk; 3, Mosscombe Columbine. Shetland (K Scott) male.– 1 & sup, Hose Vibe. miniature, y’ling.– 1 & y’stk res, D Beattie’s Dryfesdale Celebration; 2, G McIntosh’s Ardnabeag Barra; 3, E Crawford’s Fayrefield Rambling Rose. 2/3yo.– 1, y’stk ch & res sup, E Carlyle’s Dryefesadle Cinderella; 2, E Crawford’s Hermits Charlotta; 3, L Cochrane’s Viking Of Catchpuddle. 4yo.– 1, D Beattie’s Glenmyvot Rose; 2, G McIntosh’s Ardanbeag Evening Primrose; 3, E Crawford’s Fayrefield Miss Maisie. 2yo & over male.– 1 & res sup, E Crawford’s Hazelhead Oscar. ridden.– 1, A McConell’s Vallum Petrushka. Highland (Mrs J Ralston) mare/gelding 4yo & over.– 1, ch & sup, S Adams’ Lady Iona Of Auchengarth; 2 & res, H Kerr’s Tower Lewis; 3, J & C Grant’s Dunedin Rhuann. 2yo.– 1, S Adams’ Lady Skye Of Auchengarth. y’ling.– 1, J McCulloch’s Carrick Lady Lunna; 2, K McClune’s Owl’send Kylie. ridden.– 1 & res sup, Dunedin Rhuann; 2, A Curle’s Dunedin Fortune; 3, Tower Lewis. RP (Miss L Cadman) 128cm.– 1, res & res sup, N Lockhead Anderson’s Milton Pageboy; 2, J Stuart’s Small-Land Accolade; 3, S Ashenden’s Becca Orlando. 138cm.– 1, l White’s Chaseford Aspen; 2, J Burton’s Towan Mister Pickwick; 3, L Rennie’s Craiglea Funtastic. 148cm.– 1, ch & sup, S Bannister’s Hinwood Two Thyme; 2, B Edmondson’s Sycamore Candyman; 3, J Timperley Glennauri Charisma. nov.– 1, D Robertson’s Braeglen Silhouette; 2, Small-Land Accolade; 3, Craiglea Funtastic. LR.– 1 & mini ch, Knipes’ Seaves Windy Day; 2, C Lockhead Anderson’s Litton Quickstep; 3, J Walby’s Barway Minstrel. FR.– 1 & mini res, J Pybus’ Cosford Chartreause; 2, L Gillespie’s Woodview Fantasia; 3, G Tuen’s Westway Twilight Rose. SRT 153cm RIHS.– 1, Hinwood Two Thyme. 158cm.– 1 & int ch, E Boardman’s Chianti; 2, M Nicoll’s Fyrefly; 3, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny. Pretty Polly (Mrs E Aitken) LR.– 1 & ch, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Simplicity. mixed height nov.– 1, M Cousins’ Jackets Mayfair; 2, M Kay’s Chaseford Aspen; 3, J Timperley’s Glennauri Charisma. SHP (Mrs J K Bushell) int.– 1 & int res, M McCluskey’s Westerdale Regal Max; 3, S Brewster’s Clifton’s Nevada; 3, H Sloan’s Highgrove Valentino. 122cm.– 1, H Dennison’s Thistledown Las Vegas; 2, A Hodgson’s Middleside Brandy; 3, L Moncrieff’s Rustums Hasty. 133cm.– 1, E Pybus’ Hindleap Choir Boy; 2, N Lockhead Anderson’s Auchmaliddie Absolut; 3, J Craig’s Baledon Angelina. 143cm.– 1, S Elliot’s Frithwell Champagne Charlie; 2, C Humphries’ Bridgehouse Boy; 3, J Adam’s Colmuir Little John. 153cm.– 1 & ch, Midtown Magic; 2 & res, M Nicoll’s Riversdale Poker; 3, S Brewster’s Clifton’s Amaretto. mx ht nov.– 1, D Grant’s Pebbly Peacemaker; 2, E McKinnon’s Classical Edition. LR.– 1, M Jobling-Purser’s Jonika Whistles The Wind; 2, E Outram’s Bronheulog Charmer; 3, R Davidson’s Cosford Perkins. WHP (Miss J Furness, T Brash) CS.– 1, L McBain’s Sardis Indigo; 2, O Grant’s Pontsarn Sidan; 3, H McMillan’s Henwys Cymro. NS RIHS.– 1 & mini ch, M Manners’ Fire Fly; 2 & res, A Layfield’s Milford Fair Kommander; 3, M Lindsay-Brown’s Kyneton Sweet William. advanced NS.– 1, Milford Fair Kommander; 2, A Beck’s Claggan Silverknight; 3, M Manners’ Bronhuelog Harvey. 133cm RIHS.– 1, Milford Fair Kommander; 2, H Aitken’s All About Jazz. 143cm.– 1 & ch, H Graves’ Springwood Pro Set; 2, P Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, C Geddes’ Laraghmore Martain. 153cm.– 1, R Suffen’s Annagh Storm; 2, H Waterson’s Ritz And Pieces; 3, F McBain’s Innocent Flight. int.– 1 & res, A Bryson’s Gold Card II; 2, S Sloan’s Tinka’s Flash; 3, M Bowling’s Gibside True Grit. RP/HP in-hand (Mrs J Bushell) RP, 4yo & over.– 1, A Forde’s Braeglen Toytown. 2/3yo.– 1 & res, D Robertson’s Romanno Royal Salute. y’ling.– 1, E Crate’s Dunaskin Rivendell. HP 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, E McManus’ Starloch Mr Darcy; 2, G Crawford’s Limelights Bhoy. WPB.– 1, Starloch Mr Darcy. M&M in-hand (Mrs MC Nimmo) small, 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Anderson’s Rushfield Maltman; 2, E Crate’s Brynoffa Savannah; 3, S Thompson’s Cromagtir Dylan. sml, y’stk.– 1, K Miller’s Waxwing Maggie May; 2, E Crate’s Cornhills Sky Lark; 3, L Kennedy’s Tygolau Seren. lge, 4yo & over.– 1, L Kennedy’s Regal Mayo; 2, B Hill’s Llanllugan Mike’s Lad; 3, H Dick’s Carlung Kylestrome. do y’stk.– 1, G Neild’s Hillgarth Just Do It; 2, L Cochrane’s Durkar Independence; 3, Mr & Mrs Rowland’s Merieston Sunday Girl. M&M mini (Mrs MC Nimmo) LR.– 1 & ch, R Davidson’s Abercriban Heulwn; 2, O Taylor’s Doolittle Tatti Boogle; 3, J MacGregor’s Abbeywells Queen Adelaide. FR.– 1 & res, M Starkie’s Rumphill Cascart; 2, M Starkie’s Rosmarche Holly Spring; 3, M Graham’s Grugaur Skylark. M&M ridden (Mrs K Gibb) sml.– 1, D Robertson’s Llanarth Gerald; 2, A Graham’s Collstone Bonanza; 3, N Dobie’s Landswood Diamond Dawn. lge.– 1 & ch, A Grainger’s Eastlands Loch Tam; 2 & res, C Anderson’s Hayler’s Jazz; 3, Dunedin Rhuann. M&M nov ridden (Mrs H Prescott) lge.– 1 & ch, K McMurray’s Trailtrow Texa Beag; 2, L McArthur’s Pennal Heart Of Gold; 3, J McCallum’s Drummore Millie. sml.– 1 & res, Landswood Diamond Dawn; 2, C Gilbert’s Plas llewelyn Llwyd; 3, G Hay’s Holycake Matsakino. part-bred.– 1, E Hamilton’s Courtway Alexandra. M&M WHP (Mrs K Gibb, Mrs H Prescott) 122cm.– 1, M Manners’ Daukester Simon Of Warleigh; 2, late entry; 3, J Craig’s Menai Silver Symbol. 138cm.– 1 & ch, M Manners’ Bronhuelog Harvey; 2 & res, Kyneton Sweet William; 3, Landswood Diamond Dawn. exc 138cm.– 1, Llanllugan Mike’s Lad; 2, S Wilson’s Nirvana Tywysog; 3, E Alcroft’s Barney Rubble. Arab (Mrs C Roebuck) pure-bred geld.– 1, ch & res sup, K Ferguson’s Nadem; 2, A Murray’s Psynatra; 3, V Mylius & R Low’s Mirshan. female.– 1 & res, D Gowans’ Amour E’Toile; 2, K Macdougall’s Ledarb Sharacz; 3, G Finlay’s Judals Marafia. ridden part-bred 148cm.– 1, ch & sup, Jackets Mayfair; 2, C Dickens’ Wyndham Aristocrat. exc 148cm.– 1 & res, M Vallance’s Darklayne Cameo. ridden pure-bred.– 1 & res, Nadem; 2, Ledarb Sharacz; 3, A Murray’s Psynatra. BSPS Anglo/part-bred (Mrs E Aitken) 148cm.– 1 & ch, Hinwood Two Thyme; 2, Jackets Mayfair; 3, J Timperley’s Glennauri Charisma. exc 148cm.– 1 & res, Barrdene Paris Lace; 2, Z Nicoll’s Fyrefly; 3, K Parkinson’s Renelles Royal Extravaganza.

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