Ashbourne showing results, 20 August 2011

  • Ridden hunter (N Swallow, Miss D Heath) sml.— 1, Y Thompson’s Blairfield Silicon; 2, 2, C Mackness’ Gracie Fields; 3, The Queen’s Favour. lwt.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs M Jerram’s Shambo Spring; 2, M Todd’s Sandro Nista; 3, M Wallace’s Glen Sensaw. mwt.— 1, J Armstrong-Small’s Andoro; 2, A Bamford’s Look North; 3, A Hunt’s Romany King. hwt.— 1 & res,Mr & Mrs T Wallace’s Redemption Ground; 2, V Scouller’s Dame De Flandres; 3, A Davis’ Kenlis Caruso. M&M WHP (Mrs J Worthington, Mrs P Pattinson) 122cm.— 1, J Bridgen’s Rhydspence Renown; 2, C Preece’s Valebrook First Symphany. 138cm.— 1 & res, A Bebbington’s Nutcherscope Jonathan; 2, C Bennett’s Nebo Jacob. exc 138cm.— 1 & ch, N Annable’s Kentchurch Trilby; 2, A Bebbington’s Willoway Court Jester; 3, J Haywood’s Sakama Welsh Magic. novice.— 1, S Moult’s Thistledown Royal Mint; 2, K Harvey’s Lovelyhill Up Beat; 3, S Love’s Silver Fox Trot. tiny tots CS.— 1, L Homer’s Tynymor Twm Sion Catti; 2, C Preece’s Tanlan Senator; 3, K Harvey’s Burley Dumbledor. CS.— 1 & res, S Moult’s Pebbly Toybox; 2, Tynymor Twm Sion Catti; 3, Tanlan Senator. NS.— 1 & ch, Tynymor Twm Sion Catti; 2, Pebbly Toybox; 3, S Rogers’ Loose Change. 133cm.— 1, Loose Change. 143cm.— 1 & ch, S Nicklin’s Glengoole Boy. 153cm.— 1, S Moult’s Castlefinn; 2, A Whitehall’s Blackwood Fred. int.— 1 & res, E Collier’s Hearts On Fire. working hunter (Mrs A Varley, Mrs B Ashby-Jones) nov.— 1, R Hanson’s Old Spring Field Starlequin; 2, L Bell’s Into The Blue; 3, G Rose’s Pipe Down. restricted.— 1, L Bell’s Flannon Vision; 2, P Nuttall’s Saville Row; 3, Pipe Down. open, lwt.— 1 & ch, J Ainsworth’s Up Date; 2, L Bell’s Working Girl; 3, D Carroll’s Pencarder Gatsby. hwt.— 1 & res, R Salt’s Mossbrook Daniel; 2, Flannon Vision; 3, D Griffiths’ Signor. cob (A Mickleburgh, Miss K Sears) nov.— 1, E Goostrey’s Chubby Checkar; 2, S Fletcher’s Corrigan; 3, T Harris’ Mister Monroe. lwt.— 1 & res, C Twiston-Davies’ Paddy Power; 2, S Fletcher’s Corrigan; 3, S Birch’s Kingswill. hwt.— 1 & ch, J McTiffin’s Randalstown Limited Edition; 2, N Mant’s Stone Holme Rockaway; 3, C Tunnicliffe’s Equator. riding horse, novice.— 1, E Wilde’s John Doe W; 2, R Johnson-Townley’s Runnon Rio Grande; 3, M Aspinall’s Listen To Me. open.— 1, John Doe W. hack, nov.— 1, C Prior’s Caithness Rustic Gold. sml.— 1 & ch, S Church’s Catwalk Little Star; 2 & res, L Kelbie’s Classic Chauvinist; 3, L Smith-Crallan’s Royal Engagement. lge.— 1, A Sellers-Smith’s Holltess Hackett; 2, S Lindsey’s Just Maybee; 3, S Barnes’ Persian Josr. RoR ex-racehorse (R Allcock, Mrs J Hubbard).— 1, Listen To Me; 2, Mr & Mrs J Townend’s Southern Classic; 3, C Taylor’s Reel Classy. ladies hunter (Miss D Heath).— 1, P Nuttall’s Darragh Classic Prince; 2, P Hodgson’s Jackpot; 3, E Nettleton’s Winterstorm. Olympia veteran (Mrs G Hill) in-hand.— 1 & res, C Cook’s Viking; 2, Offcote Stud’s Pedro; 3, J Hall’s Rowanberry Mini-Star. ridden.— 1 & ch, M Heathcote’s Galloglass; 2, S Kirk’s Muscar Bay; 3, N Annable’s Forlan Honey Buzzard. BSPS Heritage LR (Mrs M Cartlidge).— 1 & ch, A Palfree’s Bethal Rowena; 2, S Wilkes’ Chetwynd Llew; 3, H Barton’s Eastways After Hours. FR.— 1 & res, Chetwynd Llew; 2, C Preece’s Buckberry Emile; 3, S Blythe’s Uffington Elvis. sml.— 1 & res, E Barnes’ Reylam Roger Rabbit; 2, Uffington Elvis; 3, Buckberry Emile. New Forest, Connemara, Welsh sec C.— 1, S Williams’ Cwmmaddoc Neifion; 2, J Sheppard’s Corcullen. lge.— 1 & ch, Sakama Welsh Magic; 2, D Critchlow’s Castle Hill Flash; 3, N Annable’s Kentchurch Trilby. SHP, mixed height.— 1, S Blythe’s Moluccas Moonlight Mace; 2, A Hunt’s Lambay Take A Chance; 3, A Hunt’s Schumacher. side-saddle concours (Mrs E Gray).— 1, D Webster’s Out & About; 2, M Heathcote’s Galloglass; 3, P Nuttall’s Darragh Classic Prince. equitation.— 1, Galloglass; 2, Darragh Classic Prince; 3, H Thornton’s Ballyragget. ridden sport horse (Mrs A Atkinson).— 1, R Savage’s Blue Highway; 2, S Sutton’s Strike It Luckie; 3, P Hodgson’s Oak Hill. hunter in-hand (Mrs M Hingley) mare.— 1, A Halley’s Vera; 2, R Tideswell’s Topaz. foal.— 1, A Halley’s Pomme D‘Amour. y’ling.— 1, C Goodall’s Diamond Magic Moments. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, N Sicill’s For-Tune; 2 & res, I Currie’s Wycoller Amazing Grace; 3, Offcote Stud’s Offcote Guinevere. Welsh in-hand (Mrs G Simpson) sec A, stallion.— 1, J Shaw’s Tallares Merlyn; 2, C Carr’s Ceannatteach Marus. 4-y-o & over.— 1, J Allen’s Larapinta Topaz; 2, S Williams’ Afan Shiraz; 3, Rheidol Stud’s Rheidol Sabrina. foal.— 1, S Roberts’ Coedyllan Seren Y Bore; 3, Rheidol Stud’s Rheidol Spellbound. y’ling.— 1 & ch, J Goodhead’s Springoak Hot Diamonds; 2, C Mansfield’s Crumpwell Cari; 3, S Williams’ Agan Spy. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & res, S Roberts’ Coedyllan Arabella; 2, J Allen’s Larapinta Tawny Pip It; 3, M Wilson’s Thistledown Scots Luck. sec B, mare.— 1, ch & res sup in-hand, H Cornes’ Rotherwood Penny Picture; 2, J Baigent’s Mompresson Tosca; 3, W Martin’s Larklands Menna. foal.— 1, J Baigent’s Mompresson Madame Butterfly. y’ling.— 1 & res, J Baigent’s Mompesson Apple Mint; 2, S Noble’s Crookbank Pandora; 3, C Mansfield’s Birkinbrook Leonidas. 2/3-y-o.— 1, P Hings’ Clarwill Rough Diamond; 2, A Marriott’s Telynau Glamour Girl; 3, W Martin’s Anri Isabella. mixed M&M (Mrs A Dale) stallion.— 1, S Williams’ Cwmmaddoc Neifion. 4-y-o & over.— 1, G Snowdon’s Quicksill Dark Sky; 2, P & J Steeples’ Morry Imari; 3, Castle Hill Flash. y’ling.— 1 & res, C Hollands’ Inglegarth Bellmain. 2/3-y-o.— 1, ch & sup in-hand, T Bell-Heather’s Nire Valley Harry; 2, C Basnett & H Osborne’s Godebog Honour. Shetland (Mrs L Sellars) stallion.— 1 & ch, Mr Arden & Mrs Nadin’s Abbotsbury Zak; 2, J O’Nions’ Handale Voyager; 3, Quinlan & Wood’s Robin’s Brae Laird. mare/gelding.— 1, P Hall’s Threapwood Velvet; 2, D Smith’s Champlers Mimosa; 3, Mr Arden & Mrs Nadin’s Claylands William of Mamor. foal.— 1 & res jnr, A Aspley’s Longfield Viceroy. y’stk.— 1, jnr ch & res ch, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Pluto. miniature, stallion.— 1 & res, M Matthews’ Mowview Sir Stanley; 2, K Hollands’ Valentine Benjamin; 3, C Davies’ Tawela Brave Heart. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, A Aspley’s Longfield Lisa; 2, J Winton’s Janpau Ivor; 3, J Bowyer’s Hiltonmill Sonya. y’stk.— 1, G Smith’s Robins Brae Neve; 2, A Winton’s Collytown Prince Caspian; 3, B Joyner’s Somahouse Lulu.

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